Reviews for A Walking Shadow
Drummer chapter 5 . 11/16
I am so confused but it's awesome at the same time
Jetsun1119 chapter 62 . 11/8
That was absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for writing this wonderful story- it was touching and beautiful.
MyLovelyHorse chapter 62 . 10/28

What a ride! A weird combination of disturbing and delightful!

From the savagely delicate affair between Severus and Hermione, to the hilarious interplay between Mrs. Black and Phineas Nigellus, you use few words where lesser writers might use hundreds, even thousands. The chaos of the story is beautifully expressed in the perfectly fragmented sentences, the order in the strong foundation of fascinating storytelling and brilliantly motivated characters.

Some of the things I loved best:
The love between Severus and Hermione; not at all graphic, but experienced almost in real-time, so very lovely.

And oh god, Snape's braid? I love it.

And the buttons, sigh, all the buttons.

I loved that the indignity of having to suffer through situations that propriety says would call for a silencing charm is probably what woke Mrs. Black up to the fact that interesting and awesome things were happening in her house. (Those portraits are all such voyeurs, I'm sure she secretly loved it.)

Quite possibly my favorite part of all was Dumbledore's memory of finding Minerva by the frozen lake after her family had been killed. Evocatively beautiful.

So very well done. Thank you.
oa chapter 1 . 9/6
this was one of the first fanfics i've ever read, and it remains a favorite. thank you!
NYCUtopia chapter 62 . 8/9
Admirable mastery of "the right darkness"! Kudos.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/30
So we're supposed to all hail Snape for whipping Draco? Lovely.
mshccs chapter 62 . 7/21
Great story! Hope you continue writing SSHG fics! :)
thechit chapter 2 . 6/27
Did they have an affair? He's treating her like an ex lover or something.
Draca chapter 62 . 6/24
I know it has been a long time, and oerhaps you don't even want to be bothered by my review, but I had to say how much I loved your story. Your writing style is gorgeous, it makes everything so much more intense... I love the storyline too, of course, but anything wiuld be briliant in that writing style. Just thought you should know...
Cause-and-Author chapter 62 . 5/18
Brilliant, beautiful, poignant and perfect. I could just go on an on and ON, but honestly, that'd get boring very quickly.

Instead, let me say that reading this delightful story occupied an entirely pleasant 24 hours, and I'm both satisfied at what I've read and saddened that it's over. You've achieved something magnificent here, and I can only say "thank you for sharing this."

Cheers, and a final round of thanks and compliments.
elena chapter 62 . 5/2
I am an emotional wreck. I've read AWS before but had forgotten the title, found it again and as soon as I started reading it I knew. I knew that this was that fic that I had read and loved before. Honestly, each character is so wonderfully developed and even though noone dies it still seems realistic. I can't praise it enough. I love that from the beginning Hermione is his equal she doesn't constantly live in fear of him nor is she constantly unafraid it's a beautiful give and take.
And Tayet! Such a gorgeous dumpling. I love that Harry's immaturity is discusses and developed and that Ron is not left to one side but he's loved too.

It's just an absolutely fabulous piece. Minerva 3 and that moment she gouges the table dear lord the emotion.

Just an absolutely fabulous work, emotionally intricate and stunning.
Guest chapter 42 . 4/30
The moral of this story is that Severus runs around betraying people he supposedly cares about or who have been entrusted to his "care" and keeps getting away with it. I see.
Guest chapter 39 . 4/30
Too much unnecessary transcendental reflection and deflection, not to mention the overabundance of navel gazing.
Guest chapter 5 . 4/29
I'm still stuck on Severus whipping Draco for not being a killer.
Scarlet Azalea chapter 62 . 3/24
This is the third time I am reading this and as ever, I am stunned by the way you wield the language. Unusual, interesting, and skilled. You have a beautiful, deft hand and a most interesting mind. Thank you.
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