Reviews for THE ANNULUS OF AVALON; Saints In the Night Part 2
Aslan Son Of Emperor Beyond The Sea chapter 1 . 5/16/2001
Nice slip in of some Narnian stuff. Clever Ainran is Narnia spelled backwards. I see the parallels and the differences. It has a unique flavor of Tolkien meets Lewis meets Dungeons and Dragons meets X-Men meets Gargoyles. I like the way you're trying to weave a mythic epic and move beyond the romance.

Have you ever checked out the books "The Mist of Avalon" or "Lord Of The Rings" Triology. If you're trying to capture that Fantasy/ Mythic feeling, these are good places to start. Overall, your work shows it's influences while retaining it's originality. I hope that you will expand to include ORIGINAL works in your portfolio instead of just fanfiction.

Also, I've been reading your work. Are you Wiccan? I've noticed that your work bears a heavy Celtic and Wiccan influence. Some of your other works have included Totem cards. You obviously include much of the mystical in your work. I've read your Tacitus stories. Those are nice companian pieces to your "X & The Single Gargoyle/ and "Saints In The Night