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Nuingarien chapter 8 . 4/11
No, no, no! You didn't let Sophie explain! And Sophie, you gave a better explanation to Martha! Oh no! This is a disaster all around! At the kingdom, family, and personal levels! No...
BTW, now I have the anser why this is an M. I was wondering about that... Anyway, big oops there, Howl. I hope Sophie didn't get pregnangt... That won'd be a good catalyst for getting married.
I hope someone, even Prince Justin would do, would clear up the rumors. I hope Sophie gets to explain that she never spent time with the Prince with the thought of entering into a relationship with him. That it was merely, a way to pass time, she waqsn't entertaining his affection and certainly not his advances!
As for Howl, he's in for a rude awakening when he discovers his vivid dream was in fact fact. I liked how he thought that Sophie deserved to be made love to, and not taken on a field. I hope he still gets the chance to do that in the not too far future.
BTW, when Howl first sees Sophie you described his hair as dark. Later, when Sophie wishes him back into Ingary, his hair is light with dark roots showing. I bet Fiona would guess at what happened to Sophie. She did run out in her nightgown and didn't return right away...
Howl, you vowed to fight for Sophie, why didn't you at least hear out her story? You didn't give her a chance to explain anything! He was too quick in believing that she wanted the kiss. Her spending time with the Prince wasn't wrong, in fact wasn't Howl glad she was being entertained? She never said she kissed the Prince or even that she returned it, only that she admitted spending time with him. Howl, fight for her! There's also the Wales side to look into, oh botheration. LoL
Please update soon! I eagerly await the next chapter in this fic that's quickly snowballing... Hopefully the angst will be lifted soon and they can resume the courtship of Miss Sophie Hatter.
Nuingarien chapter 7 . 4/11
Whoa, this chapter was big! And I'm referring to all the bombs that were dropped. I'm glad you gave us some Howl POV since it's been Sophie's all this time. It's nice to know he's still very much in lvoe with her despite 'courting' Princess Beatrice. I hope that only meant charming her and not charming her to woo her type of 'courting.' It almost felt as if the Prince was bewitching Sophie when he kissed her! Howl sure has a lot of work to do before his name becomes 'untarnished.' Even the maids shudder at his name! Sophie should have insisted on a chaperone, poor girl. Despite her belief in the innocence of her visits with the Prince, she should have still considered propriety. Although, in her defense, she really did want to be comforted over Howl's absence and continued silence. I wonder if someone was making sure she didn't get his letters? At this point did she stop writing to him altogether? Sophie would have been better off visiting Michael and Calcifer to keep busy rather than with the Prince. Poor Sophie, it's like her against the world!
Nuingarien chapter 6 . 4/11
I wonder if Sophie just disappeared instantly from Megan's house or if she faded? So she became old then disappeared? That certainly would have made things worse for Megan. I hope Sophie learns to be more confident in herself juse as she used to as an old lady. Hopefully she learns to control her emotions so she doesn't grow old unsuspectingly when she's upset. I wonder if she left the ring in Wales or at Howl's castle? Prince Justin's explanation of Howl being drawn to Sophie makes sense, I hope Sophie's trust in Howl stays true, however, and I hope Howl is worthy of it. It would be terrible if Sophie clings to the hope of his fidelity only for her to find out it was grossly misplaced. Also, I hope for the time when Sophie can be absolutely assured and confident of Howl's love and faithfulness. It wouldn't do if they did get married but she always has her doubts. Nope, that won'd do at all!
Nuingarien chapter 5 . 4/11
Northanger Abbey! hehe Good point there. Sophie did believe the eldest child curse and all...
Hmm, I liked Sophie's thought process on Howl's being commited to her, his proposal, and how she wants to believe he's changed.
I wonder why the Prince hasn't been by to visit Sophie? Does he know she's engaged and therefore taken?
I don't remember Howl getting as far as proposing to the Witch of the Waste. Was that in the book or something you added? I can't remember. Reading this fic makes me want to read the book again! I read it last year and that's too long ago already,lol I did watch the movie more recently though. Both Howl and Sophie are much nicer in the film than the book though, bahahaha
Nuingarien chapter 4 . 4/11
Now that it's confirmed, I wonder if Sophie will feel awkward around her new stepsister knowing that Howl has a past with her. Will it make her feel jealous or just weird though? Hmmm... While Howl's proposal was romantic, I think he had loved Sophie way before the curse came off. I thought Sophie wanted to make sure that Howl really loved her? Was the proposal the proof she needed or did she just get swept away by the moment? This is more for the previous chapter, I was hoping Fanny would have mentioned something about the Prince being by to visit Sophie. I was hoping for something to make Howl jealous, lol
Nuingarien chapter 3 . 4/11
Uh oh, trouble on the horizon? I'm guessing Mr.s Johnson was a former flame? It makes me wonder if Howl slept with the ladies he wooed. I want to think he didn't since, thankfully, back in those days, respectable ladies waited for marriage. Since Howl flees as soon as his current flame returns his affections, I don't think it ever got that far. Anyway, I'd like to know what you think about that? I hope Sophie keeps Howl's flattery in line while at the same time learning to be more affectionate instead of being always tart and scolding.
Nuingarien chapter 2 . 4/11
I loved their confessions of love! Does Howl know about Prince Justin's interest? Sophie's stepmother noticed, I wonder if Howl or Calcifer did as well. I thought Howl wanting to die before Sophie was pretty adorable.
Nuingarien chapter 1 . 4/10
I like this already! It seems that Howl and Sophie aren't shy about declaring their feelings for each other.
Yours Sincerly chapter 8 . 3/20
YAY! You can't imagine my surprise and happiness to see that you have updated. Please, keep writing and I look forward to the next chapter.

Poor Sophie.
gigiluna11 chapter 8 . 3/20
I'm so glad you updated, that was a great chapter and I can't wait to see what happens. Keep up the great work.
Jaydlyn chapter 8 . 3/20
Okay so I was extremely excited to see I recovered an alert that you had written more to the story. But now that I have finished this chapter I want more! You can't just leave me with so much happening and not knowing what happens next!
gigiluna11 chapter 7 . 3/16
I hope you will finish this story one day it's really good
Samson and Delilah chapter 4 . 10/4/2013
I love how you contrast young and old Sophie's way of thinking at the beginning when she's thinking about Michael.

Talk about insenstive! Sophie didn't even LISTEN to Howl's proposal, nooooooooo, she just stared at the ring which beautiful, but come on, she's not the type to be materialistic, especially in a moment like that?! And why can't she trust Howl not to court anyone while he's away? he hasn't done anything to break her trust has he?
I can't believe Howl's leaving I hope it's not for too long, I feel like Sophie's going to end up in trouble somehow.
haha they don't even get to kiss after they get engaged? That's tragic.
Samson and Delilah chapter 3 . 10/4/2013
Hey there,
I like how you set it in Jane Austen's time, it really helps to put the story into context, you know, tradition-wise and stuff. Hehe I bet Mrs. Johnson is a former conquest. That's kind of awkward since Sophie and her are sisters and all but it can't be helped. I'm glad that Sophie and Howl still argue and that they're not overly lovey dovey.
Onto the next chapter!
Samson and Delilah chapter 2 . 10/4/2013
I don't know what Howl is talking about, his explanation of how he came to love Sophie is the most romantic thing I've read. I think growing love is much more romantic than slapdash love at first sight. hahaha i wonder if they'll ever have their first kiss. I love the dialogue between in this chapter, you've managed to capture the characters so well.

P.S. Team Howl! WOOT! Justin's got nothing on Howl :P
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