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celestial power chapter 1 . 8/15/2017
The best and the most accurate parody for the nonsensical plot overuse in the sesskag fanfictions. Brilliant writing and the sarcasm was spot on. U practically summed all the annoying and surprising 'what the hell just happened' parts of the fics. Great work. Keep writing.
Cartwheellou chapter 1 . 10/13/2016
Holy crap I completely empathize with you. I come on here, looking to read some good InuKag, and the first page is full of SessKag crap and all I can think is WHERE DID THIS PAIRING COME FROM?! Your story is now engraved into my SOUL. I didn't even bother reading any SessKag stories, and I'm glad someone shares my opinion on them! Also, your story was hilarious!
Kaggybearr chapter 1 . 8/20/2016
katiewinchester87 chapter 1 . 8/4/2016
I was uncontrollably giggling throughout this entire story... Nice!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/19/2016
I think this is spot on. Although most of those stories were written by great authors, I admit this captured the gist of the whole concept on most of these Sess/Kag fics.

Honestly I don't have particular ships that I "patronize" or something, I normally go for the official pairings that are already laid out through the entire series. I like Inu/Kag and Mir/San and Inu/Kik, though I don't mind Kou/Kag, Nar/Kag, Mir/Kag, Inu/San, or whatever pairings that are "in essence, possible." What I don't like or appreciate is the attitude of all those shippers towards one another. Since this is an anti-Sess/Kag fic, I suppose I'll just rant about the pairing. I really don't like it when some fans of the crack pairing act or talk as if they own the world (or basically just the fandom itself). Sess/Kag fans have more than enough people to rival even that of the canon Inu/Kag. But truthfully speaking Sess/Kag is basically crack. It holds no fact or basis in the series, be it manga or anime. But the way some fans behave, you'd think that they have every right to bash other pairings because their ship is oh-so-popular to a lot of Inuyasha fans. And because of that they're ready to bash any other ships in the author's notes of their very own stories or in their profile page. Bashing ships like Inu/Kag, Kou/Kag, Sess/Kagu, or Sess/Rin just because they think these ships are cliche, lame, incestuous and just wrong typically means that they're disrespectful to the whole fandom in general and only accepts whatever it is that suits their preferences. And honestly this kind of behavior is breaking a very important rule in shipping and fandoms, that is, freedom of expression. The freedom to choose what we want to ship and the acceptance that not all share your views and opinions. That's why there are fan wars. Actually, there's really nothing wrong with shipping your preferred couple provided you let others ship their own.

If some Sess/Kag fans read this and feel offended, know that it's not my intention to bad-mouth you. I'm only reacting to what I read on other people's stories and profiles. I read fanfics of a lot of ships, Sess/Kag included. But more than the story, I'm very particular, or should I say sensitive to the attitude of the author itself. If I found any character/couple bashing in the story, I close it down and proceed to the next story. If there's one thing I hate about loving an anime, it's fans hating each other for their ships.
Moonlight-Sakuras chapter 1 . 1/18/2016
Haha! Totally makes sense! And since I read Sess/Kag a lot of this stuff really does happen so I can see your point. HOWEVER not all are like this, some of them actually have some development as to why Sesshomaru suddenly started liking Kagome and a reasonable explanation as well. BUT most of them ARE like that but NOT all.
jarjayes chapter 1 . 12/5/2015
I'm a huge Sess/Kags shipper and even I found this funny!
Oh gosh, you really had me cracking up because it's true!
Loved the part with "the pillow and Kleenex" oh, and the cigarette. There are so many moments that cracked me up!

Oh, and when Naraku took out his copy of the script...LOL!

So true, so true!
TheShipper123 chapter 1 . 11/13/2015
wow... interesting...
Kaze chapter 1 . 7/26/2015
Laying on sarcasm pretty thickly, I love it. This should be shown to new audience, since I don't know how visible this story is from depths of the archives.

I actually have nothing against the pairing itself, but massive OOC and very badly written bashing are just awful.
Phoenix Takaramono chapter 1 . 6/30/2015
I love you.

...Well, to be more precise, I love your self-aware parody and for having the balls to write this in wake of the overzealous fans who would defend this pairing to the death. You have completely, coincidentally summarized the step-by-step guide of the top reasons why I cannot even finish a SessKag story or even muster up one of my own. The cliches. The OOCness. The OCs! (OMG, the OCs. So true. Kudos.) So incredibly done-to-death and such predictable storylines! It got so old, I've developed a slight aversion of seeing even the words "SessKag" in summaries and/or tags.

I'm actually surprisingly open minded to reading all sorts of IY pairings. Straight or homosexual or incestual or crack. There are reasons to love and hate everyone of them. I have personal problems with the IY franchise, so it's made me uniquely unbiased to all characters being smushed into romantic long as they're written well and I'm in the mood. I've even read the supposed good Sess/Kag ones, just to see what the hype was all about, but then my teenaged self remembered that I had disliked Kagome's 15-year old immaturity and trying to bring myself to root for this sort of character to fall in love and essentially "marry" a 500-year old demon and forsake everything she'd known all for the sake of love/getting fantastic nookie...the reality check of her situation and the pedophilic indications made me stop. (I am a bit old-fashioned.) Nowadays, I still cannot bring myself to finish those fics, even though they seem to live up to what people are claiming. It is my goal to reread those two or three fics, but there is always the little part of me that'd liked the canon pairings. Therefore it has to take nothing short but a combination of personal boredom and a lot of faith and a suspension of disbelief for me to finish reading any Sess/Kag.

I guess what galls me the most, like you've pointed out, is when authors forget Sesshomaru is a bit of an asshole and dislikes humans in general. As the reader (especially from a person who's seen the anime), I require a reasonable suspension of disbelief in their set-up before I can swallow any inevitable romantic OOCness (because, let's face it...every romance fanfiction has their OOC moments, no matter how well-written or well-conceived that they are) and bring myself to go along with the ride. SessKag, for me, is the most difficult for me to accept solely for the fact that I can only see Sesshomaru being interested in a mature, equally independent, and confident character...and I cannot see a middle schooler fitting those shoes, no matter if she does come from a different time. 1 year is not enough for a girl to grow up both mentally and psychologically. Then, there's the canon IY/Kag to deal with. Then, there's the forsaking of her education and family. And the fact that Sesshomaru is a terrifying sonvabitch with little moral scruples and I cannot fathom a modern, brave, caring, regular middle-school to highschool/college girl seeing anything attractive in that block of ice murderer that would make him more attractive than IY. IY is the easier and more relateable choice. And I have problems with that canon pairing as well! (Though IY/Kag is my automatic go-to. The nostalgia goggles somehow makes it safe, and makes me more forgiving...even with its faults.)

So, huh. I guess, for me personally, these authors are already facing an uphill battle. It takes the rare sort of Sess/Kag fic for me to throw all logic out of the window and enjoy what's being presented. That already limits me to a small crowd already. It's just weird that this supposed popular pairing is the one that makes me tentative and hesitant to follow through (though, it's gotten better...I am able to read some oneshots and PWPs now...because they skip all the cliches and jump right to the point by having an already established relationship.) The IY fandom makes me freeze up in general.

Great parody. You deserved all the titles and recognition. (Such an astute person, you~!)
fluffyyoukai chapter 1 . 6/23/2015
Honestly, when I found out that there are lots of Sesskag shippers out there I was really shocked. I was like, Oh come on! Like, really!? Lol. Sesskag doesn't make sense to me in any way. I do know that people can ship anywho they want to ship. Be it yaoi, yuri, incest, or inucest (duh.), everyone has a right to their own wants. But I don't get why most fans fight hard for their ships when clearly the characters they ship are so out of this world. Take Sesskag for one. Sess never liked Kagome that way. He tried to kill her during their first meetings. He mocked Inu because he was associating himself with a mortal. Sess was not interested in the miko romantically, not at all. There were not even hints to make us think that way. To make a successful Sesskag fanfiction, one must have all characters completely OC, and have one hell of a creative mind that would actually make "Sesshomaru falling for Kagome" believable. Because no matter how I see it (and I tried to read Sesskag stories before), they don't attract me in any way. They make me cringe right down to my bones, not because the story or the writer itself sucked, but the pairing is just plain unbelievable. Not to mention utterly impossible.
hermenegilda chapter 1 . 6/17/2015
This is so accurate! Maybe I have a bit higher tolerance for bullshit, because I can stand (not particularly like!) PWPs which often don't make any sense and cracks sometimes are funny if written well. But the most annoying thing is when stories belittle feelings Kagome and Inuyasha have for each other or alter Inuyasha's character to something not recognizable anymore - for me it ruins a fiction from a start and shows utter lack of creativity.
And I love Sesshomaru as an indifferent asshole. Adding some life trauma destroys his charm (haha, if we assume a cold fish can have any) and nearly always mellows him too much for me to stand it. And really, it's not impossible to write a tiny bit mellowed Sesshomaru without turning him OOC (check "Hooked" by SilentScribe Sessh/Rin parent/daughter fic - unfortunately, I don't have such examples of Sessh/Kag).
Sadly, because of Sessh/Kag fics I started to dislike Kagome. Sometimes I re-read manga to remember why I liked her in the first place. I also think that you forgot to add "osuwari/sit boy" abuse on Inuyasha.
Marzannar chapter 1 . 4/13/2015
Personally I am a SessKag supporter through and through, but this fic was a masterpiece. I cannot say anything bad about it. These are the most common problems in that pairing and they ruin everything. Every SessKag shipper should just take a look at this before they write anything.
nikkisue01 chapter 1 . 3/15/2015
OK, not every sesskag fanfiction is tie that I personally think inukag is stupendous but hey look for what you like but their not gonna stop writing them because you don't like it
Guest chapter 1 . 1/25/2015
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