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uyen.dinh.90 chapter 4 . 9/22
yes! It happened. I can't wait to see the snake's personality
Anisky chapter 61 . 9/14
It's interesting, because you wrote this before Deathly Hallows came out, but the revelations of DH could make this a single-point-of-departure AU. (Well, okay, double, since Harry isn't a twin in the books, but still.) This could just be the universe where Grindelwald never came to Godric's Hollow for the summer and never befriended Dumbledore- since, as Dumbles said in the books, that is how he learned early in life that he couldn't be trusted with power and should avoid it.

Anyway, I thought that was interesting!

I agree with Scrimgeour a lot- I find the idea of Lily seeing what Harry becomes (and hopefully understanding that she cannot take any credit for it), and really realizing how very wrong she was, *intensely* more satisfying than her dying while thinking of herself as a misunderstood, oppressed martyr for the cause of good. I hope we get to see her repent, and regret, and understand enough NOT to attempt contact/reconciliation with Harry.

It does bother me that James will be the worst punished, though. Stripped of magic and life in Tullianum; since Lily's already had her magic stripped years ago, this is harsher on James. Plus, with what Lucius did, in a few years James will die in agony and terror over several months (unless someone discovers the insects and reverses the damage). Overall, James is the most harshly punished, even though he's mostly just a coward and an idiot- what he did was wrong, but nowhere near as wrong as Lily's actions.
Anisky chapter 55 . 9/14
Whoa, Sapientian is *good*. Of course, he had Snape's notes and interpretations and understanding of Harry to guide him, so he knew just where to push. I'm sure that it never would have occurred to Harry that Snape's understanding of him would be such an advantage, since he thinks Snape is wrong about most of the things he's right about.
Anisky chapter 53 . 9/14
So I guess one of Harry, Draco, or Connor will die in the war? :(

Yep, I'm still here, I made it through! (I was reviewing as Aliya before, I wasn't signed in.) The people closest to Harry closed ranks and protected him as best they could, and Harry wasn't that bothered by the people he didn't know well turning against him, so I managed to keep reading. :) I'm a little confused, though, because it seemed later like McGonagall was one of the people Harry had unconsciously removed the compulsion from, but it was her thoughts that first set off my alarm bells. Or did McGonagall's chapter take place after Dumbledore cast the spell but before Harry came in direct contact with her again? Too lazy to go back and check.

One thing in this chapter confuses me: if Pansy/necromancers can see how everyone around them is going to die, then doesn't that mean that the future is already set? If the future weren't already completely written, then necromancers would only see possible deaths, not definite deaths. If that's how your universe works, that's all well and good, but a prewritten future negates the possibility of free will. If people actually had free will, then their decisions could change the future, and a person's future time/place/circumstances of death wouldn't be definite, because someone's decision could always change it.

Given how dedicated Harry is to free will and what a big theme it is throughout the Sacrifices Arc, this seeming contradiction leaves me a little confused. Especially since *Harry* knows that Necromancers see the deaths of everyone they meet- does he just never consider what that implies about free will (that it doesn't exist)?

Or is there something I'm missing?

Really enjoying the fic!
Aliya chapter 15 . 9/12
Oddly disposed towards Harry? Eeeeeep. Pretty damn sure that's Dumbledore's spell at work. Terrified of what's coming...
Aliya chapter 12 . 9/12
Errrrrgh... the tenor of McGonagall's thoughts are making me very uneasy. What she thinks about whether Harry was abused, the way she subtly downplays or gives excuse for the way Dumbledore acted towards Harry, does NOT seem right. It's subtle, but it just doesn't fit with what we know of her so far, and is very unnerving. It probably has to do with that spell Dumbledore used last chapter.

I have to admit, I'm very nervous about reading on if this is going where I think it's going. Victim-blaming and calling the victim a liar is, well, obviously it's terrible coming from the abuser, but it's not exactly unexpected. If we're going to start seeing it extensively from the public, from everyone, even people who know Harry well and care about him... I don't know if I'll be able to take that. Unfortunately, the majority of people DO disbelieve, for example, rape victims, and not only make excuses for the rapist but seem much more upset about how the ordeal will affect the rapist's life than the victim's- all without any sort of compulsion spell necessary. This wouldn't be *unrealistic* by any stretch of the imagination- which is a lot of why it may be too difficult and upsetting to read.

I mean, this is a great story, so I'll do my best to keep going.

Very nervous, though.
Herraidous chapter 89 . 9/10
This chapter was cool; there was gore, and no holding back in the tone and feeling that would take away from the story as a whole if it was held back. When all was set and done, Harry Potter was a childrens' series. This? If canon Harry experienced all Sacrifices Harry did, he'd have crumbled before; perhaps at the end of second year, or even in his training. He certainly wouldn't have survived the graveyard.
percabeth1643 chapter 43 . 8/18
Where is the rest of the chapter?
percabeth1643 chapter 36 . 8/18
He did not just say that. He did not just say that things can't get any worse. That's worse than saying, "Well, at least its not raining!why harry, whhyhy!
Guest chapter 56 . 7/18
I agree that what lily did was horrible, but, coming from someone who does not believe in the death penalty, it seems even more horrific for her to be killed for it. Also, it seems really... preposterous and stupid of snape to say that Harry's mental health is more important than someone elses life. I'm not a big fan of what snape has done to harry's parents. Its not deep or kind-its just harmfull to everyone and frankly idiotic.
Rilliam chapter 41 . 6/20
I've read this far without commenting, because it just keeps getting better and better. After a week of reading and not sleeping I finally took a break and had to say how much I love this story, thank you for writing it!
LalaSpade chapter 68 . 6/14
So I read the first part of this chapter, and all I could think for the rest of the chapter was ''Hail Hydra!", because
"We shall rise again" sounds remarkably like " Cut off one head and two others will pop up". Does that make Dumbledore Red scull?
Ivar Hugo chapter 5 . 6/8
Continue like this, and Connor might become my favourite character.

Wow. I did not foresee that happening a couple of books ago. Incredible.
Ivar Hugo chapter 2 . 6/8
Well this was a long time coming. What I hope will result from this is that Harry will realize he is not a god, and that it's not always possible to save everyone, and that trying to do so sometimes causes more harm than good.
Guest chapter 3 . 4/26
I don't understand... Death eaters ex or not showing pity for child abuse...same people who ate and killed children and forced their own children into slavery of voldemort... If instead of harry if draco was light lord will Lucius and same vengeance full Narcissus could have accepted him...yes what happened to harry is wrong but everyday student abuser snap doesn't have any rights to do what he did...maybe if minnevra had done than right...
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