Reviews for Mirrored Future
roseredautumn chapter 4 . 2/26/2008
I really like this story, and how confused Sesshoumaru's pretty cute, honestly.
WhiteDemoness11 chapter 13 . 2/1/2008
... I laughed, I cried, I fell over and cheered. Well done.
hakusho14 chapter 5 . 12/31/2007
lmao god u actually got me to laugh out loud with this last line hahaha i probably look like such an idiot hahaha

"He was Lord Sesshoumaru, TaiYoukai of the Western Lands.

He hated humans. He was the destroyer of the leapt tall buildings in a single bound. He ate bunnies for breakfast, raw."
bellasemplicita chapter 13 . 12/20/2007
I really enjoyed this story! I thought the writing style (particularly in the addendum) was tongue-in-cheek when you needed it to be, and pensive at the same time. On a side-note, some of the lines in the addendum actually made me laugh out loud-especially the part where Kagome's going back for Souta's birthday! I like your characterization of Sesshoumaru, and how you kept him true to the original conception; I loved the little fluffy parts here and there, and the restraint with which you wrote them so they weren't too exaggerated. Your imagery was great and so was Kagome's character! I hope you continue to write Kag/Sess :D
Dream's Abyss chapter 13 . 12/13/2007
That was a good way to end the story.
AKA Hummer chapter 5 . 12/11/2007
That was precious. "He ate bunnies for breakfast, raw."

It will be one of my most treasured quotes from now on. :D
DeathNoteMaker chapter 5 . 12/10/2007
He ate bunnies for breakfast, raw.

XD That made me laugh for two minutes. Love the story!
jennifer ryan chapter 2 . 11/25/2007
D'oh! Kikyo's always the bad girl. Great story still!
Raina Darlig chapter 12 . 11/3/2007
Sanosuke Hidane chapter 10 . 10/22/2007
"but her brain was still muggy and slightly disconnected from the present. It had decided its services were no longer required and took a break for the evening."

“The rest is just words,” he said, “They mean everything and nothing, but they are just words.”

where DO you come up with these things? They are absolutely brilliant! XD they make my day. uh, well, evening, actually. XD


Sanosuke Hidane chapter 7 . 10/21/2007
me again. I've been deprived of fanfiction for so long, that I have been reading because I can. XD New computers stationed in your room without mother dearest knowing can be most productive. D btw, loved this line:

"InuYasha raised a suspicious and questioning glance to Sesshoumaru, but the TaiYoukai was already looking away, curiously fascinated by nearby treetops."

Sesshoumaru fascinated by tree tops. Love it. maybe I should draw that out when I have time. XD


Sanosuke Hidane chapter 6 . 10/21/2007
Hi. I know this story is already completed and all, but I just wanted to say you got a nice story going on. I like the idea of rin growing up, and Sesshoumaru-sama taking that into account. And the last line in this chapter:

"She never noticed that her head was drifting slowly, slowly towards the demon lord’s shoulder, or that said demon watched the progression with deep interest."

That that was cute.


Teslyn chapter 5 . 10/20/2007
He ate bunnies for breakfast, raw.


Bunnies. So intimidating. x]
a chapter 13 . 10/17/2007
aww i really really liked this story
rae chapter 5 . 10/9/2007
I love that line. "He ate bunnies for breakfast, raw." And I love your writing. Keep it up!
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