Reviews for I'll always come for you chapter 13 . 4/8/2006
Hello purple lolly,

Many thanks for sharing this. It is a very good angst story in the mood I *like* the most. Severe physical and emotional hardships that has to be overcome and leading to a happy end.

Hephaestion's capture and imprisonment by the Persians is a horror and his sufferings before Alexander can come to the rescue are heart rendering, not only the manhandling and rape but also being forced to see all his men killed before his very eyes. His troubles are not over when he is rescued and the horrible things that have been done to him threatens the relationship with his Loved One. Your description of his silent withdrawal from Alexander and the Companions rings true to the reactions of victims to demeaning brutality.

I like it when he finds escape in the Secret Garden and the scene when Alexander finds him and puts his cloak over him is quite beautiful. Nature has many healing qualities and you bring that forth very well.

The end with Hephaestion's suicide attempt and Alexander coming to his rescue in the nick of time, and then they find each other once again , this is most rewarding. It is very hard to come back to life after severe abuse, it is also very hard helping someone back. You show this very well in your angst story with a happy end.

All the best wishes,

moon71 chapter 12 . 3/18/2006
Unless I'm going mad you've reposted the last chapter? Those last few lines add just that extra warmth to the ending of your story, leaving your readers really feeling there is peace between Alexander and his love once more. Well done!
angstman chapter 13 . 3/18/2006
I just read the whole story in one go and it great. I feel so lucky that I didn't have to wait for each chapter,it must be such a torment. **grin** Heph suffering is very freighful and Alexander neglect him till he commit suicide make me cry. Great story and thanks for sharing.
Queendel chapter 7 . 3/17/2006
Greetings, purple lolly, it is me again. *smile*

I forgot to mention earlier that I appreciate the fact that this time the Doctor respected Heph wishes and did not betray his confidence to the King. That was admirable.

I also applaud your punishment of the Persian was right on. It was poetic justice for him to slowly, painfully, stave to death in that dirty, musty, dungeon, tied up like a hog. The only other thing I would have done was to place a bottle of water in his sight, just out of his reach.

Thanks for sharing.
Queendel chapter 13 . 3/17/2006
A wonderful and angsty story. I am glad that you rewrote some parts and added to it as you filled it out even better with the protrayal of such realistic emotions and behaviours.

Although annoyed at his behaviour, I could understand why Alexander behaved in such an insensitive way at the time when Heph needed him the most. I could also understand Heph's deep depression; the cruel murder of his men, his brutal torture and sadistic rape, and then to have Alexander fail to listen to him and to comfort him after having rough sex with him, then to neglect him over the days would have made the strongest man waver.

It was sad to see that he attempted to take his life, and before, drinking so much, something that was so out of character. It was a cry for help that Alexander refused to see until it was nearly too late. It was poignant and telling that Heph returned to the place of his torment to die.

One thing Alexander did that I approved of was to let everyone know that if they discuss the event, they will be executed. Here, I like how he protected his lover from malicious rumours.

Except for a few grammatical errors it was a good job. Looking forward to more fics from you very soon.
Mike A chapter 1 . 3/16/2006
A much better effort. Good to see the more rounded story and a truer idea about what kinds of emotions people feel with regards to that kind of situation.

As with each effort one can only get better. If there are more future works by you like this...well...?

A superb, heart renching story. Well Done.
moon71 chapter 13 . 3/16/2006
I really did enjoy this story. I'm not very keen on non-con stories, but I thought you handled it very well, without it seeming exploitative. What Hephaestion went through was awful and that is how you portrayed it.

Even though Alexander came across as unkind and even brutal, I can't help but feel this was a believable reaction. So often I've heard of men (and sometimes women too) reacting to a sexual assault by getting angry at the victim, finding fault with them or avoiding the real subject by accusing them of bringing it on themselves. Alexander blaming Hephaestion for lying to him instead of comforting him, or making love to him rather uncaringly instead of helping him, seems a real reaction - so often the solution seems to be to push the victim into a normal routine again, including a normal sex life, as if this will make it better - which of course it won't. And Hephaestion's attempted denial was also painfully understandable. Not an easy fic to read because of the subject matter, but worth reading all the same. Glad you added in the extra chapters - it felt more complete this time, with more of a sense of progress being made!