Reviews for Neutral Ground
FaerieKnight197 chapter 6 . 2/28/2012
Quite the amusing little story here. And I loved the poetic justice that Akane received. She tends to over-estimate her own skill. So having Ranma actually take her seriously (thinking she's Ryoga of course) would a real eye opener.
Ranmaleopard chapter 6 . 9/27/2011
this is really good! please continue!
Lord Sia chapter 6 . 5/9/2010
Youza crazy izza! Meza gonna go getza drunk, meza izza!
mikebreslau chapter 6 . 8/20/2009

Particularly liked the ending.

Rose1948 chapter 6 . 5/25/2007
*chuckles* Good one! Lots of laughs! I enjoyed it lots!
Hiryo chapter 6 . 12/10/2006
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brindani chapter 6 . 12/8/2006
I'm surprised that with a catgirl contentiously snuggling up to Ranma that he didn't go cat once. This really was good. It's a shame that we haven't seen you write in nearly three years now.

dogbertcarroll chapter 6 . 3/29/2003
I'm sorry to see it end. It was just getting good.
dogbertcarroll chapter 5 . 3/29/2003
Don't tell me you are bringing video game characters into it. I hate those.
dogbertcarroll chapter 4 . 3/29/2003
I love it.
dogbertcarroll chapter 3 . 3/29/2003
I love it! Getting rid of the hyper violent Akane is a good idea. Hopefully she will calm down once her brain chemistry returns to normal.
dogbertcarroll chapter 1 . 3/29/2003
Nabiki can be catty so its a perfect fit. This looks interesting. Nice clear writing style as well.
Booksavvey chapter 6 . 6/1/2001
I like this story. It puts an entirely different spin on things. It is very interesting.
Logan J. Goodhue chapter 1 . 5/30/2001

I've read this through a couple of times, and it set me to thinking...

Wouldn't the story be better if you limited crossovers to other Takahashi series?

The underlying concept is so taut, and compelling, I want to read more:

Then the Sailor Scouts/Senshi, et al. show up. What was a good fic descends into utter chaos.

Dissapointed, but, hey, it's your fic after all!
Dane chapter 6 . 5/23/2001
I like it! A very humorous story indeed. I hope that you can write a few side stories to add some meat to the bones, as it were. I can even see a sequel series of sorts, albiet a short one. Scene: mid-afternoon inside Ucchan's. Ranma to Ralf: "I wish those Sailor Senshi would go back home to Juuban and get on with fighting the REAL youma. I've personally had to go there and fry, fricasee, or zap fifteen of the censored things in the past four months!" (Collective gasp from one of the nearby booths).
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