Reviews for Philologus
Emma snail chapter 34 . 6/22
I loved all the plot twists, and I really liked how the relationship developed between James and Lilygood job !
Elite7 chapter 28 . 1/21

please get james outta there i can't bare to see him suffer
Elite7 chapter 20 . 1/21
That question four bit though... it added a bit of comedy to the seriousness of the story so I liked that
Elite7 chapter 13 . 1/20
I'm confused why does James wear colored contacts could you explain please?
Elite7 chapter 1 . 1/18
I have no words for the elegancy and brilliance of this writing. Have you ever thought about turning this into a book and changing the character's names to make it original? I would most definitely be first in line to buy it. This is ingenious and the creativity of it is something masterful. That being said, James has hazel eyes originally; it's not a huge deal but I thought I couldn't stop myself from pointing it out. Really amazing work and writing, the plot is just so original and creative.
Kalyn chapter 1 . 1/4
I'm so so so happy that my name, MY name was included, even if wasn't intentional. You spelled it right! When I first read that, you have no idea how happy that made me. Kalyn is a really uncommon name, according to my experiences, so, again, I just thought that was so awesome. I love this story so much. And although Kalyn in the story looks nothing like me, (I'm Asian) I still think that is so awesome. I haven't gathered much about this Kalyn's personality, but she might just be my favorite character. Okay, now that I've finished ranting, (I'm so, so, sorry you had to read that,) I just wanted to say how much I love your story so far. It's very well written, and has correct grammar and I just love it. Okay, I'm sorry you had to see this. Bye!
Jilycrazyfangirl chapter 34 . 10/19/2017
I'm shook...
christ jackson chapter 8 . 10/18/2017
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Ismaran chapter 34 . 4/12/2017
It was getting sooo irritating with the lady and Sir.

But then, your story has even made me go weak and read it. I was almost ready to leave by 25. I knew the traitor was Chase. I was almost wishing it maybe Peter. But hey... Chase was okay, while obvious.

I would have liked to see more action by woman who weren't elite. By me who were common. That would have been better.

One should really see, that a villan is defined by his qualities not his weapons. The thing with guns made me quiver as in the starting Dumbledore had says that he only taught nobles this art. And you made people with guns, enemy.
Ismaran chapter 14 . 4/10/2017
I love this new headmaster too much. The rules! I was almost oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Finally!

The lady and sir and strip's and Elite's were so annoying.

Equality! Finally!
Guest chapter 11 . 1/4/2017
Felt the need to insert hashtag #idealsiblings here. X'D But anyways, great story so far.
Rachie chapter 34 . 7/17/2016
Reading the whole story for the 5th time. And everytime I feel the sme rush and excitement!
What a brilliant, brilliant tale.
Every character is amazingly memorable. Aesalon and Sirius are my favorite. Severus too. :D
And Lily..Gosh, I love her so much I want to be her!
One of my favorite parts of the entire story- and I must say, it is extremely dfficult to choose one- is the conversation between sirius and Lily when she confesses her affections for him. It's exceptionally well written, that scene. I have screenshots of it to read later. :P

Although I am loving Optivus as well, I believe that this prequel fares better. There is a strong underlying tension behind every word in Optivus, and it makes me feel skittish. But I suppose that is the demand of the story. Please dont be disheartened though, I truly truly love it. But I am such a flighty naive romantic and I want the gloominess to end so we can some Jily fluff in all its glory. :P

I wish you were a close friend of mine, because I would have hugged you for writing this marvellously.
You could mail me, maybe? (I go by )

A super-fan for life,
The Deep End chapter 34 . 7/12/2016
At first-I had to admit, I thought that this would be an ordinary love story. With all the happily ever afters for Lily and James. I also thought that this-this wonderful story-would only about them and their relationship.

Now, as I have finished your little fanfic here, I now see I was clearly mistaken. Your story is not about the fluffy parts, cute things any girl would think about some hot boy, or not about falling in love so quickly. Your story- to say it bluntly- is bloody brilliant.

You put character development: you made sure that the readers would soon learn to care about the characters. Some of them changed, "For The Greater Good".

You made sure that the story would have a "Deeper" meaning to us all.

'True love can outlast everything- even death' -D.E.

Your story was very realistic-reality, or more appropriately LIFE is not about love. Sacrifices must be made and there is tragedy. You put signs of the war that was yet to come, and for that I am impressed.

If I had to summarize everything that I've said, : I think you did a great job. NO-BRILLIANT JOB. You even put politics in this story- a very hard topic to write about. Anyways, you have told a story. A story that reflects on "True TRUE LOVE" itself. It does not happen in days. Lily Evans in this story is what I truly imagine her to be, because- I have seen much of Harry in her.

I congratulate you for writing a "sirius" love story, one that expresses a real type of love.

-Deep End
BLOODY HELL chapter 21 . 7/12/2016
Bugger me! I simply HAD to review this chapter. It had the perfect twist! I don't really review ANY of the stories I read, but I couldn't resist it's charm. Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 34 . 6/28/2016
This is such a beautifully written story. Thank you for blessing us with this gift.
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