Reviews for Glowing Rime
Poodie chapter 30 . 2/21
And that in itself is a beautiful way to end an awesome little series!
Poodie chapter 29 . 2/21
Yes Zuko, that will surely work XD
Poodie chapter 28 . 2/21
Katara is innocent but Zuko is not XD
Poodie chapter 27 . 2/21
this one was intense and super cool in more ways than one! it was bitter but awesome because that combination is gold to me XD
Poodie chapter 26 . 2/21
this is also on my fav chapter list XD this was amazingly great fun and awesome! i realllllllllly like this one!
Poodie chapter 25 . 2/21
this one was full of humor fluff and utter Zuatara beginingness XD ah i love it!
Poodie chapter 24 . 2/21
this is more of Zuko towards Iroh which a love and respect :) it also made me tear up a little
Poodie chapter 23 . 2/21
haha that seems so like them XD
Poodie chapter 22 . 2/21
okay never mind XD this one is my new fav XD so much fluff and realism XD i loooove it
Poodie chapter 21 . 2/21
OHHHHHHHH How is it that Zuko the FIREBENDER gets burned? low blow my follow XD
Poodie chapter 20 . 2/21
oh Zuko.. youre doing it all wrong XD
Poodie chapter 19 . 2/21
hmmmmm i alays feel sorry for Zuko when someone mentions his family issues!
Poodie chapter 18 . 2/21
these are some very funny scenes!
Poodie chapter 17 . 2/21
Iroh a pimp master… I CAN SEE THAT HAPPENING!
Poodie chapter 16 . 2/21
ohhhhh intense XD
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