Reviews for Warping Circumstances
moodysavage chapter 19 . 8/2
*sigh* and now it's over...done...finis... I will miss this story...really miss it like I miss Buffy/Spike. You know where you remember the characters like real personalities and you want to see them for a visit but can't because you only get to visit their past though in your mind you KNOW their lives continued to progress? This story is wonderful and I loved it. Thanks so much for finishing.
moodysavage chapter 18 . 8/1
I so like Harry and Voldemort getting along.
moodysavage chapter 14 . 8/1
Please let there be a happy ending.

I quite liked the teasing from James toward Severus and Voldemort toward Harry.
moodysavage chapter 13 . 8/1
a goat... how embarrassing for Voldemort lol
moodysavage chapter 12 . 8/1
Harry killing the two werewolves... that doesn't seem to fit at all unless you had magic doing it because no way his 11 year old body could rip out 2 hearts and break someone's neck.

As for Dumbledore... horrible horrible self-righteous man!
moodysavage chapter 10 . 8/1
ah... and we have voldemort's revenge... the humidity room memory :)
moodysavage chapter 9 . 8/1
OK... I just want to cry... with laughter. You do realize that I have to keep stopping in my reading to add to these reviews because I just... have to. The redo plans for Harry to be in a cupboard... and Severus the lady's man to die a virgin! lol oh my freakin' gosh! That is brilliant! All the reincarnation plans were funny.

And Voldemort genuinely happy to have Harry back? Interesting.
moodysavage chapter 8 . 8/1
Voldemort trying to do spells and only managing weather lol And the basilisk wanting Tom to procreate with many women! Ohmygosh I don't know which is my favorite part but I love love love these chapters.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/1
I love how Voldemort keeps mentioning that being defeated by Harry is an embarrassment when Harry is being particularly dense. And Harry trying to exorcise himself! And Voldemort getting cuddled and soothed by Severus lol Oh wait... Voldemort telling Lily how much he enjoyed tracking her down & killing her as she tells him how cute he is when he's in a mood! The sauna room! Everything about this chapter was wonderful and hilarious :)

And about that cliffhanger...
moodysavage chapter 6 . 8/1
Chapter 6 here is my favorite so far. Everything about it... Voldemort harassing Harry about Severus and Lily, the flying teacher's sexual innuendos, Harry upsetting a screeching Voldemort with that flying dive. The whole thing was funny as all get out. Harry and Voldemort talking to each other is getting a fanfic Naruto/Kyuubi feel when they get along... I totally love it. Makes me want them to learn to coexist without being all crazy maniac Voldie.
moodysavage chapter 5 . 8/1
I makes a lot of sense for Lily and Severus to be together in this world. I quite like it. And I am really liking this story though I am glad Harry will not be mute through the whole thing.
jon reeve chapter 9 . 7/20
Teen prenancy, lol. is this a crack fic now?
Tamha chapter 2 . 5/11
I have a nitpick about the Super NES mentioned in this chapter. The original NES wasn't even released until the mid-eighties. Harry Potter was born in 1980, this must be 1978 or 1979. Granted, this is an AU, but both Snape and Evans are student assistants and are likely post-NEWT, pre-Mastery in their fields. They could have an Atari, however, as that was released in 1977.
lipasnape chapter 16 . 5/5
I loath both of them. You are not making either albus look any more redeemable.
lipasnape chapter 9 . 5/5
This was very difficult to read. I hope it was difficult to write, too. I could have strangled the idiots in limbo continuously. PTBs especially. But a happy Voldemort takes the cake. The only thing I could accept as apology would be kicking James and Sirius out of his new life altogether, no explanation needed or granted for any reason. The same for Albus, only with as cutting an explanation as possible. I am still on the fence about Lily.
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