Reviews for Dragon Days
GreyKing chapter 3 . 3/31/2006
It was almost like reading Anne McCaffrey, you write very well, and the charaterisation is great, as is the storyline. Please write more.
Lerys chapter 3 . 3/30/2006
I disagree that the story is too long and meandering, i think the style is quite right and inkeeping with the dragon books, and whilst I am impatient to find out what is going to happen, i think much fanfic is ruined by being over too quickly. Very enjoyable read, keep up the good work!
Gin's Comettail chapter 3 . 3/30/2006
Intriguing. I don't usually read Dragonriders fanfiction but I like the idea behind this story and you write well :-)
AvocadoLove chapter 3 . 3/29/2006
Ohh man, this is one fanfiction that I have really loved reading. Good job on it so far! I love the dialoge and the foreshadowing. I only wish that the plot would move along a little faster, but I think that's my impatience getting in the way. Gosh, there's just not that I can say that you need to improve, other than you need to hurry up and post the next chapter. :)
Notomys chapter 2 . 3/26/2006
This is a very interesting idea-and fortunately it seems as if you have the talent with characterization and plot placing to pull it off. Keep up the good work!
lilybee chapter 2 . 3/23/2006
Oh, I likee. Must have been an interesting time, that whole transition from monogomy to the less rigid moralistic view of wery life. I love this transition stuff, one of my favorites is the Aivas times, technology verses Pern. I await the next instalment with bated breath.
enterprisealien chapter 2 . 3/22/2006
I really like the story so far, and would like to read more. please continue it!
Lerys chapter 1 . 3/22/2006
Thus far this has been very good, it is very descriptive which i like, and the storyline, whilst perhaps a little predictable is very enjoyable.
Eminempern chapter 1 . 3/21/2006
This story was good. I like it, liked the idea, and it was well written.

However, I'd always been under the impression that Faranth was the first queen to mate. I see the logic, with Porth being the first to Hatch, but...

Keep writing! I know what'll happen (I think), but write it anyway!
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