Reviews for From Eavesdropping to Escape
CLASSIFIED chapter 1 . 1/4/2010
Hm... Goffa X Klitch... I wonder what that would OH GOD MENTAL IMAGE
Jarrtail chapter 1 . 10/30/2008
Well, it's certainly more realistic than other DxT slash I've seen. The only phisical contact they're likely to make with each other is when they're fighting or drunk. As for KlitchxGoffa, why not? They actually seem to sort of like each other in canon, and there's gotta be a reason for that. I hope there will be more chapters of this soon!

Pit Viper of Doom chapter 1 . 6/19/2007
You're CRAZY. Friggin' CRAZY. You better hope to god BJ doesn't see that, because if he did, he'd hunt you down.

Nice little sappy ending, though.
LittlePsychoWolf chapter 1 . 3/25/2007
One single word, or more accurately, an acronym:


This is on my fave list, and it's staying there for eternity. Hope you know Redwall book #19 is comin' out Oct. 18!
Lapin Ferret chapter 1 . 4/3/2006
o.m.g! Klitch...and Goffa...

that is sick and wrong! (but funny, hehehe)
Monocode chapter 1 . 3/18/2006
Marry me?

Ahaha, no, seriously, this was lovely, well-written, funny, tasteful, and plausible Redwall slash, which I have not ever bloody well found before. Thanks for writing this!
Kyra Axblade Sue Hunter chapter 1 . 3/17/2006
Hi, liked your fic. I didn't find it too surpricing about Klitch and Goffa, I really didn't. What I really find surpricing is how little Thura and Dingeye are used. (yes I like them too) I'm glad SOMEONE decided to use them.

By the way, you know Pshyco Violinist of Silentwood, and her fic "Denial"? Do you know when she's gonna finish that? Or did Pshyco Vi die? I really hope she didn't, I like her! Does she not know how to finish it? I've seen some people leave her reviews on how to finish it, and I think they're great ideas. So yeah, I liked your fic, and would you try and see about Pshyco, cuz I really wanna see what's gonna happen in her fic! Wahhaha!
nameless chapter 1 . 3/15/2006
Hi, me again. Listen, I reread your fic and wondered how you know that Matthias and Cornflower were thirteen when they were engaged; I always thought they were fifteen or sixteen.

About me saying that Thura and Dingeye being a couple; forget what I said. Don't make them a couple. That would be just wrong. But I DO think it'd be nice if you did some NON-EXPLICIT fic about how Klitch and Goffa became a couple.

Tell me, is Goffa actually some kind of concubine for Klitch, or something? He really didn't seem all that specil to Klitch, so...

And about Ferhago...did he know that Klitch was gay and didn't want his horde to know about that why he sent Dethbrush after the 2 stoats?

Oh! Are you going to make it so that Thura and Dingeye live and DON'T die? (I always thought Brain was being a jerk when he killed them off; they did NOT need to die! Geez, Brian, what the #$% is the matter with you?)

Oh, are you going to do a fic with Zigu? (Heh heh) Hey, why dont you do a crossover fic, where Zigu meets Ublaz Mad Eyes and they start...well, I think you know.

Yes, I do think Ublaz could be written as a gay character. (He painted his nails, remember?) Though, if he WAS going to be paired off with anyone, I would have guessed Rasconza; those two were made for each other; they're the only ones of their kind on the whole island, they were both smart, tough, and really REALLY hot. Or at least Ublaz was really really hot.

Or maybe I'd pair Ublaz up with Barranca, just as maybe a dating couple; same with Lask; the lizard has a crush on Ublaz, they go out, then Ublaz gets together with Rasconza.

Ok, I've typed long enough; my fingers are wearing down. See ya.
T0M Serv0 chapter 1 . 3/13/2006
That was a very good story you've written. I really liked the paring, even though I quite agree with the last reviewer if you could've written HOW Goffa and Klitch paired up; that'd be really cool. I liked reading this story; good character development and plot. I hope to see more fics by you in the future.

nameless chapter 1 . 3/13/2006
Whoah. Usually whenever people write a slash fic of Klitch, he's paired with Ferhago; so your pairing isn't so bad.

After all, Klitch DID strike me as a character that could be used in a slash fic and would make sense. (He wore yellow and had bone bracelets, remember?)

I mean, I'm quite certain NONE of the Redwall characters are gay, but there are charcters who COULD be WRITTEN as gay; e.g: Zigu, Ublaz, Rufe Brush.

And your pairing was realistic; pairing Klitch with Goffa makes more sense than pairing him with Ferhago. (Sweek)

As for Dingeye and Thura, well, I'm not too surpriced about you making them a couple either; and I wouldn't be too surpriced if you made them live. I think that'd be sweet if they did.

Are you going to do another fic that shows HOW Klitch and Goffa became a couple? That'd be interesting. Oh, and if you do, do you remember Vampcat's fic about Mokkan/Gelltor, where at the end of her chapters there were little lines spoken by them, complaining? e.g:

Mokkan: I think you're really, REALLY sick!

Gelltor: How COULD you?

If you do that in YOUR fic, I think that'll make it better, cuz at least you're letting them have a say in it.

By the way, you seem to really think Zigu is gay; why don't you write one about him yourself?

Don't pair him up with Swartt; that wouldn't make sense. After all, Swartt had sex with Bluefen, didn't he?

If you're going to do slash couples, make it be realistic, ok?

Not like people who do Martin/Gonff slash. I've read a couple of those, and I admit, they're VERY well written, but I just don't like the coupling. Gonff got married and had a kid, maybe two kids. Be realistic, ok?

Another thing; I left you some reviews in your Redwall Joke fic. They're about doing a Redwall/Lord of the Rings parody, where instead of nine nazgul, there's nine mary sues. Would you consider doing it, please?

Thanx, Lab. Er, Laburnum. Whichever.

Oh, and thanks for that Guide to REdwall mary sue; it really helped me.
Elwing-Evenstar chapter 1 . 3/11/2006
This is weird, but really interesting! I can't wait for an update! Please write more soon! D