Reviews for Happiness
ValiantArcher chapter 1 . 4/7
Poor Eomer. ;)) But I also don't blame him; seeing people close to you go goopy-eyed over love can be very unsettling. You've done a nice job showing Eowyn's happiness and contentment too.
Dr. Austin A. Winchester chapter 1 . 6/14/2007
Sorry Eomer, but now that the ring was destroyed you need to learn to see your sister happy. Anyway, great story.
Cressida1 chapter 1 . 2/28/2007
I think this little scene is hilarious. I can just see Eomer getting hot under the collar! But you can't blame him for being worried; prewar Eowyn wasn't exactly spending her time making flower-chains, after all.
Elven Fish chapter 1 . 12/10/2006
What, Eomer? You just can't get used to seeing your sister happy?
JuliaAurelia chapter 1 . 3/17/2006
A very sweet moment between two siblings. Don't worry Eomer, Lothiriel is out there just waiting for you, so you should soon be experiencing the kind of happiness your sister is talking about!
Raksha The Demon chapter 1 . 3/13/2006
Eowyn making daisy chains and laughing! No wonder Eomer is confused. He's never seen her truly in love and free of care. They've had too many years of sorrow and war, these two.

Nice little ficlet!
Katzilla chapter 1 . 3/12/2006
I usually don't review when I don't agree with an author's vision, but it is getting to the point where I getting too frustrated with the unfortunately all-too-common image of √Čomer as a mindless, warmongering brute to remain silent.

Before describing anything as bewilderment in reaction to another person's happiness (his sister's even, the one person in the world he probably cares the most for) as "typical for the character", I would ask that you go once again back to the book (if you read it at all and did not take your image of √Čomer solely from the movies):

This is the man who puts his own life on the line for three strangers by lending them their spare horses AGAINST his King's will! He deliberately takes his time to consider the issue from all sides even though they are pressed for time and is under orders to either kill or set captive all strangers they find roaming the Mark! He is described as a person very screwed in reading other people, and that is why he finally decides to take the gamble and trust Aragorn on his word when he tells him that he will return the horses!

That is the man who becomes friends with Gimli, and probably the best friend of Aragorn! Would the noble King of Gondor take a friend who charges like a mad bull each time someone says a single word he doesn't like? Would this man ride for six (or more) days from Edoras to Minas Tirith in rage, not calming down in this time enough to hear out the husband of his sister before deciding to decapitate him?

Like I said, I am not usually in the habit of writing negative reviews (being an advocate of "If you can't say anything nice, remain silent"), but lately, this perception of the King of Rohan seems to have taken over the fandom when it is not true. Read the book again, PLEASE!
lindahoyland chapter 1 . 3/11/2006
A delightful character study about how much Eowyn has is so good to see a new work from are much of Eomer to think playing with flowers is an illness,you capture the characters so well.
Shandris chapter 1 . 3/11/2006
Short and yet meaningful. And very cheerful :)
BadLittleGirl chapter 1 . 3/11/2006
Sweet little piece.

I love stories about Eowyn and Eomer (the Pelennor-Fields scene both in book and move is so heart-breaking)and this is really beautiful.

It's funny indeed that Eomer thinks she's not well just because she've made a flower chief *g*

Short, but meaningful. And says so much about Eowyn's new happiness in so few words.

Really very well.