Reviews for The Lion King III The True King
prodigieux chapter 1 . 7/25/2006
wow...this was...amazing! i cant even describe it! was didnt like start out w/ brand new charecters, but it GRADUALLY took them in, it started out at a place we ALL knew! you should SERIOUSLY try to sell this to disney, idk if im just flipping out b./c this is one of the best ive read, but really, if the movie TLK3 was made, this would be the story id like the only took me about 45 minutes to read, but the movie could be way longer, just elaborate a bit more, but you already did that, just OMG! if scar did come back, thats excacly what would happen, just 2 quick qs...what was with jamba, why was she 'loyal' to both scar and mufassa? and who REALLY is kovus father? im confused by that.

just really, this was an awesome fan fic! you should totally write more!