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kagomeLove2 chapter 1 . 7/12/2017
Nice story but I truly think that you do not understand Sesshoumaru character at all if you think this is how he will treat Rin. Even if you do not see them as a couple and do not like it which is absolutely fine, Sesshoumaru will never hurt Rin. Not after having declared that nothing was worth her life. Ever. You may need to re watch or re-read the manga as truly you did not grasp the best creation of Rumiko Takahashi that is Inuyasha the feudal fairytale and specially Sesshoumaru. No point writting this A/N to try and explain that you can show and write an all realistic Sesshoumaru and Rin. What this only did is just showing us that you did not understand Rumiko Takahashi work that is Inuyasha a feudal fairy tale. That is sad because I have read and loved other stories of yours thinking that you understood her work but hélas no.

But nice dark story none the less.
this is long chapter 1 . 6/6/2016
2 things that most most people fail to understand about Sesshomaru :

1) At the beginning of the story Sesshomaru doesn't despite humans specifically. He despites everything that's weak, yokais included. But since certain yokais can be strong while humans will always be frail, and the fact a human woman caused his father's death, he consequently hate them just a bit more.
However, this fact change throughout the manga, and we have many, many proofs of that :
- Like how it's explained multiple times that only a compassionate heart can use tenseiga, and how he was able to finally use it as a weapon because his heart experiences suffering and other basic emotions (when Kagura died, when he was unable to revive Rin in the meido).
- Like how he will mercilessly kill anything that stands in it's way (especially humans) before he met Rin, and how he will stop doing so after she joins him (he only kill whoever is openly threatening him/Rin/Jaken as long as they're not humans or 'bad guys').
- Or like how he more or less becomes a 'good guy' by forgiving Kohaku and the demon panther clan, protecting Kagome (which he once nearly killed), resurrecting some yokai he doesn't care about, helping his own brother multiple times, etc.

2) Sesshomaru is already doomed to follow the path of is father at the end of the story, whether we're talking about his romantic or father/brother-like love for Rin. If anything, their love is way more legit than Inuyasha and Kagome's (he 'realizes' he loves Kagome only after Kikyo is conveniently dead, and she spend the hole time being insufferably jealous because he can't get over the first woman he loved and JUST lost -the 50 years gap between Kikyo's death and Kagome's arrival never happened for him-).
Anyway, I'm not fond of the 'Happily ever after' fanfics either, but I do believe Sesshomaru and Rin share a very strong and deep bond that won't break, especially on Sesshomaru's side. Over the course of the story, he's one of the character that evolve the most, and it's pretty clear to me that at the end he doesn't despite humans anymore like I just explained. I'm not saying he likes them either, but it's obvious that he doesn't consider them like filth, and it's obvious that he deeply cares about Rin. That's why I'm saying he's already doomed : He already faced the fear of loosing her in the meido, and he'll ultimately loose her again. And he'll suffer from her death.
Yes, yokais and humans are always cursed to love each other, because death will always strike one way or another (natural death for the humans, violent death for the yokais). And I believe Sesshomaru is very aware of that, and that's why he agreed to let Rin go back with the humans. He wants her to be able to experience a real very human, very happy life before she makes her choice, because if she was to choose to go with him (either for romantic attachment or parental affection) she would be doomed too. In both cases Sesshomaru is doomed, because he will loose her, but Rin can make her choice.

That's why I don't like much this story and all the similar ones. It always seems that Sesshomaru doesn't really care about Rin, that he just keeps her by his side because of reasons very unclear, because it's the way it is, because he 'forgot' that she's human and has different needs, etc. No. He would never dismiss her existence like that and just wake up one day like 'oh, yeah, that thing I kinda appreciate is growing older, I must do something about it. I going to get rid of it and sugar-coat it with promises that it's because I care or feel responsible at last after all this years'.
Like I said, I'm not fan of the fluffy story involving them either. They can't live happily ever after, because they're from two different worlds, they don't share the same life experiences, and because the only thing that may still be more important than Rin to Sesshomaru's eyes is his bloody pride. That's why, in regard of said pride, I just love the idea of a very romantic and very platonic relationship between them. Besides, Sesshomaru is a very ethereal being (due to his lack of apparent emotions and the way he carries himself, the way he almost never make any physical contact with everything), I can't picture him having sex with anyone, even himself... By the way, sex shouldn't even be a requirement to differentiate romantic love from parental love. That's the problem number one in this debate.
So... Yes. Love it is, in my opinion. Very strong love.

Thank you for bearing with me :)
Amanthya chapter 1 . 2/4/2016
Certainly a more realistic take on any coupling between the two. I just can't buy Sesshomaru falling in love, ya know?
ddddaaaae chapter 1 . 1/20/2016
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briancap chapter 1 . 8/20/2014
I love this. I seriously hate the whole romantic Rin/Sess pairing. They have a father daughter relationship. Nothing in the series points to anything more. Not to mention, if they were to wed in the future, then why didn't Takashi mention it in the last episode? Because they are father/daughter.
Anon chapter 1 . 5/8/2014
While I appreciate the thought (and it is original) you are wrong. All those relations that you spoke of, inutaisho/Izayoi, shiori's father and mother, Jinenji's parents. They all failed because of prejudice towards the human race from the youkai themselves, not from some storyline by Takahashi. She was merely pointing out the prejudice that is still very much seen in contemporary world. Your argument is no better than saying blacks shouldn't 'mix' with whites because African Americans are 'beasts'. For that matter your missing the key point of the relationship between Sess/Rin. An innocent girl that can transform a beast. And do you honestly think that Sess won't figure out Kagome's future, and the results for youkai. Maybe he will realize that pureblooded isn't the way to go. Mind you this is all a thought experiment, but any person that studies social psychology will point you in slightly different directions, no?
overninethousand chapter 1 . 9/24/2013

sesshomaruandrinfaq . blogspot . com

sesshomaruandkagurafaq . blogspot . com
kitten chapter 1 . 10/18/2011
Damn... well at least ther was blood in it. XD
Kima chapter 1 . 6/16/2011
Truthfully, I do believe you are wrong about demons and humans being together. Seeing as one Sesshoumaru's Father was able to mate with a human aka Inuyasha's mother. Amazingly Inuyasha came out well. Also I believe Sesshoumaru does not believe in mating with humans, because it would make him weak, or be like his father, who died to protect a human. That Human being the mother of his half-brother. Who he hates, because of the fact that his father died protecting a life, that he feels was worthless. He considers Inuyasha weak because he is half-human, but in truth Inuyasha was stronger than him multiple times in Sesshoumaru has realized that Inuyasha is in fact a more admirable opponent. Anyway I like the potrayal of Sesshoumaru, and yes he is not nice. I do believe there was something between him, and Kagura to put this out there, Sesshoumaru surely feels that rin is more of a daughter to him, than anything else. Seeing as he took care of her,and saved her from danger multiple times. It could be also because he feels he owes it to her, seeing as she was attacked, and killed while trying to help him when he was injured. So all these pointless love fics are stupid. Sesshoumaru absolutely does not want to end up like his father. So he will never ever mate a human. Especially not with a young girl he met at the age of 11 or 12. Rin will more than likely marry Kohaku, and that will be end. All because he spends so much time around where Kaede is.
Sersee Grayson chapter 1 . 4/25/2011
I have been a fan of yours for a while, and rediscovered Inuyasha and Fanfiction. In fact, it was because of Rin and Sesshomaru that Ive gotten back to fanfiction.

I have loved their bond, and believe it is something special (with massive luv and fluff), so with that in mind, I'd like to say that your story was so haunting that I couldn't get it out of my mind. That little piece at the end made me think really hard for several days (I kid you not) about Sesshomaru's true character, as any well written and well thought story should.

I can't say I enjoyed your story, I can't say I disliked it either. All I can say is that it disturbed me, and made me think and I applaud you for it. Not many authors in fanfiction could. In fact, no one has shaken my couple podium of Rin/Sesshomaru as hard as you have.

Great work as always,

Hattaru chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
I really do like this story, I read this story a long time ago, and I am reading it again, and yes you are right about a Yaoki's and humans can't together, if they are full and human, I guess you can say that Inu and Kagome are kind of an exception but not really.

Inuyasha's character is torn between 2 woman that he can not let good, a real stupid thing to do, Kagome beging a human cares for him and loves him but his love is not there with hers, even in the manga, you see Inuyasha kiss kikyo because he truly does love her , but you never see him kiss Kags, why I am not really sure, and I don't know why Kags would stay with him after that, to me she is a younger version of kikyo and I don't but Yes i do like your realisic.

I too don't understand why people make Sesshomaru out to be a love human kind of guy, in all his character he is not!, his instics are pure Animal.


2465642974 chapter 1 . 10/21/2010
This is absolutely amazingly realistic...and so beautifully written. A wonderful piece that I'm glad was recommended to me. Well done!
Hajnalmadar chapter 1 . 10/4/2010
Uhh... this was a bizarre story. I wish I wouldn't have read it. This is a tragedy for heaven's sake, please change the genre.
secondaryonly chapter 1 . 6/17/2010
How sad...

but I like how you portray him.

It fits.
seshomaru94 chapter 1 . 12/27/2009
I love this story. but I don't like the way that you say that demons and humans can't be together is true that in the anime every demon that sleep with a human died but it does not mean that demons and humans can't be together in fact i think they should be together. but stil this is an awesome story.
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