Reviews for The Collected Studies of the Physics of Mega Man"
Fireminer chapter 3 . 7/4/2013
Great fic! You manage to explain a lot of technical detail! Hope that some day you will resume to write this!
Brenden chapter 3 . 6/3/2013
ArcaneMaverick chapter 3 . 5/5/2012
Nice intro

I like to call the armors:

X1 Light armor (although Paladin is fair and I've heard before. Probably would be the Japanese translation)

X2 Giga Armor

X3 Hyper Armor (Obviously the Golden Hyper armor next)

Nice capsule section. A bit funny too.

As for Light's hologram. I don't know what it is and I don't know what I want it to be, an AI or the real thing. There is inconsistency for sure, but you can never beat that first line, "So you've come..." epic.

Warping: agreed.

Capcom is just making the games for a fantasy setting. They aren't into making it a science fiction thing with all the details explained as much as we'd like that.

Weapon copy: agreed.

I just think its also an ability unique to Megaman(s). It shouldn't be replicated otherwise Megaman isn't as special.

Zero has his learning system which allows him to learn moves similarly. His Z-saber is probably special, since its personal, in that he can manipulate its energy or something.

nice ending.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 2 . 5/5/2012
There really is no difference between the lightsaber and beam saber. Really, there's not. Its the same thing and anything else will just have people scream NERD. But that's what we all are so whatever.

Beam other stuff: Cool.

Yeah, X5 was easier than X4. X4 was the only good PS MMX game. The others were all sorts of bad for many different reasons.

Check out the super condensed Megaman X game fics here if you haven't already.

Hypercharging: lol ok fine.

Dash thrusters: ok.

Althought I honestly believe warp boots are fanon and the stuff we see is just game play effects or anime bullshit.

thruster disable yeah fine, we were only constrained by gameplay mechanics and that's why we never saw them. They were supposed to be for "Emergencies" after all.

Maverick Sigma: yeah I agree.

I wish Capcom used common sense...

solid stuff man.
ArcaneMaverick chapter 1 . 5/5/2012
Not bad man, not bad.

Energy meters: Cool.

Never keeping stuff: Alright.


I think X was discovered after 100 years even thought the testing period was only 30, but not that this fact matters much.

I thought Mavericks were reploids who attack because they had the virus, its just that the virus wasn't discovered yet, but the it makes more sense that they could be conscious decisions in the beginning what with free will and all. This makes X8 extra stupid when Lumine's all "We can go Maverick at will!" Big fucking deal asshole, you always had that ability.

Yeah, I don't know where Omega comes from either. I think its rather dumb.

I know what you mean with Garma. It's a stupid name anyway, I call him Gamma for spite.

I believe why Zero wasn't destroy after his fight with Sigma, because Sigma was so stunned that some robot could do that much damage to HIM of all things, that he wanted Zero examined.

Gotta put the kaibosh on this part. Bass did not steal the plans for X in MM7. That was is pure fanon. The script says he stole the enhancements which means the Rush Adapter stuff. It makes even more sense when you fight Bass and he merges with Treble like you do with Rush. There is no Megaman X references or anything of the kind here.

I believe Dr. Wily made Zero on his own. Maybe later he got wind of X, but I think Zero was made just to defeat Dr. Light. You already know the virus part. After all, its the rivalry between these two men that give the Megaman franchise all purpose.

I believe Inafune said that Zero did not kill off the classic characters. That's only because he didn't want his precious badass personal character to be tainted with a deed like that.

I got my own theory on what happened that I think is pretty unique but its a little AU because the games lack so much background info and Capcom can't commit.
Darius Blackthorne chapter 3 . 6/9/2008
Personally, I think the weapon copy is the result of something I like to call the "Variable Weapons System."

Using specialized AI protocols (Probably from Rock's original programing), Rock Forte, and X gather data on one of their foe's weapons, then, using advanced nanotechnology creates a reasonable copy of the weapon that was analyzed by breaking down their weapons system and rebuilding it to emulate the original weapon's function. Using the VWS to emulate a weapon results in a larger pull on the Robot/Android's systems, similar to how emulating a video game system on a computer takes a computer much more powerful than the original video game system's hardware. Because of the strain, the Robot/Android's repair systems have to work overtime while utilizing the VWS. To get around this, Dr. Light gave Rock (and consequently, Forte and X) an independent energy storage system to power his repair systems while he uses the VWS.

Using this idea, it would be possible for a Robot/Android/Reploid to use their VWS after they ran out of weapon energy at the expense of their operations energy. A risky move to say the least, hence why Rock, Forte, and X never do it.
Cillranchello chapter 3 . 6/17/2007
Just a note on the Zero sword techniques I figured I'd put something in on.

If we assume that Zero was built on the same schematical basis as X, whom has a weapons copy system, then it isn't farfetched to assume Zero has this. Now, in X4 when we can finally control Zero as a main character and not some spiffy little add-on, his primary weapon is a saber. Zero has probably marked his saber as his primary weapon, which in turn causes his Weapons systems to acclimate itself accordingly. Now, plasma in the MM universe is a very vesitile thing. Zero's Giga attack in X4, releasing the blasts is simply dispelling the electromagnetic field that hold the Plasma in a beam-form, and giving it a surface to reflect off of. Since due to entropy Plasma must generate light, it's safe to assume that it works on the same principle, i.e. the angle of inflection is the angle of reflection. When the field is taken, the plasma disperses radically, giving it multiple angles of reflection.

Flaming saber? Opening a high number of holes on the electromagnetic field to allow oxygen and dust/debries particles into would more than likely cause conflageration, and the duration of the swing is short enough to prevent the plasma from discharging radically and causing the burst.

In cases like X5 and X6 where the saber can obtain material like qualities, such as metal, the weapons copy system comes into play again. When Zero preps for the metal sword attack, the weapons system begins synthesizing metal from dust and so on and so forth, just like the Boomerang Cutter, or any other material weapon that X uses.

To close it up, if we assume that as part of the weapons copy system, Zero has designated that his primary weapon is a Beam Saber, then obviously he's going to need the techniques in order to wield the sword without incuring damage. Thanks to a Reploid's mind being data, it's also not farfetched to assume that he would aquire data on the use of said blade. Due to this knowledge, the weapons copy system automatically places limitations on how the attacks can be used. Releasing unproppelled plasma right infront of one's self could be very self damaging. Where as opening the field that holds the beams form enough to generate fire for extended periods of time would be dangerous to the wielder, and also expend a great amount of energy, thus either weakening the sword's power, or having to drawn on internal operations energy from the wielder.

There's more I can spout on this but I'm tired, it's 2am, and I have to get up for work at 5am.

I've just started reading your novelization of the series, good stuff thusfar. I'll make sure to drop reviews when I'm not doomed to suffering the day as a zombie.
Keyblader Chad chapter 3 . 4/24/2005
i think, you and magus523 have really good ideas on possibilities of the mega universes, and i beleive that you two are close to the truth most probably are, those people who say they don't beleive it have no imagination and refuse to look beyond the game and look beyond the minor detail of the story of the game.
Kenji Murasaki chapter 3 . 3/30/2005
Very, very interesting set of theories. You don't mind if I form a couple of counters/queries to them, do you? :)

Of course, It's probably been a moment since these were written (since 7, 8, and Command Mission have made themselves known), so forgive me if I sometimes come off as purely obstinate.

First,the Maverick Virus. By far, my favorite explination of its existence. Your explination is almost perfect and able to withstand the tests of time and later sequels. I thought to question the theory in terms of the virus infecting other machinery and mechaniloids (the countdown subplot in X5, Nightmare affects in X6), but those are admitted mutations. Congrats.

The Emergency Acceleration System (Dash boots) holds solid as well, taking time to remember that Cain had to mass produce from what little he understood of X's systems. The Warp theory has holes, but my counter theory iludes me a the moment. That's what I get for spur of the moment writing. *promises to do further homework later*

Your idea on the Capsule theory is a good one, but doesn't hold against the more recent additions to the X series, where it's shown that neither Zero nor Axl can access the capsules. That, sadly (from my pov...silly Capcom and their in the shadow habits) strengthens the 'security' subplot used in X5 and X6. It has, although, lead me to think the following:

Building on your Internal Operations Energy (nanobot) theory, it could be possible that X, in originally equiping the armor pieces (X-X4, X7), interpets the data schematic in each capsule and utilizes the energy submitted from the capsule in junction with his IOE systems, creating the armor pieces from the energy and surrounding particles (which harden fully with the final flash before you're able to move X around again).

Using this, if the virus mutations in X5 and X6 (Sigma/Zero and Nightmare, respectively) were strong enough to not only make Reploids and Mechaniloids go Maverick, but also cause havok to non-sentient machines (the cannon and rocket ship), then it would be easy to admit that the mutations DID pose a serious threat to the operating systems of the capsule, and the capsule network as a whole.

The Warping theory need not be that complicated. It could be easier to state that each stage in the MMX series no longer holds anything of significant plot importance (canon assuming that players "X", "Zero", and "Axl" picked up all noteworthy subtanks/heart tanks/capsules during their first run through), the area beign judged as no longer hostile, and those Hunters are returning to base.

And the finale, weapons copy. I'd think that X, Megaman, and, to a degree, Axl, were all adept at reverse engineering, or had something similar in their hard memory (battle instincts). Given that, it would be simpler to say that once battle data was analyzed from fallen enemies, they could construct similar, adjusted weapon systems that could coincide with their own systems (like you already said). That allows for Axl's varied weapon enhancements (like his bazooka in X7), and Zero's own custom abilities with his saber.

As I said before, I really enjoyed reading your theories; it's obvious you and your friends have done a lot of homework. It's great to see that someone else enjoys Megaman so much (and so vocally). I, being the slow writer I am, am also impressed with your stories (finished Whispers in Time, and End of a Dream), and look forward to reading the rest.

I also look forward to your response, but you already know that. :)

- Kenji M.
Jade eye's chapter 3 . 1/25/2005
It is my theroy that Zero was made to learn and adapt whatever useful information from his surroundings. Therefore when he fights a boss character he watches their weapon/ability and creates his own based on those observations.
TrueMallowman chapter 3 . 4/9/2004
Ergo: Therefore.
Unkosher: Not actually stated by Capcom. Whenever they make up *.
As for Nightmare: W. T. F. The Maverick Virus does exist. While it may have mutated since, it was always there. The thing is simpler than a pocket calculator in its original form, but it has caused untold devastation. Sigma now IS the Virus. It merged with his core data, so that it could use his intellect to survive. The result was the Sigma Virus, which is originally seen as a big freaky wireframe head that scared me to no end when I fought it, due to several factors, such as the total lack of a lifebar and the fact that it kept summoning enemies that passed through the walls and couldn't possibly exist in that room, as if it wasn't taking up enough of the screen already. Apparently you see it again in X3 after beating Kaiser Sigma, the manifestation of the age-old question "What if you made a boss out of whatever a Methat is made out of?" I couldn't kill either. Odd how MM and X final bosses are generally vulnerable only to the most useless special weapon in the entire game. The Sigma Virus is all that remains of Sigma, though it apparently harbors all of his memories and the like. Zero is immune to the negative effect of the Virus now because he was its original carrier, and a piece of it still remains buried deep within him. If it ever bonds with him again, the Destroyer shall rise to eliminate all that is, to carry out the work begun by its father. Something much the same would happen with X. Maverick Zero is the twisted, nightmarish version of what X knows he himself could become if infected. Hey, the BN series may be my area of expertise, but the X series is a close second. Remember that reploids are extremely complex. It would take a pretty big friggin' glitch to make someone go nuts like that. One big enough that anyone would probably spot it. Thus, there is no so-called "Maverick Glitch". To paraphrase TSOM, there are only two reasons reploids go Maverick. Either they are infected with the Maverick Virus, and thus become hardwired to destroy, or they are driven to it by a prejudiced human society that deems them to be little more than machines.
Erico chapter 2 . 7/28/2003
In response to Nightmare's arguments...allow me to further explain my beliefs about the Maverick Virus, and why I sat and blinked in mock disbelief at his comments.

The Maverick Virus is not discovered until X3, that much is true in his rant. However, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist beforehand. Follow the little logic train, shall we?

Wily was one of those people who just never knew when to give up. I mean, eight Robot Rebellions later and he's still chugging along. And in comes his faithful cohort Forte, carrying with him some stolen plans from Light's laboratory. Part 1 of the stolen documents are the newest Rush Adapter upgrades. Part 2 is what frazzles what little sanity Wily has left. Plans for one Mega Man X.

Naturally, Wily doesn't like this. Here, he's been spending all this time trying to crush Mega Man(Which, after a while, became the complete focal point behind his actions...), and Light's gone on ahead and begun work on a NEW generation...a better one. Wily's being left behind in the dust.

Well, SCREW THAT, says the wild haired man. So he starts building his own next gen-robot, which will walk the Earth one day as Zero. But let's remember that this is Wily; a man who is paranoid beyond all others. This is the guy who keeps 1-3 backup Skull Castles and Skull Fortresses in reserve at all times. So even though Zero is 'my masterpiece', to quote the guy, he doesn't have complete faith in Zero alone to squash X and all of Light's dreams. Frankly, Zero needs an edge. And Wily deems to give him one.

He compiles a insidious thing, the most damaging, most malevolent piece of computer code he'll ever make. It's designed to be the yin to Zero's yang, the Hardy to Zero's Laurel. It is a simplistic, yet effective program that enhances one's combat abilities and at the ultimate levels of its functioning, can turn a person into a complete berserker, an unstoppable warrior. This is the edge...that extra power that Wily believes will allow Zero to triumph over X, no matter what.

Now, let's talk about this program. I said it was simple; it is. Essentially, it's a twisted manifestation of the Asimovian Three Rules of Robotics;

1. Destroy

2. Infect

3. Survive.

Wily is nothing, if not cunning. But why do we need edicts 2 and 3, then? Why, if Zero is his greatest creation, does he need those extra functions inside this simplistic berserker program?

He's also a bit of a realist by the time he does this; having lost to little boy blue how many times over has shown him that no matter how strong a weapon you throw at a Mega Man, there's always that chance they'll figure out a way around it. And Wily would like to see a part of his madness, a little bit of his creation and influence live on, just like X undoubtedly will. If Zero fails, then the program Wily's built to synch with him will 'abandon ship', so to out another host to which it will bond for its own protection. Infect...and survive.

Years later, just before the Third Maverick Uprising, this little program will be called 'The Maverick Virus'...of course, by that time, nobody that is alive or available for comment knows the truth about its origins. Saddening, eh?

So why not just download the Virus into Sigma at the beginning of the pre-X1 fight scene we see during the anime cutscenes in X4?

Well, Zero hadn't lost yet...It was only after that critical cascade glitch between the Virus and what tiny shred of Zero's independent spirit that caused him to freeze up that the Virus realized it might be a good time to, you know, LEAVE. And who better to inhabit than the fellow who'd been doing such a nice job of dueling with Zero, and who effectively won the fight? Slam. Sigma is now inhabited by the Maverick Virus. Zero is taken back to the MHHQ, repaired by Cain, and seems completely normal. He joins the Hunters and is there how many months later when Sigma flies off his rocker and takes his buddies with him.

Let's recap about Sigma now. Supposedly, as Cain writes, Sigma is his greatest creation, a reploid who will be incapable of glitching out. Back then, they see 'Maverickism' as a sort of glitch...When in reality, going Maverick is caused by one of two things.

A conscious decision made by a fully comprehending reploid individual, who decides that this is just nuts and it's time to improve their lot in life by taking those blasted racist humans down...

Or two, they're hit with the Virus.

So, from then on, as the years and Uprisings go by, it is Sigma, personality altered and shrunken and belittled and corrupted by the Virus who keeps Wily's 'dreams' alive...unknowingly, victim and slave to a force he stumbled into.

I don't see the Virus as a myth, or as a supposed extension of Sigma's 'divine' consciousness. Rather, I see Sigma from X2 and onwards as a sad husk of what he once was...surviving only because the Virus has fused with his core memories and personality, and drags him along for the ride.

Oh, and you could probably swear less.

Nightmare10 chapter 2 . 7/27/2003
Okay. Let's start with the only major problem I have with this very well thought out thing... The Maverick Virus.

Personally, I think the fact that Sigma got ANYTHING from Zero besides the scars is kinda proposterous... I mean, it's a computer virus, don't you need to, you know, DOWNLOAD IT? Even IF the download was wireless, why would Zero transmit it when he was defeated? Wouldn't he just transmit it at the start of the fight and save him the trouble of getting damage? Not doing that seems kinda contradictory when we're talking about a computer program here...

My belief is that going 'maverick' is caused by one thing - a computer glitch inside the CPU that runs a reploid. The 'Maverick Virus' does not alone cause going maverick, it merely triggers the glitch. It even says so in X1.

And also note that ANYTHING relating to a 'maverick virus' is totally devoid from X1.

Then again, someone's probably thought, 'hey, you just said the maverick virus caused the glitch, even though you said it didn't exist.'

Well, it DOES exist, however, the Maverick Virus was NOT made by Wily, as suggested in this FAQ/Story/explanation thingy.

The Maverick Virus, is, simply put, Sigma's 'conciousness.'

Notice that at the end of X1, Sigma appears and says that he has other bodies! What does this mean? That he turned his CPU, or at least, the basic personality subrotines and programming for his CPU, into a virus, which is why he can keep coming back after getting killed. As well, he can 'infect' other reploids with his conciousness and trigger the Maverick Glitch.

Now, I don't even take into consideration X5 and 6, since those two are really what started fucking up teh story... (Floating Sigma Heads? The fuck?)

To answer another hole in this, people will say, 'But Zero was in a capsule for 30 years too! Why can he go Maverick?' Because, he was in a capsule to wait for X to come out, not to run diagnostics. The computer in his capsule merely served to keep him running until it sensed that X had been activated. It had no instructions to get rid of the glitch in X's (or rather, the basic Reploid) programming.

That's my rant.
J5bal chapter 1 . 7/11/2003
Very good! I can't wait until the next chapter. I wonder if you could explain how his G-crusher armor in X2 could work and about a possable relation between Mega man e.x.e and Mega man Trigger becuse they mention something about Mega man trigger having the Master's DNA, that being human DNA, in Mega Man ledgins 2 and since Mega man e.x.e was created partaly from DNA I Thought there might be some kind of link between the two game serries.
Andor chapter 3 . 1/27/2003
Dear Erico,

Little old annoying me here again.

I just want to know where you got "bubsies", my dad and brother always call me that and I always thought it was another of those South African expressions. Guess not.

Another little expression you use is "Ergo". What does that mean?

And, the last expression of yours that I would like to know the definition of is "Unkosher".

Thank you for suffering my annoying review,

Send all information to me at

Thanks once again,

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