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Guest chapter 179 . 11/22
Please, please continue. I'm suffering from severe GWTW quality-fanfic withdrawal symptoms in general and FTE in particular. I love this more serious honest Rhett. Please get them to sort out their problems - and then Scarlett must tell him about the baby.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/28

Love this story. As others have said, it IS better than 'Scarlett'; much better.

That said, is it possible to speed up the writing/posting? We've been reading, waiting, waiting some more ( and more again) since 2006. I know it's free, but I would have far preferred having the privilege to purchase it, rather than being tortured for almost nine years of fits and starts.
Guest chapter 179 . 10/6
I read your story in three days and i have to say i love your story its so much better than Alexandra Ripleys Scarlett . And i know everytime i will have need to read gone with the wind i will read your story too . I am in need for the next chapters please update
Scrapper chapter 179 . 9/26
Are we really at the point where something has to happen? Truly? Because I am so ready. You have been setting up all sorts of possibilities so let's get on with it.

So Rhett is being more honest and open than usual today but good grief, he is messed up. He doesn't want Scarlett but he doesn't not want her. He's afraid he'll break her heart and he's afraid he won't break her heart. Dude gotta get a grip.

The end of this chapter is pretty ominous. Scarlett has gone right to the heart of her dilemma, can she trust that Rhett won't flip out (again!) over the next thing (whatever that is) and leave her or do something worse. I still say she needs an escape plan. I also think the latest litany of who knows what is worrying, and woefully incomplete. I fear when everyone starts sharing their "secrets" the shit is going to fly and Rhett's gonna have a real hard time. It won't be any fun for Scarlett either, but she's tougher and more apt to move on. Rhett takes things so personally and he never knows whether he wants to step up or pile on or run. So far running is his usual solution so...

Glad you are back and posting a bit more regularly. Won't it be nice to put this baby to bed, eventually. On the other hand, what will the world be like without FTE hanging out there like a wonderful, perpetual mystery?
Miss Jessie chapter 159 . 9/23
"But there we don't have Bo—Beau," he cautiously substituted.

Their eyes met over his head. Scarlett opened her mouth but it was Rhett who spoke. "She'll be with us, all of us, in our hearts. As long as there is one of us left, we won't be without her Wade. She's with us, everyday, watching over us all."

"Do you believe that," asked Wade hopefully. If Rhett believed that Bonnie was still with them, it would be so, it would have to be so.

"With all my heart Wade, she's with me everyday. Don't you ever feel that she's near?"

He nodded, his eyes lighting up. "Yes, sometimes. I thought I was just being childish, silly to think she could see me."

"Love isn't silly Wade," offered Scarlett quietly.

Love this story so much!
Moon FireStar chapter 179 . 9/22
awesome another update! again you leave my on the edge of my seat...
Guest chapter 1 . 9/22
I love your story and would willingly pay to read it. I don't mind how long it is, all of your chapters are a joy read and full of depth for a lay person like me.
Isabella chapter 9 . 9/21
Slipping the brown paper parcel of magazines into his saddlebag, Rhett thought of a gift for Scarlett that was bound to please her. He laughed aloud, not caring who heard or what they thought. He felt like a young man preparing to go courting instead of a man of forty-six purchasing presents for his own wife. With a smile on his face Rhett made one last stop at Rutledge's Confectionary on Broad Street where he bought a small bow bedecked box that was almost guaranteed to bring a smile to Scarlett's lips.

The candy store he stopped that was actually a real place in Charleston? I didn't know what I can section area was so I googled it and found out it was a real place. I'm wondering are all the places you keep mentioning and the different things actually real you actually put in this much research to write the story that's pretty awesome is all I'm going to say here
Isabella chapter 8 . 9/21
The house was handsome, built around the late 1790's in the Grand European style of the period it was a three-story affair with private balconies for each of the four bedrooms and a formal loggia on the third floor. The loggia was more of a recessed portico, the internal room, with pierced walls, open to the elements that Charlestonians had included in their lush dwelling since their forbearers from Europe had settled the area over a century before. It caught the salty sea breezes in the summer making it a popular retreat from the oppressive heat that baked Charleston for nearly four months out of the year.

Your conversations are really good but I also like your descriptions I really feel like I can see what it is you're talking about in your story
Isabella chapter 7 . 9/21
Scarlett raised an eyebrow at Rosemary's impassioned apology. Then like a bolt out of the blue, it came to her. Rosemary was in love with the stiff, upright Doctor Cross. Of course, that would explain why she had been so nervous around him. It also explained why she went for him instead of the Doctor Rhett had requested.

Oh shit! Rosemary don't go there...
Guest chapter 6 . 9/21
She laughed though he could tell it hurt her throat. "Do you remember what you told me you'd do if I refused to marry you?"

He shook his head, as he said, "No, I don't…Good God, yes I do remember what I told you. I told you I wouldn't go on my trip to England. I believe I promised to stay in Atlanta and play a guitar under your window every night and sing at the top of my voice and compromise you so you'd have to marry me to save your reputation."

"Do you even know how to play the guitar?"

"You married me so I never had the chance to find out."

"Rhett Butler, you are a scoundrel."

"And you've only just discovered this now?" His voice was teasing.

"Well let's just say, I've suspected."

This is great, these are the conversations I always pictured them having when I was a kid!
Isabella chapter 4 . 9/21
Scarlett blushed. In spite of the feelings of discomfort that Doctor Cross inspired in her, he was a man and a handsome man at that. Her natural inclination toward belle took over. "Why Doctor Cross, how you do run on," she commented noncommittally.

I love this girl even after a shipwreck she's still flirting
Isabella chapter 3 . 9/21
Ohhhh, I like that you introduce the family into the story that made Rhett have to leave Charleston when he was young it's also really interesting twist to have a member of the family be Scarlets doctor but I can't see Rhett letting that go on too long
Isabella chapter 1 . 9/21
"Scarlett, look at me," Rhett told her, his voice oddly gentle. She did reluctantly, her eyes still slightly wet with tears. "Even if I have to rob banks or become a highway man, I will always see that you're taken care of. You know that, don't you?"

Awww, love the look back to her pregnancy with Bonnie. I could totally see that as a Rhett Butler line. It's very nonchalant and throw away but it really is the case he would do anything to take care of her. I got a lot of chapters ahead of me and a week vacation
ScarlettOR chapter 179 . 9/20
Hi dear, another chapter! R and S still had not got anywhere close to all readers were tirelessly waiting for them to be. So frustrated! The cross purpose would not even explain it. How many times they had been. This Rhett Butler was intent to stay on the opposite end of the POOR Scarlett forever!
And, my dear, you can write, 528K words and 179 chapters and going on, the story time line only covered 4 months or less (I assume, from the beach event to the time Scarlett’s pregnancy had not shown yet), you can keep the story interesting and attracting to the readers over the span of 9 years. I have been reading your new updates since I got on this fanfic last year, as your story is the most commented and favored. (Sorry, I can’t say I haven’t skipped a few chapters in the middle. It is too much longer than my attention span could hold on.)
While a few facts probably would be interesting for comparison. MM’s GWTW has 418,053 word counts (and 63 chapters) for the time span of twelve years. For Scarlett, there were three marriages, four pregnancies, three child births and growing up, six or seven significant deaths (of her direct family members), one store and two saw mills, eventually the heartbreaking losses of her loves (both Ashley and Rhett) at same day, and overall, Scarlett’s growing up and survival story. For the South, the war and surrender, the hunger and poverty, the emancipation and reconstruction, and the old civilization and the Southern plantation life style “gone with the wind”. The richness of the story line has kept the generation of readers coming back to GWTW again and again.
Your story as for it is now is already 100K words more than the length of GWTW, with all detail thoughts, emotions and struggles between Scarlett and Rhett. You do have vast imagination of how they were thinking and behaving on each day for a total of less than 120 days(?). It is fascinating you can make this two person story in such a short duration this long and interesting.
As for your story line goes, sometimes I was thinking, probably IRELAND might be a better option at all as Ripley had done, at least it would be a greater adventure, new experiences, growing up by herself and being the master of her own destiny (Oh yet, too bad Ripley still wanted Rhett to rescue her). Not as she was enduring and merely surviving now, constantly under the scrutiny of such a selfish and self-center and hateful Rhett Bulter.
Anyway, again, your story. Either another 100K for S and R to reach to a happy ending (or at least till the child was born… and no miscarriage?) or MORE if Scarlett went to Ireland (to have a C-section by a witch?), the fans of GWTW may read and be thankful for whatever you come up with your vast imagination.
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