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Guest chapter 36 . 5/2
To eliza, your comment is kind of rude, which you've hopefully realized, and has quite a by of bias on it. Saying that 'the only way for Draco to be better is by realizing his past mistakes etc is unrealistic because there is always more than one way to do something. What you're saying is purely your opinion. Saying that Hermione also 'doesn't deserve Draco' is again, bias. Of course he's a bigoted jerk, but that doesn't mean he's undeserving. He's pretty much been grown that way and showing him as misunderstood is just how the author chose to put his unwillingness to kill and its also better to the plotline than a pure jerk. The author has their own writing style and wishes, so let the author do it that way. This book is at the top of the HP FMA Crossover section for a reason, a lot of people like their style. If you don't like it, then sorry but I doubt they'd change everything they are for a single person.
eliza chapter 41 . 4/28
interesting idea, okay execution at first that just went downhill. other reviewers have pointed it out probably, but there's too much OOCness at the side of the FMA characters (I do not care nearly enough about the HP enough to tell), and the pairings were just... bad. Hermione and other girls were constantly treated as objects that you can 'steal' or 'claim' or just look at or be silly 'fan club' members, and the mentions of 'fangirls' in your A/Ns is just atrocious. I can't believe another woman would hate womanhood this much, I usually expect this treatment from sexist tv shows, not fanfics. Draco is shown as misunderstood when he's a classist, racist, bigoted freak who deserves so much more harm, not some innocent bystander dragged into this (and he and his family definitely had way more options than others did, and yet those others stood prouder). DxH is an extremely unhealthy pair and Hermione (well, anyone, really) deserves better than him, she's not there to 'make him better' and he couldn't 'use someone like her in his life'. HE is obligated to make HIS OWN life better by realising his past errors and working to fix them, and that's the only way. I was willing to overlook the heterosexuals in favour of a promising plot and characterisation, and yet I was severely disappointed. I was also hoping you, as an author, would've grown in the years this story took to write, and yet the latest chapters aren't any better than the first ones, nor is the ao3 version. Wishing you the best.
Arwen Evenstar 241 chapter 42 . 2/14
It would be appreciated if you post the updates here too. I gotta know what happens next!
HamoHero chapter 42 . 1/14
I'm a dumb idiot because I didn't read the entire summary and tore through 41 chapters of this without realizing that you were reposting this :))))) well you bet you gonna see this dumb ass over on ao3
Mental Incapacity And Unhinged chapter 40 . 12/9/2016
Greyback feels kind of rapey.
Mental Incapacity And Unhinged chapter 39 . 12/9/2016
I got shivers I was so excited. I Fucking love mustang. Yay.
Mental Incapacity And Unhinged chapter 31 . 12/6/2016
I was hoping you wouldn't do the sectum sempra scene. but you did. I should have known. I assumed you would stop harry or something. Idk. Whatevs I really love love love love this story.
Mental Incapacity And Unhinged chapter 31 . 12/6/2016
I like to imagine that but with ed and Katie like the scene where sour cream met Stevonnie.
Mental Incapacity And Unhinged chapter 25 . 12/4/2016
Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson were betrothed but never got together because J.K. Rowling said. her and Draco both hated pansy.
Guest chapter 42 . 11/30/2016
TT I was super excited to read the last chapter... what a let down
Moonshadowcuteness1 chapter 42 . 11/4/2016
Funny how you say that and now two month later your only up to chapter 5 on AO3 . But I'm patient I've waited 2 years befor one of my stories can get updated i can wait for the next chapter 43 it's going to be juicy!
Moonshadowcuteness1 chapter 18 . 11/3/2016
Sooooo romantic and sad it makes cry...
Nalanaya chapter 1 . 10/18/2016
And now I realize I wrote 4 twice. Goddamit. This is what I get for not re-reading things.
Nalanaya chapter 37 . 10/18/2016
This is a review for my reading thus far:
I cannot say that the story was bad, or disappointing because it was not. In fact, unlike a great many stories on this site, there was was consistent and correct grammar and spelling. Unfortunately, what I dislike about it has more to do with the logic and characterization present. Going from smallest to largest, this is the list of things I take issue with:
1) Story classification. This is not a mystery. Not really. There is no suspense over what Malfoy is plotting or questions about his motives. What there is, is a whole lotta drama and romance. Please get it right.

2) Draco and Hermione. While I won't bash Draco and call him evil incarnate, he is not a nice person. Prior to the 6th year and his exposure to actual death eaters in fact, I'd call him a racist, bigoted prick with a large dallop of arrogance. Getting his world view shattered and humbled would definitely rock that, maybe even to the point where he'd be attracted to Hermione (cause emotions are weird like that), but not before as you seem to think, certainly not years before when he's still thoroughly indoctrinated. For the most part this is a minor complaint though as alterations like this are par for the course with fanfic romances.

3) Al and Ginny. Now I won't say this couldn't happen, Al does like small cute things after-all, but your a bit self-contradictory here. You start with Al being immediately smitten with Ginny's appearance, and then later say that due to his lack of puberty and horomones, his attraction must be deep and intellectual. That does not fit, and I don't really think Al interacted with Ginny enough to get that far anyway. More to the point, why is Al interested in romance? The fight with Winry was more because she was their best friend, but he got transformed before he even went through puberty. Why would he be interested in girls in that way at all?

4) Ed OOC. Ed is a little too meek to Draco. When Draco blows up about how his life is so miserable and he should have died Ed just stands there and takes it, only token protest about Narcissa. That is not Ed. Ed would have yelled and smacked him over the head before saying something inspiring and leaving. Because as much 'woe is me' as Draco is doing and Ed is accepting, they really are not the same. Ed has been in, and still is in a worse position. The same goes for when Draco orders him around. Sometime you have Ed only barely putting up with it (in character), others you have him acting like they are buddies (which I just don't see happening). Finally, Ed's a bit too squeamish. While I can see the splinching thing striking a bit too close to home, Ed is an experienced member of the military who has taken down terrorists, religious fanatics, criminals, serial killers, etc. and even fought Homunculi. I do not think most of the other stuff (Draco's memories of torture and murder, etc) would provoke nearly as much of a reaction as it did.

5) Ed helping DxH. This only really came up recently, but now that both Draco and Hermione know about each other, Ed is trying to set them up. Why exactly? While I'm glad you didn't stick with the love triangle, why should Ed care about Hermione's love-life? Friends they might be, he does not do the same for anyone in Amestris. In fact, he seems to prefer the tough-love approach like Izumi, which I would think would make him randomly attack Hermione in order to get her mind of things and improve situational awareness. Why he even care about Draco I've got no clue. Despite what you say, I can't really see them as similar. Ed was much younger when he shouldered his responsibilities, and they were just that. Responsible. Being a human-weapon for the government is very different than a Death Eater. The DE's join to satisfy sadistic urges and bigoted ego's. They torture and kill others and each other with equal glee and are slaves to old Voldy. And Draco walked right in the door. They are not the same.

4) And this is what bugs me most; Ed not doing his damn job. Specifically, at Ch 30, when he saw Draco's memory and has positive confirmation on his relationship with Voldy. This is literally his entire mission. And he reports it to no one. Later, when Draco breaks down in the bathroom, both he and Harry hear his effective confession and Voldy's (becuase 'he' is really obvious) threats on his life. But while they have their little spat, afterward Harry is still only paranoid and suspicious while Draco appears to have accepted Ed knowing and vice-versa without questioning Ed following him around before (I mean, WTF, is not Ed knowing kind of a big deal? And yet Draco feels fine pouring his angsty little heart out over how Ed can't understand him and how Voldy is going to kill him.) And Ed STILL does not report him. Finally, after Draco's botched initiation Draco seems to fail to recognize him, but Hermione does? And neither really care?! Honestly its quite difficult to tell who know what. But what gets me, is the Ed still has not BLOODY REPORTED TO BLOODY DUMBLEDOR OR MUSTANG. Its his entire goddamn mission and he isn't doing it. He isn't even trying to apprehend Draco anyway. Despite Hermione's angsty tears about how not even Malfoy deserves to get revealed, he really does. Like it or not, he is a danger to others having already nearly killed two students and still attempting an assassination of Dumbledor. Not taking him in is extremely irresponsible. Hell, it'd even be better for Malfoy. Getting caught removes his 'duties' to Voldy, and lets Mustang secure Narcissa (the real reason I'm betting he's with her) to prevent retaliation. Finally, while its not as big, Ed let's a victim of torture and attempted homicide wander off without medical care because reasons (i.e. dumb teenager drama). Ed is in the military. YOU DO NOT LET CIVVIES DO THAT IN THE MILITARY. Besides the injuries from torture, Hermione needs counseling as Ed should very well know, and would drag her kicking and screaming to the medical wing.

All in all this in not a bad story. I enjoyed the other Slytherins, and Mustang's antics in particular. Ed was mostly in character until the romance, and I liked his shenanigans as well. However the romance and logical inconsistencies have been coming too much for my taste and I'm going to leave before I get too bitter and write a real rant (one with nought but fire an brimstone, not even the flimsy excuse of constructive criticism).
A weardoooo chapter 20 . 10/17/2016
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