Reviews for A Weasley Tradition
Juliette Potter-Black chapter 10 . 3/20/2013
Okay first of all UPDATE and second Harry willingly to stay with the Dursley's?! Ron really has screw things up, at this rate Harry is going to kill himself
Juliette Potter-Black chapter 9 . 3/20/2013
Poor harry, that was so sad (and really what wa ron thinking sleeping with him when he was emotional unastable?!) great story so far
weasel.bee.7 chapter 10 . 9/25/2012 have to continue! :)
weasel.bee.7 chapter 6 . 9/25/2012 excited- what will Malfoy look like?
I think he'll look georgous...otherwise I don't want to read further XD
darkmoonlady chapter 10 . 9/16/2012
Nice fic
Friendly darkmoonlady
xSterekHalinski chapter 10 . 2/4/2012
Would you please write the next part? :3 I really like this story
fan-freak121 chapter 10 . 10/4/2011
Continue please. Its been quite a few years I know and I hope all is well. I hope you one day will continue this story. Please?
avengingcoulson chapter 10 . 5/19/2011
love it but its been a few years are you still planning to cont

fan-freak121 chapter 10 . 9/3/2010
This is a very good story.I can't wait till the next chapter of the story it is very well done I can't wait for more.
InkTrailz chapter 10 . 8/7/2010
Oh my effin' googdness! I LOVE this story! I love Malfoy!... Although, he better not get rhaped... I'm serious about that- I hate graphics.. You should continue. :3 It's great- I'll be waiting! .o
fan-freak121 chapter 1 . 6/10/2010
finsh A weasley tradition you left it at a good part.
fan-freak121 chapter 1 . 6/10/2010
Finish it I want to see how it ends. You stopped at the good part continue on!
sammythehedghog chapter 10 . 4/30/2010
this story is awsome, but sad, and i really want to know what happens, or find out that i'll just have to make uo an ending for myself. it's been a few years, do you even remember this story? alot of people like it, and not many people get this many reviews, you should be happy. but, anyway, if your not going to continue, could you at lest update this to tell us that? please and thank you.
Tony-In-Distress chapter 10 . 3/6/2010
updation neded or I WILL DIE! PPLEASE!
neko-jin72 chapter 10 . 7/6/2009
good start to the story so far. i love the fact that you made draco shorter, is he still 16 though? i don't think you ever specified if he was or not. if you're stuck on where to continue, you could always try to get draco and ron's 'connection' started, if you know what i mean. not in the slashy sense (yet :} lol.) but i mean with their slave/master bond.

you could always have draco get that sickness that was going around at the auction, then ron would have to help him in the muggle way, since he doesn't know many healing spells. or ron could get in trouble and 'try' to be nice and show that there is more to him that what was seen at school. please update again soon, i really want to see what happens!
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