Reviews for The Sacrifice
Xdaisy chainX chapter 12 . 10/6/2007
aha, wicked ending there. allows for a sequel should you so wish. wicked

great fic, really original idea

sentarla chapter 12 . 4/3/2007
ohh yeah, i can totally see what you mean by keeping your endings open

trust me, your beginning and middles totally make up for the endings. your stories rock. I knew that sammy wasn't dead, there was no way he was going to be dead,but man the way you wrote it, he so could have been dead.

thanks again!

ohh and thanks for the replies as well!
Blame the Cupcake chapter 2 . 9/26/2006
Oh spooky! Very exciting and I don't even have to wait for updates!
AquarianNightSky chapter 12 . 6/19/2006
Uh huh...I had a feeling that that that was how the story was going to end. That was good.

SpiritWolf13 chapter 12 . 6/7/2006
Oh no its still alive lol good story.
rozzy07 chapter 12 . 5/9/2006
Just realised that I had been greedy and had read the end of this totally enthralling story and not offered up the necessary praise to the author. Bravo. Fantastic piece of writing, that demands me to ask for more from your pen in whatever form you wish to post.
Adluna chapter 12 . 5/2/2006
Wow, I just found your story and let me say it is just amazing. You have their personalities down exactly and the ending was perfect. I could definitly see this being a plotline of a few episodes.
A-blackwinged-bird chapter 12 . 4/22/2006
Great job, Christy! I'm glad Sam was saved but I loved the ending. Excellent stuff.

Thanks for a job well done,

Mapu chapter 12 . 4/22/2006
Very well done. A well crafted and beautifully executed story. You have done an excellent job here and the characters and drama of the story were so close to the real thing that it felt more like an actual episode than a fan fic. Thank you very much.
CCWhite chapter 1 . 4/21/2006
Finally! Thank you for finishing this I've been patiently waiting and I know I will enjoy it, you always do such a good job.
Windyfontaine chapter 12 . 4/21/2006
Great ending, not sucky at all :) Cool how Dean now knows that Sam heard him tell him his feelings. Loved the last bits of hurt Sammy; what can I say I'm a sucker for Sam angst :) That poor police officer-but now that the cult is arrested maybe they won't be able to sacrifice him. I see you started to post the other fic so I'm off to read it. Have a great day :)
DancinThroughLife chapter 12 . 4/21/2006

good ending!

sad its over...but great job!

props to you!

i really like/liked it!



JJ Phoenix chapter 12 . 4/21/2006
Oh jeez, the thing lived! Well, sucks for the cop, but as long as it stays far away from Dean and Sammy, I don't care. :D

A great wrap-up to a great story! The brotherly love was top notch. I just saw you posted another to check it out!

iluvsmallville chapter 12 . 4/21/2006
I really liked the ending, and was very sad to see this story ending! I love all your Fastlane and Supernatural fics!

Ooh. Dude. Poor cop! He has no IDEA what he just did. Yikes! But I have to say, that was the perfect way to end the story! :)
Alyssa43 chapter 12 . 4/21/2006

That was such a god story!

Are you going to write another one soon?

Hope So!

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