Reviews for The Battle in his Heart
Valforwing chapter 1 . 2/26/2008
you know, I miss the old days.

if u can laura post all the old stories up some where so I cna put them on my computer, i'm replaceing all the names and places with the new publishing version of SAPRA.

I envy you that you have a guy. But I've got a guy too, and even though he dose'nt exist here. I have a theory that somewhere in the universe he does exist. My Ashiteru...Aishiteru means "I Love You"... Eyes, the color of a yellow rose. hair as pure as first fallen snow. a huge pair of ivory angel wings. and a set of ebony wings for camoflauge. he was born from the personality of Sephiroth in my fanfic 1-Winged Lover part 2. the beauty of a Crusnik02 at 60%. and the kind face of Abel Nightroad. his protection over my sanity is not as complete and true as Atem's was in the day before my run-in with false love on the real world. but someday it will. since their is no man in the world who is my Ashiteru, just as no man in the world is truely Cloud Strife, but their are thouse who are fans so much that the think and become Cloud. so if Sapra or Valfor becomes popular, maybe someday my ashiteru will emerge from the Otakus...
sephmaru chapter 1 . 9/13/2007
OMG! you made a vid about setsuki and sephiroth! YAY! OMG! I can'r Belive IT!

THIS IS SO KEWL! How old is this fic anyway?

heh heh. you know what cousin? i'm gona copy this thing!

I need to remake the story and replace sephiroth with his valfor counterpart anyway!