Reviews for Gatecrash: Part 2
Cypony Warrior chapter 4 . 9/8
This is one of the coolest crossovers ever! God bless!
Major144 chapter 30 . 11/1/2020
Another great and fun crossover. We saw Link go through an epic adventure in Mega Man's world and we saw him hold his own against powerful robotic foes. Truly an awesome well paced story with action and drama. Good job.
icicle.c.cold chapter 31 . 3/15/2018
Loved it! The references were great, and despite being from a younger generation, I LOOOVE Link to the Past, (and other Zelda games) and MegaMan games. I look forward to reading more of your work, and I had to smother a fit of giggles (reading at work) when Mario came through the portal at the end of the story.
TheChargingRhino chapter 31 . 7/3/2016
Cyan Quartz chapter 31 . 6/10/2015
Aha! You know, I think the only reference I got was the Hikari raceway one.
I had a fun time here, guy. Thanks for that. Your a real talented writer, y'know. Wouldn't be surprised if you became a hit bookwriter.
Cyan Quartz chapter 30 . 6/10/2015
Cyan Quartz chapter 29 . 6/10/2015
I had a great time with this story, it had a great run.
Cyan Quartz chapter 28 . 6/10/2015
Sword Of Storms? I thought it was just a replica of the master sword, wasn't it?
Cyan Quartz chapter 25 . 6/10/2015
Magic! Finally! I knew he was gonna get it back sometime.
Cyan Quartz chapter 1 . 6/9/2015
Ah, I remember this. Never finished this arc, so I just had to come back and finish it.
Asutorido chapter 31 . 6/30/2014
Haha I loved this especially the Mario part wish there was a part three like link and megaman getting sucked into a world different from both of theirs
Unknown chapter 30 . 4/27/2014
Are you making a Gatecrash part 3?
moonbeam chapter 31 . 3/13/2014
Amazing story!
Eggs chapter 31 . 9/8/2013
That... was... AWSUM!
Little Kunai chapter 30 . 12/17/2012
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