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Guest chapter 1 . 4/12/2014
i love it. but u should work with your tenses.

but after ive read your a/n im kind of annoyed. fall in love like a comic is a manga! its obviously not your idea. its one of my favorite manga's and even though i forgot the name of the author im still her fan. So its kind of pissing me off. Give some credits to the mangaka. if you are the mangaka yourself then sorry if its yours but really its annoying. FALL IN LOVE LIKE A COMIC! IS NOT YOUR IDEA AND SO IS THE FLOW OF THE STORY.

ill still read it coz i love FILC. ill find out if its exactly how it is.
nevanda chapter 1 . 2/29/2012
I love this story! just the idea make me exited...

but I saw similarity between this story and watashi ni xx shinasai(sorry.. if I offend you in many ways)

to next chapter
esmii chapter 4 . 3/19/2010
your writings are awesome! asucaga 4ever! luv it
saranghe01 chapter 1 . 6/29/2009
huhh... this is the same thing as a manga that i read... lol ... o_O ...
cagallibelldandy chapter 23 . 6/17/2009
nice one
shiloah18 chapter 22 . 1/28/2008

hmm.. fun Athrun? what kind of fun? *smugs*

btw, where is the setting of this fic? ORB? somewhere on earth? or maybe there in the PLANTS? or HeLiopoLis.. where?

nasty things? what nasty things Lacus?

Shani Andras has greEn hair.. I think you mean CLotho/Crot Buer.. ne? demo, that guy's hair isn't pink.. it's kinda orange.. *shrugs*

lol NicoL gets to pop out of nowhere.. nice one!

Sting, Heine and Rey are coLLege students, ne?

ara, ara Via.. why wouLd Kira aLLow Athrun to touch his sister? he's just the same as you.. overprotective..

LiL' CagaLLi heLping ULen row the boat? kawaii! XD

why wouLd the stranger Like to kiLL CagaLLi? that's kinda weird..

"But now you're in the Light again. You won't be going back to the darkneSs." you shouLd've said the same thing.. Athrun.. to yourseLf I mean..

Shirou? lol sounds Like just her name! XD and she's white with saphire orbs.. kakoii! XD

aww.. momma's boy is gonna go home.. pOor Yzak.. ;(

phew! the sibLing's probLem is soLve.. finaLLy.. *sighs*

Shiho usuaLLy says "DARN IT! I'M SO LUCKY!" whiLe Yzak.. "DARN IT! WHY AM I SO UNLUCKY!" lol XD

short red hair and brown eyes? who wouLd that be? an OC? lol NicoL xure Likes red heads.. *giggLes*

LiLy is Lacus, Kira is Kon and FareLL is FLay, ne? lol the beginning Letters of their names are of the same Letters.. suteki!

yay! KiraCus doesn't have to worry about FLay anymore!

thank gOodneSs there's Sai.. *sighs*

nice one KiraCus!

lol Athrun just got a wet dream of Cags.. aww.. pOor Asuran.. *coos*

*Laughing her head oFf* haha.. Athrun's nose bLed.. XD what did you say Athrun? soft? lol XD now you're reaLLy gonna get it from Kira.. *snickers*

CagaLLi is knocked out! XD ara, Athrun xure is heavy, ne?

grr.. he just confeSsed! now he's going back to "that" pLace? argh! annoying! XC

fine RM is for Rusty MacKenzie demo, what's the 20 for?

Yzak's more annoying than someone you know Rusty? who?

lol Yzak's worried.. I wonder why..

aww.. pOor Athrun.. ;'( man.. I pity him.. ;'{

ohh.. so Athrun's afraid of dark pLaces? or is it just that rOom? how about Heine? they're traumatized.. is that it?

lol Shiho with a wig? uhh.. just thought of this.. there are guyz who have Long hair.. couLdn't Shiho just pretend she's just Like one of those guyz? she couLd tie her hair..

for Lacus.. pink.. O_O it's kinda rare to sEe guyz with pink hair.. nvm that kid in "Gravitation".. pink.. as a guy'z hair.. is kinda gay.. gomen.. demo, if it were cLothing.. here's one thing I know.. "hot guyz wear pink".. I mean.. it's kinda hard to sEe a guy wear pink cLothes that wouLd fit them.. so onLy hot guyz wear pink.. *smirks*

Ooh.. Lacus Likes croSs dreSsing, ne? lol figures.. she's got an eye for fashion.. she's done a Lot of fashion statements in GS & GSD..

ohh.. so Via and Lenore are friends or something, ne?

Rusty.. Patrick is your master.. you have no right to ask him questions.. .

nyWeiZ, so yeah.. got home from schOoL.. ate my dinner and here I am reviewing! suteki deshou fic! jaa ne in your next update! ;3
shiloah18 chapter 23 . 1/27/2008
if Promises came from the inspiration of KiraCus Love story.. how about MoonfLower GirL?

why don't those girLs ask CagaLLi Hibiki if she's reLated with CagaLLi YuLa Athha.. how come they've got the same name.. -_

isn't it supposed to be.. "OK! WILL YOU TWO GET A ROOM!" .

"tOo" and "to" are two diFferent wordz..


lol this is anime.. anything pops out of nowhere.. *giggLes*

"peak" and "pEek" are two diFferent words aLso..

Athrun! you LiL' perv! you can't just take advantage of her since you know her secret! .

hmm.. this fic's titLe reminds me of my junior days in highschOoL.. a group in our cLaSs did something Like this and the weird thing about it is the titLe is the same as what they did.. demo, what they did was just a skit.. so yeah.. it was short.. *shrugs* lol XD

"StiLL, you haven't met my sister." .. "ALso, she bareLy notices your presence." weLL.. lol Kira.. that's the point.. Let him wake her up so she couLd reaLize that Athrun ZaLa exists.. *chuckLes*

"ExpLain to yourseLf, Hibiki." you shouLd've taken oFf the "to"..

"To teLL you guyz the truth, ZaLa knock on my dOor instead Kira." shouLdn't it be.. "To teLL you guz the truth, ZaLa knocked on my dOor instead of Kira." hmm?

"I know he has no interest on other girLs here, but I wonder.." carefuL with your tenses..

"No probLem but, why are you asking me that?" don't do run-on sentences..

"WeLL.. CagaLLi forgot to bring her Luchbox." again.. with the tenses.. past, present and future..

"GREAT! Thanks paL! I suggest we eat at the coutryard since the view's beautifuL today." *sighs* I can't poSsibLy correct things with this.. *points at the Laptop* I miSs my PC.. -_- owkei.. from this point on.. I won't point out your mistakes..

oh yeah! YzakxShiho! XD

NicoL's such a nice guy.. he's the one who taLks with those guyz (Athrun, Yzak and AueL) when they were having probLems with the LoveLives.. lol XD

high fever? or was it because of what Athrun did? hmm? CagaLLi? *smugs*

why does Meyrin caLL SteLLar by her surname? they're friends, ne? ~_

isn't Kira getting curious as to why Athrun hugs CagaLLi as a grEeting when they've just met? -.

Kira doesn't mind if CagaLLi goes with Athrun?

siLver boy? why does that remind me of souLja boy? lol XD

he just said that to Lighten up the situation.. when honestLy.. that's exactLy what is happening to him..

lol baby taLk! XD

who is SteLLar's onii-chan? since AueL is her couzin.. is it Sting?

Athrun! you reaLLy are hentai aren't you? ~.

Athrun.. tsk, tsk.. weren't you taught by your okaa-san not to go into other peopLe's rOoms without permiSsion?

Athrun! you sneak! .

Kira with a frying pan? better not give him the wrong answer Athrun.. *guLps*

hmm.. I'm not used to Rey caLLing Luna "babe" or Luna caLLing Rey "honey".. reminds me of Yuna.. *shudders*

what's so bad in reading shounen mangas? I don't sEe anything bad at aLL..

Cags is onLy in highschOoL demo, she's aLready making money.. suteki!

Lucky gueSs my fOot! you went into her rOom without permiSsion! .

Heine and Rusty have orange hair..

lol this is the second fic I've read wherein it's Heine who is competing with Yzak for Shiho's attention.. XD

lol so it was Dearka's manga.. XD

how oLd was Athrun and Heine when they ran away? just asking.. so that I'd know how oLd AsuKira were when they became friends..

MiriaLLia isn't studying at the same schOoL as they are? hmm.. maybe she's at ArchAngeL high.. lol XD and maybe the same goes for Sai, ToLLe and KuzZey.. _

remember the LoOk on AueL's face when he heard his bLockword in GSD? Let me just imagine Athrun LoOking Like that.. - and when it comes to Cags.. Lemme imagine SteLLar.. :) it wouLdn't be that hard since Athrun and AueL are both bLunettes whiLe CagaLLi and SteLLar are both bLondes.. ;)

Rusty couLd've beEn Heine's onii-chan or something.. Long Lost brother? I dunno.. *shrugs* where's MigueL Aiman? *LoOks around* yoOhOo! MigueL! you couLd've taken Rusty's roLe! lol demo, that's just me.. :

Athrun xure is pervy.. .

nevermind the crappy job Shinn.. atLeast you get to bump into SteLLar.. *smugs*

I Love Kira and his overprotective brother mode! woOhOo! yeah! XD

Aunty? does that mean that SteLLar Lives with her aunt and couzin?

gOodneSs they didn't put up a boOth which is something Like "receive a kiSs from Athrun ZaLa for onLy (price here)" lol XD or "have your picture taken with CagaLLi Hibiki!" lol XD

I thought MiLLy was going to go to the festivaL? why didn't she show up?

*faLLs over Laughing* the wind between your Legs Yzak? lol XD *rofL*

what was their bet?

does Cags reaLLy have to bring Athrun aLong everywhere she goes? at the festivaL I mean..

nyWeiZ, I'LL stop here at chap 13.. the next time I review It'LL be for chap 14 onwards.. I've read the whoLe thing.. so I'm just reviewing.. *shrugs* gomen I can't finish it right here right now.. 'cause my cLaSsmate just popped out of nowhere and now she's dragging me to who knows where.. *sighs* jaa ne! I'LL be reviewing when I get back from schOoL.. ;3
chibimon05 chapter 11 . 11/23/2007
Erm...I've only just read to Vol. 11 of your fanfic, but so far it's very tiring because you cram so many things inside one chapter. I mean, you keep switching from a relationship to another. That's inconsistency provide kind a boring mood since your main couple is only Athrun and Cagalli right?; and you keep diverting from them to other people and other jealous relationship.

Somehow it's also seem odd to have Meyrin hating Shinn for introducing Lunamaria to Rey. Shouldn't she be hating Rey instead? Also, I don't know if anyone has pointed this out (if anyone did then sorry to read it again), but chapter 5 where Lacus reminisced about her childhood with Kira and Cagalli; in the beginning, you said that took place about 7 or 8 years ago when Lacus was 9, um...9 years old don't talk like 3-5 years old kindergartens (and 9 years old are in 4th grade of elementary) then the next memory Lacus was in 5th grade then she talked normal again?

Since your fic revolves around modern high school days you shouldn't use old and kind of mysterious expressions of thoughts such as "Are we destiny to be friends or lover"(Auel in chap. 9), that sound like line from a love triangle story or Shakespeare's type of romance. And you shouldn't use "Is she the one?" (Shinn in one of the chapter) when you didn't specified enough about "the one", I mean Shinn is not looking for a hidden spy or a supernatural magical girl, right? He likes Stellar so I don't think his character (from GSD) would say something like "Is she the one (that I love)".

Sorry if I don't make sense, you can e-mail me back if you want, but this is just my suggestions for your future fanfic.
bodjak chapter 1 . 9/16/2007
hey kairi-chan can you please update shoujo manga because it is really a wonderful fanfiction! i enjoy reading it!

thats all! tnx...
DeletedAccountID chapter 23 . 9/5/2007
you should totally murder me for not reviewing for a long time, a god please forgivr me? Why did the story had to get interesting inmy absent, huh. please update!
bodjak chapter 23 . 8/26/2007
hey kairi chan pls keep on updating shoujo manga i really love reading it!
devildunk chapter 21 . 6/12/2007
Please can you write more, this story is really interesting

I'm dying to read more.
devildunk chapter 23 . 6/10/2007
Aw, this story is really good, I spent loads of time reading all the chapters even though I should be revising for exams.

Please write the next one soon, I'm getting bored to death by revision.
CagalliYulaAthhaZala chapter 23 . 6/10/2007
great chapter! cant wait for the next chapter!

keep up the good work!

How sad that was the sad past of my poor Athrun... [sniffs].

ZalasDinoPants chapter 23 . 6/4/2007
AH! Dum dum .HOW BOUT WE REPLACE HIM WITH PATRICK STARFISH! X) Rofl. Someone save the boys!
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