Reviews for Wind That Shakes the Seas and Stars
Motherofthehorde chapter 125 . 8/26
Thank you for writing.

Esperanza Tairo Rivera chapter 5 . 8/17
Esperanza Tairo Rivera chapter 5 . 8/17
Fennekin-The-Fox chapter 125 . 7/14
Ugh, I'm not crying - you're crying.
Fennekin-The-Fox chapter 102 . 7/13
Oh my god, that was absolutely romantic. The build up was [i]so[/i] worth it!
Fennekin-The-Fox chapter 82 . 7/12
That ending was pretty hilarious! I didn't really understand the title of this chapter until the very end, and I'm super glad the way that turned out.

This is my first comment on this series and - god I love your sense of humor. I love it when Regulus or Rosier show up, because I know it's just gonna be entertainingly exasperating or exasperatingly entertaining. Either way, I usually end up giggling, haha.
Elims chapter 8 . 4/7
I love this series. Truely, but the word count! It’s a novel.
Your writing stamina is excellent. My reading stamina is saying stop. You’ve been reading this all week have a break.
I should name all the things I like about this story but it would exceed the word count. I will include your these: some lessons are harder to learn, politics, there is a difference to knowing and understanding, the difference of family by blood/choice/action, you can find support but not from everyone, beings are people to and finally don’t run your self ragged.
I will return to this entertaining story when I have recovered. Thank you for writing.
WolfoftheMoonStorm chapter 11 . 3/10
Garr! I still mean every word I said in the previous story about how much I love all these characters and this whole world; how no one feels inherently evil or is just played off as such for the sake of the story...

but darn it I can't stand Dumbledore and his manipulations! How blind do you have to be to not see you're in the wrong when you have to manipulate people with magic to get them on your side?
IOpenAtTheClose of your life chapter 21 . 3/4
I honestly FUCKING hate Lily Potter and Albus Dumbledore in this story
gemsaysfeelings chapter 125 . 2/23
what a masterpiece
gemsaysfeelings chapter 119 . 2/23
fucking hell seriously, if it wasn't for that last scene i would have lost my shit over this chapter
gemsaysfeelings chapter 109 . 2/22
gemsaysfeelings chapter 102 . 2/21
this chapter was beautiful
gemsaysfeelings chapter 95 . 2/21
i dont understand anything in that last scene, what? XD seriously dude
gemsaysfeelings chapter 92 . 2/21
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