Reviews for Old Demons
Kayhera chapter 1 . 3/23/2006
Well, it was a rather short, vague first chapter...but was an interesting introduction. I really don't have much to say until I get more so I'll remain quiet until next time!

Is looking forward to Chapter Two...
Evide chapter 1 . 3/23/2006
yay! another Kouichi fic! these are hard to come by now, and i am so glad it is a nice angsty dark fic, considering that I can only write romance. I like angst, but i just havent been doing any lately...

ok, rambling. I definitly recognized the beggining from the episodes (being a fanatic) so, it is nicely described and i can acctually understand it... like know what it is... ok. you might want to be a smiggen more detailed... hopefully the chapters Will get longer like you said. I dunno, there was just something missing. Like, there wasnt a real point and yet, it was...

well, ill just say it wasnt the best prologue... i dunno what could make it better, but thats just me. But i do like it, hope you continue soon!

ANGST! ~Evide
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