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Jay chapter 20 . 11/30/2014
Man. I should have never have found this book and let you guys update more. Can I have a time machine of my own? So I can tell my past self not to read this amazing book until It's finished? XD Seriously though, I'll gladly be waiting for the next update!
Jay chapter 4 . 11/30/2014
This is absolutely outstanding! If this was a real book I would buy it multiple times! Great job! It's been approved! Well, by me at least anyways. XD
Kaguya 2.0 chapter 20 . 9/23/2014
This fanfic was really good.

It's been many years since your last update, so I guess there's no hope for another at this point. Still, I hope you've continued writing in some capacity.
Guest chapter 17 . 3/10/2014
You got a lot of the ages wrong. ciel is 13 and the x guardians are older than neo arcadia, for example.
Symphonic Sweet chapter 20 . 8/24/2013
Okay, dangit, I had a whole thing typed up and then LOST IT. Blarg. xP But hey, I can blather on with the best of 'em. :D ROUND TWO, DING!

I love this story. :) I know it hasn't been updated in something like five years, but it's still a great read. If there is any hope of an update, even after all this time, I'd absolutely love to see it. :D

The characters are great, all very well presented and true to how I'd imagine them to be, and their interactions are fantastic. Needs more Axl, though. ;)

The action scenes flow nicely and are both exciting and easy to follow, and the banter and downtime situations between the quintet of time-travelers are frequently hilarious enough to evoke honest to God out-loud laughter. Fics don't typically get that from me. :D

I don't normally read time-travel stories. They tend to be full of the same convoluted cliché nonsense, as well as the associated plot and continuity problems. However, I actually really like how this story is (was? o.O) going. The characters are all appropriately ignorant of the eras they leap to, and they are actually trying to avoid blurting out that they're from another time. It's not like, "whoa heyz i'm frum teh futur come help me stop big evil," and an automatic, "cool okay". xD

When I came across the first mention of "The Cataclysm", it admittedly gave me pause - I haven't seen mention of THAT in forever! But I was enjoying the story, so I kept reading, and was pleasantly surprised to find that its use was pretty good. The Cataclysm itself became something of a cliché, sure, but considering the date of the last update, it was probably pretty widely accepted in the fandom at the time (still kinda is, really. Hey, if it works, go with it xD). There's also the fact that it hasn't been implied (YET O.o) that Zero caused said Cataclysm, which is another cliché, yeah, albeit a fun one when presented well. :D

The Cataclysm as you wrote it fits well with your story, wasn't a big overblown dramatic THING like it can be, and adds to the good read.

So, to cut the babbling - it was pleasantly nostalgic to see the Cataclysm again. Who'da thunk it? :)

Soooo... yeah. I hope some of that made sense. But I'll shut up now. :D

Like I said, I dunno if there's any chance of a future update, but if there WAS, rest assured it'd be highly anticipated and very much welcomed. :D
RandomReviewer chapter 7 . 3/9/2013
"...I guess what gives me the strength to go on is remembering the people I care about... and how much they care about me. Even if I have doubts about myself, I know they don't, and it gives me all the courage I need."

...This quote, right GOLD.

Excuse me while I cry manly tears.
RandomReviewer chapter 1 . 3/9/2013
This first chapter is excellent!

I love the characterization you have here, with Roll's OCD, Blue's Weird Quirks, Dr. Light's slip of the tongue (he needs to be X-tra careful with his words), Dr. Wily's...wilyness, Bass's love of Final Fantasy and hatred of Megaman games, and of course, Megaman just having more life put into him than what was shown in the games.

It made for a very interesting read, with characters that have dynamic personalities like this, that it's almost as though the characters may have written themselves, do you think something like that happened while writing this story?

Anyways, great job on this one!
SeaJade chapter 20 . 1/13/2013
Very, Very good if I do say so myself. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Keep up the good work!:)
WildfireDreams chapter 20 . 11/16/2012
I've just spent several days reading this and absolutely love it though as I finished this chapter I noticed the last update was five years ago... following just in case so please finish this?
seiht chapter 20 . 11/9/2011
This is hands down, the best fanfic I've ever read. And I've read a bit too much. It's so balanced though! It's vivid, each time frame having its own little nature. Everyone's in character (and how did you manage to pull that off anyways?). Humor fills in the dry spots, but it's also just as gloomy and serious as need be at the same time. It's pretty clean. And. . . I can't find anything at all bad to say about it, which is prolly why it took me so long to get around to reviewing. I like being able to point out things and such.

I never pester anyone to update, and I won't start now, but I do have a question. You stated in the first chapter authors' note that this was originally a seven hundred page script. I've looked in vain for a sign of that script, and well. . . it was indeed in vain. So I'll ask this: if this script that you're flushing out exists, and you have no intention of continuing this here story (; finishing such a thing does seem a daunting task), would you be willing to at least provide a link or something of the sort? Sorry if I'm overstepping my bounds.

Either way, I commend your efforts ]
TheOmega chapter 20 . 4/24/2011
This is an awesome fic. I would be severely disappointed if this is the end of your writing. Although it hasn't updated in 3 years, I shall keep hope for it.
Nitro Striker chapter 20 . 12/23/2010
"No more long hiatuses, scouts honor!" then where the heck is the update!
krourou2 chapter 12 . 9/24/2010
("I happen to be an expert on the subjects of death and humor," Zero said loftily. "So you listen to Doctor Zero and take three stooges and call me in the morning.")

Cute. Reminds me of House M.D. for some reason.
krourou2 chapter 8 . 9/3/2010
... Okay, dammit, this story is too funny for its own good. AND it's serious! I never thought it was possible.
krourou2 chapter 8 . 9/3/2010
' "Your brother's damn dog kept me up ALL NIGHT," Zero said through gritted teeth, plopping wearily into a chair and running a hand through his tangled hair. "The stupid thing came into my room at like two in the morning and started growling at me, so I went to kick it out of the room, and of course it tried to bite me. And then, once I'd gotten it outside and shut the door, it figured out how to turn the doorknob!"

"Why didn't you just lock the door, then?" X asked.

"I did that next, and do you know what IT did?" Zero seized a lock of his hair in frustration. "IT PICKED THE LOCK!"

X couldn't help but laugh at his friend's predicament. Zero buried his head in his hands. "S'not funny, X."

"On the contrary, I find it to be very amusing."

"Brother's dog? What are you talking about?" Roll asked, looking from one man to the other.

"You know, the stupid red thing," Zero said, waving his hand in the air. "Rush, or whatever its name is. I swear, it's like it thought I was gonna kill you all in your sleep or something, though at this rate, the only thing that's dying around here is it—hey, is that coffee?" He perked up, noticing the coffee maker buzzing on the countertop.

"You do know caffeine doesn't do anything for us, right?" said X, as the blonde man jumped to his feet and began searching the cupboards for a mug.

"It's the placebo effect, dammit," Zero replied cheerily, finding a mug with a bright floral pattern and beginning to fill it. '

Placebo effect... oh, the things the mind can do to really f*** you up... Seriously, in an episode of 'House M.D.', this person was gravely ill, then they figured out it was just the placebo effect. Talk about screwed up, right?
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