Reviews for Browncoat, Green Eyes
Figments of Delusion chapter 39 . 3/28
Do you have any idea how this was sheer perfection! It was...flawless! *bursts into tears*
Guest chapter 39 . 3/27
Excellent story (and I never saw Firefly)!
arthurdent chapter 39 . 3/27
I've read about eight fanfics ever, so I'm not an expert, but they were all recommended to me and they were all very good or excellent. Most were at least as good as the hundreds of 'professionally authored' books I've read except sometimes with less accurate proofreading. This one was easily the best of them all.

It captured the wit and humour of Firefly and Serenity and the combination of weird and normal that is the Harry Potter series. Perfectly.

My congratulations to the author. You obviously have the potential to make a 'best-seller', if you haven't already.
I'll certainly go looking for your other works.

To anyone reading reviews to see if this fic is interesting and worth your time - definitely yes. If you haven't seen the Firefly series then the Serenity movie, then do that first. If you haven't read at least a couple of the Harry Potter series of books then do that first too. They're both worthwhile anyway. Then come straight back here and read this fic. It's better than excellent, it's brilliant.
Dirt Rider 712 chapter 39 . 3/25
Excellent story! This crossover works really well and leaves me wanting more. Any chance you have plans for any future HP/Firefly stories? I'm going to be following you just in case.

It's nice to find a fanfic so well written, that manages to keep the reader engaged through three hundred thousand words. There are a lot out there that start to wander after a while and seem to lose steam... and subsequently readers. You've got a lot of detail and good ideas that kept me interested throughout.

The characters were excellent as well. The characters that everyone knows from these two universes were well portrayed and believably true to their personalities. The OCs felt like they had some real depth to them. They really made the story feel full.

Thank you for writing this! I'm sad to be finished with it, but at the same time that's a good thing because it lets me know I really enjoyed it.

Dirt Rider
Sherwood374 chapter 39 . 3/20
Ahhhh...Seventh time reading this...Awesome every time...think I'm gonna go back to the beginning now. Ttyl!
C.M.Alm chapter 1 . 3/14
hmmm definitely an interesting start to the story
Prince Chrom chapter 1 . 2/26
Was that girl a Luna Lovegood relative?
G Leon chapter 39 . 2/10
love it
Skyray chapter 39 . 2/9
Greatly enjoyed the journey for answers - what happened to Earth was particularly awesome :D
Guest chapter 34 . 2/9
those space fight are always confusing me, particularly since it's a 3d space and I'm having trouble imagining any sort of blockade "around" anything lol also, movie keep showing those things as some sort of circular ring around the planet, which for mysterious reasons is approached from a 2d plane :p
Skyray chapter 33 . 2/9
Arg, too lazy to continue reading since the mystery of the missing wizards was solved!
Well, did stick through the routine until we got the next plot point to Miranda, but lazyness survived too... mmm gota skim through these last chapters lol NEED to find out how this ends!
Guest chapter 25 . 2/8
Awesome :D

But I would be more concerned about magic being lost for all of those born away from Earth!
Still, maybe they just need to snag some from a new planet - can test it with goblins.
Guest chapter 20 . 2/8
I hope we get answers about the disappearance of the magical people! :D
An exciting chase!
Mynameis1212 chapter 39 . 2/3
3 fucking day, with around 100k words a day, I think my eyes may have bled a little between splitting my time doing what u do. What a wonderful story, already know I'm going to look back in this story with fondness. Again, what a fantastic story and I hope what ever you are doing 10 years later is what you want to do.
bleubirdsong chapter 39 . 1/25
This was a beautiful creation. If this was a book, I would by it. You portrayed everyone so well, and your plot was absolutely fantastic. My only regret is that we never really understand what happened to Harry's arm. I feel like there's potential for at least a short story there. Wonderful inter-character relations, and my god, the creativity!
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