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Guest chapter 64 . 2/19
Yay! Thanks for the new update! Keep it up:)
ThunderSphinx chapter 44 . 2/15
Who is Professor Pagert? Professor Bethesda Babbling is the Ancient Runes teacher. And they don't practice any form of magic there. I know it's a common misconception, but still. All they do in that class is learn Runic languages. That do enchanting, curse-breaking, or any warding whatsoever.

And Arithmancy is just divining the future through numbers.

Lol, Hermione is jealous of Harry's grades xD. Just wait till she finds out he's from the future lol. She will blow a top. considering he is changing the future.

U know I am surprised that Pettigrew is trying to sneak into Hogwarts and attempting to kill Harry, considering that he's such a coward lol. I guess that he wants to try and "prove himself" before he goes to his master lol.
ThunderSphinx chapter 43 . 2/15
Harry's friends need to stop being a Fracking coward. His name is Voldemort. VOLDEMORT! Not "You-Know-Who." Not "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Name." His name is Voldemort! Or Tom Riddle if they prefer.

I never understood why Hermione was a coward. She is Muggleborn! She didn't grow up in the Wizarding World. What's her excuse?

Gah. I hate Snape. Why hasn't Harry had him sacked yet! He is a terrible teacher. He is a bully! He is responsible for the deaths of James and Lily Potter! He is a Death Eater! Harry needs to really man up. His parents are dead and he isn't doing anything to get them justice!

Why did Harry use schoolyard spells against Malfoy!? He needs to injure him! Only with injuries can that little punk be taught a lesson.

(and I know I said I would read the story but in skipping chapters)
ThunderSphinx chapter 42 . 2/15
Harry's a moron. Just banish the Malfoy boy out of the way!
ThunderSphinx chapter 38 . 2/15
Shouldn't Harry be staying with Sirius and not the Weasleys?
ThunderSphinx chapter 37 . 2/15
So the basilisk is still alive. Yes, way to go Harry. Leave the basilisk in a school full of children.

What a dunce n
ThunderSphinx chapter 36 . 2/15

I take it u didn't actually read Harry Potter, did you? You probably only saw the movies. Well, my Ultimate Canon is always the books. Soooo I may have to pass this story up.

I'm sorry. But Harry is an idiot and allow coward and I hate idiots and cowards.
ThunderSphinx chapter 28 . 2/15
Harry is a dumbass. He "had no other choice?" Excuse me but he could have BANISHED the stupid snake like Snape did! Goddamn he's a dumbass. Even worse than in canon because here he actually KNOWS how to do stuff but he doesn't use his freaking fracking head. Now the whole school will be afraid of him. Jesus effing Christ. What a dumbo. Someone needs to die, I guess, before he gets his head out his ASS.
ThunderSphinx chapter 27 . 2/15
I'm terribly sad that Harry didn't get to be the Hero and save everyone from the Chamber of Secrets.

Ginny will fine Harry! Besides, the idiot needs to learn not write in mysterious objects!

Grr. Stupid pussycat Potter. Now there is a basilisk still on the loose and no fancy Sword to brag about :(

Harry's an idiot. I'm guessing that someone else like Dumbledore will get to kill the Basilisk and steal all the credit?

Harry needs to grow up. Ginny was perfectly fine last time. Someone needs to smack him.

Another thing. I hope you aren't planning on setting up Hermione with "The Human Stomach" Weasley are you? He's a moron who hardly better than Malfoy and Hermione deserves better. Sure, he's good for a laugh but carrot-top is abusive and argumentative. I don't want Hermione to be bruised all over her body by the jackwagon she calls a "man." She needs someone who will respect her. Someone who is not lazy.

It's too bad that Harry has feelings for the fangirl but I can stomach that.

Also. Is Harry sticking up for Luna!? He better be!
ThunderSphinx chapter 17 . 2/15
Considering how badly Gryffindor was beaten in canon by Ravenclaw, I have my strong doubts that Gryffindor could beat them so easily. Ravenclaw didn't even score here!

I'm glad that Gryffindor won the House Cup. But too bad you didn't give Gryffindor the extra points to pour the salt on the wounds lol.
ThunderSphinx chapter 11 . 2/15
Damn. I wanted Harry to catch the Snitch in his mouth again :(
ThunderSphinx chapter 9 . 2/15
Son of a bitch!

I wanted Harry to be #1 in his class! He's been playing dumb his ENTIRE LIFE! It's about time he decides to be SMART!

Canon Harry was weak and an idiot who allowed Hermione to do all the work. When will he man up!?
snoopykid chapter 64 . 2/15
I hope Harry lets the rest in on the secret soon. Great story and looking for more!
Specky Clarke chapter 21 . 2/15
I think your premise regarding Ginny is totally wrong as well, but it's your story and it's a way to lengthen it, straight out of JKR's book.
trekkifulron chapter 64 . 2/15
I did enjoy this chapter. Thanks.

I'm thinking Ron's and Hermione's reactions would be priceless should some magical artifact giveaway the fact that it's Mrs. Potter and not Ms Weasley.
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