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RCGIRL chapter 3 . 5/14/2016
Poor poor Remus. Living as a child with such pain and angst and people with prejudice. Dumbledore must have seemed like an angel of mercy to him -offering him a solution and unconditional acceptance. As much as I dislike how Dumbledore treated and used Harry, his actions with Remus, here at age 11 and through his student life, are commendable.
RCGIRL chapter 2 . 5/14/2016
The fact that Sirius turned out as week as he did is amazing considering his parenting and the beliefs pushed on him. I like that despite his prejudice he is intregued. This line is just so brilliantHe didn't know why he was saving this picture in particular but right then, it had seemed important, like the boy was a vital part of his life".
RCGIRL chapter 1 . 5/14/2016
OMG! I did not expect to cry on the very first chapter. This was brutal to many authors write Lupins patents as cold and distant -and they might really have been years on. But they weren't at the time he was bitten. They were devastated and blamed themselves and you totally brought that to light in this chapter. And the prejudice of the wizarding community -that they would give him a potion that would euthanase him -absolutely heart breaking. Your writing is amazing and heart rending. #WandloreGroupRead
Guest chapter 48 . 5/5/2016
I've read a lot of Sirius/Remus fanfiction but after reading this nothing else measures up. I find myself coming back to this over and over, because it just seems so accurate. It's one of those fan fictions where I forgot it wasn't actually in the books. I love their relationship and how it progresses. It's just amazing. I love it. This is my most favorite fanfic of all time and I think it'll stay in that position for a long time.
Darkness.of.the.Day chapter 48 . 5/2/2016
I first started reading this back in 2009, then life got in the way and I sort of fell out of love with fan fiction. I wasn't going to review as I've lately been a silent lurker, and I'm not sure what made me come back just to finish this story, but I finished it a few days ago and couldn't stop thinking about it.. It's so well written, it's utterly heartbreaking, and I wish things could have stayed how they did in Hogwarts but I liked how even though everything changed, including them, at the end of the day they still loved each other. Beautiful writing.
Guest chapter 48 . 1/26/2016
I've refrained from reviewing again until reaching the end because I realized my inane little rambling comments managed to take up nearly an entire page, whoops [I apologize and reiterate that I hope still getting reviews on this fic doesn't bug you, lol]. Now I'm just sitting here in a post-Momentum funk trying to remember the thoughts that stuck out throughout the last nine chapters.

I really liked/was impressed with your Dumbledore, particularly his one-on-one scenes with Remus. He felt very in character, I'd say more so than in most fics I've read. It's been said before, but in general it's terribly impressive how your characterization simultaneously feels accurate to the books, but still very much your own.

The Azkaban part and the description of Peter was so incredibly sick and haunting and amazing, and reading it from Sirius' point of view was perfect because we can imagine what it would have felt like for him those twelve years. It's an incredibly depressing thought.

James asking Remus why he didn't call him Prongs anymore and him replying "we grew up", fucking OUCH, man. I felt quite bad for James and Lily, having their last months alive spent trying to deal with their insanely screwed up best friends, and also because in this fic they only knew about the prophecy for a single day before they were murdered, it was just so abrupt for them. I do completely agree that their deaths were necessary to reconcile Remus and Sirius, though.

There are probably a thousand other things I could say, but again, the rambling. Although I would LOVE to see how you would handle the canon of their later years, for this story the decision to make it an AU seemed like a good one, especially since it's Raising Harry, the AU nearest and dearest to my heart and just so how it SHOULD have been, sob. This is one of those stories that's hard to move on from and leave the characters behind, which is always a very good sign. I'm just so glad I discovered it after it was already complete.
Guest chapter 39 . 1/23/2016
I've literally been simultaneously dreading reaching this point of ABJECT AGONY where I seriously just cry off and on for a good ten chapters, and looking forward to it because it is the most emotionally affecting part of the story and let's be real, being kind of a slut for masochism is a requirement for loving this pairing as much as I do.
That whole sentence felt weird.

Anyway, I remember the first time I read this fic I was seriously unprepared for the level of misery felt in this chapter, because even though there were little things building and of course I knew the canon angst of the time period, it is really such a stark contrast to the last chapter. Still, even knowing what was coming, it was devastating this time around, as well, especially when Remus broke down in his mother's lap. I think the biggest compliment I could give to your writing is your ability to make the reader so emotionally in tune with the characters. I can FEEL their pain, even though it is so, so hard for me to forgive Sirius for all this shit.

"It made him angry that he was always the one who had to control himself and watch his words, while Sirius didn't simply because it was accepted as part of his nature." Fucking THAT. I can't even tell you how much I love that line. It's so perfect.

I will say that I feel like Sirius' relationship with both Peter and Regulus should have been a little more fleshed out to make it more believable that he would even put stock in Peter's words or unhinge so completely at his brother's death. And I can't believe Sirius even contemplated the idea of killing Remus [or letting him bleed to death] based on an incorrect, rather far-fetched hunch that Remus killed his brother. That is terrifying. He has really gone off the rails mentally.
Guest chapter 35 . 1/22/2016
Elf is one of the only OCs I've ever full on enjoyed in my entire history of reading fanfiction. [I know he was originally named after an actual character in Harry Potter, but he essentially is an OC in this story.] Seriously, I almost never give a shit about OCs. If you can make me care about your own made up characters, that tells me that you should/could be a published author. I have no idea if that's something you'd want or anything, but I think you honestly are good enough to write for a living.

"Sure, Padfoot, but the two of you can go alone. I'd rather die than watch that shit again." I burst out laughing at Remus' bluntness. I feel like your sense of humor in writing really developed throughout this story. There are a lot of amusing parts, but one that especially always stands out to me is Sirius burning their apartment down. xD And I like how even though this fic is legitimately very funny, it doesn't cross the line into straight up crack fic; the humor is balanced correctly.
Guest chapter 34 . 1/22/2016
Wow, this chapter was really all over the place emotionally - angst, humor, more angst [domestic violence much?], sex, more humor. And somehow it all flowed together seamlessly.
Guest chapter 33 . 1/22/2016
Ah, this chapter. Beautiful. One of my favorites. In a story like this, and for this pairing in general, the fluff is an absolute necessity. Gotta balance out all that angst.

Not to be THAT person, but Tonks is Sirius' second cousin, not his niece. Thank's bad enough that she's in his family at all, but Remus marrying her would somehow be even creepier to me if she was his niece [and it's already pretty damn creepy; based on how old Remus is supposed to be in this chapter, she would actually be around age five rather than ten]. I am now actively refraining from going into a long spiel pinpointing the many, many ways I find Remus/Tonks to be utterly bollocks as a pairing, and will instead just say that I will forever be grateful that JKR didn't have that debacle of a relationship start until AFTER Sirius' death...Not to mention forever amused that Remus, canonically, didn't actually want to be with her. I did like her cameo in this chapter, though, and the way that was done.
Guest chapter 31 . 1/22/2016
I find it odd that it would come as such a revelation to Sirius that he loved Remus. I mean, what did he think his relationship with him was? Why did he think he was so desperate to be with him in the first place? Silly, silly kid. I suppose it can be attributed to his upbringing really doing a number on his perception of emotional ties. I always laugh at Lily's "You have broken the barrier of idiocy and gone to just plain stupidity" line. Actually, on that note, there's something about your Lily that I swear is so uniquely stand out and just better than any other Lily I've read.

Both boys are being idiots right now, really...though I have to admit that Remus ditching does make sense on multiple levels, much as I hate to, because I truly despise drawing parallels between his relationship with Sirius and his relationship with Tonks. [In my head, they are very, very different matters.] But, I could see Remus misguidedly pulling a martyr move like that, and I could also see it being significant enough to cause Sirius to distrust him later.

Also: It is so sad reading parts with Peter and knowing that he is already fucking them over by this point. Some fics leave it kind of ambiguous as to when Peter joined the Death Eaters during the First War, and since this one didn't, all of his interactions with them from this point on are just a stab in the heart.
Guest chapter 28 . 1/21/2016
Strangely, I think this is actually one of my favorite chapters. The hospital scene is so affecting; I felt as desperate and panicked as James did when they refused to treat Remus. It made my eyes water. Reading this story again, it's rad how I can really tell that you improved a lot as an author throughout the writing of this fic.
Guest chapter 26 . 1/20/2016
This is one of the parts I remember most when I think of this story.
Things that are adorable in this chapter:

Remus' panic when his parents come over.
"Only thing was that Remus' trousers had his mother's expert stitching across the knee where he'd ripped them on purpose after a very influencing song video."
Sirius...pretty much in general.
Guest chapter 21 . 1/19/2016
Hmm. I really do feel like Sirius was let off the hook far too easily here, but that's kind of just a personal preference; some people treat the prank as an event that Remus isn't even much affected by, which to me is totally insane. Still, canonically, it does seem that Remus will eventually forgive Sirius for literally anything [how are they not a canon pairing, again?].

Also: "You forgive him now, and he's going to do it again and again until finally, he has you broken and at his feet." Wahhhhhh foreshadowing.
Guest chapter 18 . 1/19/2016
Damn, this chapter was just heartbreaking from start to finish. Even the conversation between Sirius and James, because I know all the [totally canon compliant] angst to come. [The one shining beacon of this chapter is once again James being a super boss friend and looking out for Remus, that warms my heart.]

And oh, poor Remus, I just wanted to hug him. I have like zero tolerance for homophobia, so it's always a particularly painful thing for me to read. Even his mother's misguided "it's probably a phase" line kills me. It makes me glad I never had the "I'm not straight" talk with my parents, but that's just because we aren't particularly close. It must have been an even more difficult conversation to have in the seventies.
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