Reviews for Saved by Sesshomaru
KIKYOFRIEND chapter 5 . 11/2
Kikyo is NOT that heartless, nor is she a slut, bitch, or whore. very OOC.
INULOVER chapter 3 . 11/2
Sesshomaru does NOT talk that much. He is too OOC.
ANONYMOUS chapter 2 . 11/2
I reviewed before, and now I add that I think InuYasha could not be so heartless and cruel to Kagome and that InuYasha is also quite OOC.
ANONYMOUS chapter 2 . 11/2
This is one of my favourite SesshomaruxKagome stories and the first I ever read. I love it. Good job. Though you made Sesshomaru too OOC. Regardless a job well done.
Kaitlin Feldhus chapter 30 . 6/30
I want more of like what their life will be like together and how well he will be growing up because it is so good I wish this was a book and then it continues on and on!
SessKagShipper2003 chapter 2 . 3/11
Yay! I hate InuYasha! Sesshy's so much more sexy! ;)
Guest chapter 1 . 3/7
I ain't gonna lie this was crap. u could improve
Lydia407 chapter 30 . 2/29
NOOOOOOOOO! It has ended. :( Thankyou for creating it. :)
Guest chapter 30 . 1/28
Thankyou! I lOVE this story! you did an awesome job creating it!
Guest chapter 18 . 1/28
the dark side of the spoon. lol
uhhh chapter 6 . 1/5
no not really
no chapter 2 . 1/5
Janice chapter 1 . 1/5
this is soooooo not like a real inuyasha story like hello they are 500 years in the past!
Undertheskys chapter 30 . 12/14/2015
OHh thank god Sesshomaru is alive
Undertheskys chapter 29 . 12/14/2015
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