Reviews for Two Crows Joy
hgismylife379 chapter 30 . 11/20
Please update! I read Two Crows Joy and Human Interest in less than 3 days and I'm dying to find out what else happens!
Asmara124 chapter 30 . 4/17
Holy crap on a cracker, this is an amazing story and I really really hope you continue. Big fan!
Windstorm124 chapter 30 . 3/30
I absolutely love this story. I started reading Human Interest, and then I just couldn't stop until I got to chapter 30 of the sequel. I really hope that you continue this someday soon, because I really can't wait to see what happens.
Sinceslicedbread chapter 30 . 2/15
Like hospitable coffee, I sense trouble brewing.
Off now to lj to read the rest of your intriguing tale.
amyh52 chapter 26 . 1/27
the shirts OMG. Great , just great.
amyh52 chapter 21 . 1/26
guts sufficiently wrenched
amyh52 chapter 13 . 1/26
What a kick
Sinceslicedbread chapter 26 . 1/25
Oh my goodness, I can't stop crying. The shirts.
The swapping.
The wearing.
This scene pierced my heart.
Oh my goodness.
Sinceslicedbread chapter 25 . 1/16
Plot? Who needs plot? This was fffing amazing! I'm sooooo proud of Ennis, he really has dismantled that (completely unnecessary) emotionally protective, brick wall that he'd built between himself, Jack, reality and the truth.
My heart is fit to burst.
Never say never about that parade though Ennis; just sayin'.
Sinceslicedbread chapter 24 . 1/16
"God almighty damn, that man is mine. No s*** and fer real." You're not wrong there Jack. Not wrong at all.
Sinceslicedbread chapter 23 . 12/13/2014
Sinceslicedbread chapter 20 . 12/11/2014
Superb. Masterful storytelling from start to finish.
Sinceslicedbread chapter 9 . 11/14/2014
"...two men. Ain't natural."
"Feels natural t'me."
"It ain't. Polyester ain't natural neither, don't mean it ain't real." When circles make sense.
Sinceslicedbread chapter 8 . 11/14/2014
"He saw me,...and he was the only one who ever did." Enough said.
Sinceslicedbread chapter 7 . 11/14/2014
"He was mine first." Every heart in the room broke.

"Weren't enough t'take my man, now you gotta take my daughter, too." Alma must feel raw and ransacked; even the best burglars usually leave something behind. Not Jack it seems.

"Why'd you leave him if you wanted him so goddamned bad?"
"Because I wasn't you." That is the real source of the Nile. Alma has tried for sixteen years to make peace with the fact, she could never be what Ennis truly wanted - Jack.
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