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Orchestra Of Order chapter 1 . 2/11/2016
People which give you a difficult time may go fuck themselves.
flowerlover12 chapter 10 . 1/18/2016
that lasted part was so funny.
flowerlover12 chapter 1 . 1/18/2016
this is going to be so gay. I know it ganna be
134340Goat chapter 5 . 12/4/2015
Really enjoying the story (and your others!) so far. I think stepshipping is probably in my top 5 ships (and believe me, I've got a lot) and it's sad there isn't really much of it on the internet. Thanks for this well written fic! Only thing I dislike is all the Japanese terms, but that's just a personal thing. Doesn't really take away the enjoyment for me at all
catsblood15 chapter 10 . 4/1/2014
ok, I think I can help a little on the whole Gozaburo, Seto, Noah thing you mentioned in your AN...

Noah was alive when Gozaburo did the publicity stunt at the orphanage Seto and Mokuba were in, adoptions take a while, some take years, but given Gozuburo's status and power it might have only taken a month or 2 which would have been enough time for Gozuburo to show Noa Seto's soccer picture (episode where Seto learns the truth in the virtual world), Noah getting into the accident and, having his mind uploaded into the computer which gozaburo could have already have built prior to these events for different reasons. Seto was never going to be used as a vessel for Noa but rather a type of 'servant' to help Noa in his studies and used as a motivation for Noa. After Noa's death, which was just before Gozaburo brought Seto and Mokuba to the mansion, Gozaburo had decided to use Seto's body as his son's vessel until he realized that Seto was just as intelligent if not more so then his biological son, thus deciding to switch his focus to his now adopted son. What I never understood is why he never used Mokuba as the vessel, since we know Mokuba was just an 'add on' and Mokuba was never 'trained' like Seto was. However its possible that he decided to instead use Mokuba as a tool to train Seto instead of using him as a vessel for his now dead son.

We see in the flash backs that Gozaburo had cared for Noa and had loved him, but it is also possible Noa was to spoiled so instead of acting like the father he was to Noa, he did a complete 180 and instead of being a little more strict yet kind to Seto then he had been with Noa, he became completely immersed in his domination and tyranny. Hence the rough treatment we see Seto receive in his flash backs compared to the love and care we see in Noah's flash backs.

Another I can't quite understand, is where the hell is Noah's mother, we only see her in Noa's funeral scene when Seto plays the home movie. It is possible that she and Gozaburo separated and were no longer living together after their son's death and had been in the middle of their divorce (again living separately) when Seto and Mokuba are brought to live in the mansion. The thought of Gozaburo adopting Seto and Mokuba could have upset her and the thought of replacing her son was to much for her. I would agree with some that they may have separated prior to their son's death, however the seen at the funeral where both of them speak shows me they were not separated but were still together. It is also possible that his mother left due to her son's mind being uploaded into a computer and just like the thought of having two adopted sons might replace the child she had just lost, it was just to much for her to bare.

Anyway, love your story and I do believe your reasons to have Noah resent Seto for his father leaving him are correct (in my opinion). Yes, Noah hated Seto and blamed him for losing KC, but I think he really hated him because his father left him and payed attention to Seto.

Tell me what you think on all this :D
catsblood15 chapter 4 . 4/1/2014
You are right, incest did happen in ancient Egypt and in other cultures and as most people would refuse to believe that, it is true. Cleopatra was forced at the age of 21 to marry her 10 year old brother, it mainly happened with royalty though, to keep the bloodline "pure", sisters married brothers fathers and mothers married sons and daughters... I personally don't care about blood relations as long as there is mutual and consensual love between the partners.

I have enjoyed reading your story so far, it is very well written, great details and I enjoy how you kept all the characters personalities in tact even with a little OOC mixed in.
Goshikku Hime wa Yami-san chapter 11 . 4/15/2013
I LOVED this! xD! There aren't enough good Stepshipping stories out there! But this one is definitely one of the best!
Debbie the Fabulous chapter 11 . 4/17/2012
I am absolutely speechless...

Not having read your other stories, it Kaiba and Yami a little OOC to me, but other than that, this was just beautiful.


ilovemanicures chapter 11 . 1/2/2012
It was during Aftershock I saw the youngest Kaiba brothers in a new light and this story just made said light 10x brighter.

I figured you would go with Stepshipping sooner or later, and even though I don't particularly care for the pairing, I think you did rather well with this story.

Particularly Noa. I really liked how in the beginning you had me comparing him to Yami, what with comparing their roles in the Kaiba household as well as their positions in the original Kaiba brothers hearts, but as the story progressed you showed how much Noa and Seto truly have in commen.

From their hot tempers, to their love/protectiveness over little Mokie, all the way down to their incapability to properly express their feelings unless backed up against a wall. All the while still willing to work on it so long as they have someone solid by their side with enough patience to wait/put up with them.

I also really liked how you made Seto SHOW Yami he truly is apart of the family. No offense to the new young couple but their was a bit TO much mushy talk for me lol ;P

You see my main pairings are Tendershipping, Spychoshipping and Prideshipping. All in which focus on dysfunctional people learning to function properly (or as properly as these guys get lol) only so long as their "better half" is standing right by their side. And there's almost NO talking between them. Simply pure unadulterated feeling of action/touch. So to say I was a little squirmy during all of Mokie and Noa' "emotional times" would be an understatement lol

But like I said, I think you did a pretty good job with this because if Seto and Yami are to play the roles of action, I suppose Mokie and Noa must play the role of emotion to keep the household balanced ;D

But I have to say, my favorite moments were when Seto literally shoved Yami off of him - I can just imagine Yami' face reading; "Ah HELL no!" rofl xD And when after they all sat and resolved their issues, Seto screamed for the two not-so-siblings to get the hell out before they witnessed something they really shouldn't, not that they hadn't already lol ;D

All and all, I really did enjoy reading this and I can't wait to see what you came up with next!
The Only Love For Soujiro Seta chapter 11 . 11/30/2011
I hated the Seto/Yami parts but I LOVED MOKUBA/NOA PARTS! It's why I read this story! I really loved it! :D
Minabe chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
im not freaking MokieNoa im freaking YamiSeto Dx lol :)

love your story so far there needs to be more mokienoa! 3 stepshipping whoot! lol xD
Rex chapter 11 . 9/3/2011
I'm not into yaoi, but this was a well written story. Good job!

Yami constantly calling Kaiba baby irked me, though.
AllKnowingNiko chapter 11 . 8/25/2011
EEEEE THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have made my entire week, you know that? That's a great accomplishment, too! Congratulations! Mokuba and Noa are blushing like crazy behind me, so thank you for all the pictures I've gotten too...*evilness*! Also, Yami and Seto say *THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN IN A MILLION YEARS*, but we all know what they're thinking.



Yami, shut up! FYI, I HEARD you two last night(It's creepy how accurate you got this fic), could you be ANY more defiant of the truth?

-Yeah, and I got it all on tape!-


-Hell yeah! You wanna watch it?-

ANZU! Set up the DVD player, we've got a yoai to watch thanks to Yugi!



Hee hee, blackmail! So, all this in a nutshell?

AllKnowingNiko chapter 7 . 8/25/2011
Pasta-chan13 chapter 11 . 12/28/2010
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