Reviews for Erasing The Future
NicoDaval chapter 24 . 5h
I really can't stand the fact that you made Harry seem weak. Why ?! What were your reasons at the beginning of the story to do so ? Now you're gonna be stuck with that for a long time...
I can't help but feel terrified at what Ginny will think when she learns what Harry did. How can he think that she will be okay with it ?
NicoDaval chapter 21 . 6h
I really really think that Harry is making a BIG mistake ! It's not because the Chamber thing doesn't happen that she won't love him ! That's downright dumb ! From the get go their relationship is soooo different from before ! They've been hanging out so much and talking and Harry's been so nice to her to the point that things are not the way they were before. It's gonna be a tough moment
NicoDaval chapter 20 . 8h
You bloody... I was so scared that Ginny hadn't actually been accepted into Hogwards ! I freaked out so much !
About the AN, I'm pretty sure he's gonna regret it a lot and Dumbledore will want to know why he did so and Ginny WILL be pissed at him. But great chapter mate !
NicoDaval chapter 16 . 10h
I wish you hadn't made Harry look so weak. The best would have been Harry being just slightly below Hermione and casting spells like he was a boss
NicoDaval chapter 13 . 11h
Well this chapter wasn't entirely crap as you go Harry to break Malfoy's nose ! That was fun ! And very satisfying !
NicoDaval chapter 12 . 11h
Great chapter mate !
NicoDaval chapter 9 . 13h
The ginny's letter P.S had me laughing soo much ! I think I never read the first book (not my favourite) so it's only through fanfics that I hear about the toilet seat joke.
NicoDaval chapter 7 . 14h
It's odd sometimes how Harry and Ginny speak. I mean they're 11 and 10 respectively and they kind of sound a lot more mature. But I don't care and I just read on because your story is otherwise very well written ! I guess that's you're still writing it and that an update will soon arrive in December ? If I could just know that you're still writing that story, it would make me very happy
NicoDaval chapter 5 . 14h
Can't help but smile at "Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them by Newt Scamander" after watching the new Harry Potter movie. Great chapter even if the early romance feels a little cheasy. I just read through it no matter what, you can't let go of a nice H/G fic
Guest chapter 63 . 11/29
Yea! Been waiting for this chapter for so long. Thank you!
Roxymini22 chapter 63 . 11/27
I need books of this story. Like omg it's perfect I need it in my bookshelf️. I love it!
Lilykees chapter 63 . 11/26
I'm glad Harry and Ginny are working together but could they also be a couple again and stay together this time, PLEASE. And they make sure they go to the Yule Ball togehter too. Thanks
potterhead73553 chapter 63 . 11/25
amazing chapter and the A/n with another chapter bites the dust nice
Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90 chapter 63 . 11/24
Good chapter please post again soon!
Firetwinky123 chapter 63 . 11/21
Yo keep up the good work, can't wait to see what you do with the yule ball
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