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Sterlingwolf chapter 3 . 11/16
Too late now but I say draco should name Harry in panther form Lucifer. idk why
Sterlingwolf chapter 2 . 11/16
Broooooooooo the wolf looks so much like my wizarding world oc’s wolf form that it is WIERD
leodraco05 chapter 31 . 11/10
This just has to be the unbelievabley worst drarry ever written. Even with no mpreg.
Kitkat595 chapter 1 . 10/11
so glad I was able to find this here. was going back for a re read of this on wat, and found out that it was a stolen work. this fic is amazing. good job on it
TeddyB3ar chapter 31 . 9/20
Umm chapter 28 . 8/3
I’m sorry. I don’t usually review on these things. But I can’t get over this because it’s such a vital part of your plot. The process of becoming a new Animagus is really hard. There’s a plant that you have to keep in your mouth without swallowing it or eating it when you’re sleeping for a whole month. From full moon to full moon while you brew the potion. Then when it finally comes out of your mouth you put it in the potion finish making it and you have to leave it to sit in a dark room and touched by humans for at least a week. After that on the next electrical thunderstorm during the first lightning strike you have to drink the potion and that’s how you become an animagus. It doesn’t just happen or everyone would turn into an animal. I could let it slide for Harry because it happened over the course of the summer, but not for Draco
Damien chapter 7 . 7/23
How is dami- ahem harry going to got to school and is his appearance going to change because of his animigus form?
number 14 chapter 1 . 6/19
So here's a little antidote we found to despicable shipping of Harry (or Hermione) & some ponce named something like Darco Maljoy.
[originally posted by anonymous from Connecticut on a 2017 subreddit]
- January 1994 -
"AARRGHH!" Malfoy woke with a start, sweat covering his whole body.
A dream - no a fucking nightmare! - like no other he'd ever had before! Cuddling Potter! Fancying Potter! Squeezing Potter's bum! SHAGGING POTTER! He needed to owl his mother and organise a mind healer to meet him in Hogsmead this coming weekend. Fortunately it was only two days, but still.
He briefly considered if some potion or a substance had been slipped to him at dinner? Unlikely as the house elves would never allow it. He knew better than to ask Snape for any assistance. Chalk it up to experience and to NEVER tell his father was best way to go.

Despite multiple sessions with various mind healers, Malfoy could not throw off the recurring series of intense dreams until end of that school year.
He'd ended up a nervous wreak as even Pomfrey's endless use of more & more powerful dreamless sleep potions refused to work. They were vivid, detailed, varied and oh so bloody realistic!
He was listless, irritable, hardly slept and failed half his end of year exams. It had taken most of his father's influence, calling in multiple favours and a fifty thousand galleon contribution to the schools muggleborn education fund to keep him with his year mates. Having to repeat a year would mean so much loss of face, as to be social suicide in Slytherin political circles.
That rage in his father's face - and him snapping his cane in half! - when stood in headmaster's office as Dumbledore exceeding politely suggested that muggle fund donation, would never leave him. IF this continued next year, he'd find himself at Durmstrang before christmas.

As it was he expected extreme punishments from father during two month summer holidays. And of course Lucius Malfoy's punishments were nothing to laugh at. While nowhere near as pain inducing or sadistic as his aunt's infamous rages, the prospect of facing those subtle paternal tortures made his blood run cold. Not going to the Quidditch world cup was just for starters he soon found...
It was ALL POTTER'S FAULT! But the Gryffindor had ignored him since before that first dream. He couldn't imagine that stinking scarhead keeping silent if he had been involved in any way? Mudblood bitch Granger wouldn't break the rules like that and Weasel was too stupid to accomplish anything so subtle.

Draco's problems disappeared during July and August at Malfoy Manor, but returned with avengeance after arriving back at Hogwarts. He was packed off to the Scandinavian school before beginning of October & never saw the other schools arrive for for the Triwizard tournament.
Lack of rest, disorientation and nerves caused him to vomit spectacularly on arrival by portkey. That had been quite an ominous start to his new placement at the institute. With the headmaster and most of the best older students departing not long after to Hogwarts, most of remaining pupils & staff largely ignored him. After that it didn't really get terribly better.

It took a further eight damnable months to become free of those accursed dreams of being with Potter, kissing Potter, marrying Potter, HAVING POTTER'S BABIES and afterwards he never worked out where these perverse visions came from?
He had a extremely mediocre academic career at Durmstrang and left England for good after he graduated. The certainty of humiliation by bumping into any of his former Hogwart's schoolmates coloring his choice. Him going bald at twenty also didn't help matters - he put that down to stress of his father being chucked in Azkban and losing more than three quarters of Malfoy fortune in Ministry fines & reparations. Living in Austria he found some success as an exotic potions and powders trader. He never had any desire to marry, as any sexual contact with others made him picture Potter's face as they were in throws of passion. Those green eyes filled with potent lust! Eeep! And of course those flashbacks were even worse when he COULDN'T see Potter's face...

Voldemort's feeble attempt to return in 2041 was crushed by The Order of the Eternal Phoenix and Dumbledore's Legacy muggleborn group's Horcrux neutralizing charms & counter curses: Harry Potter's soul fragment having been removed years earlier at St. Mungo's under supervision of Hermione Granger-Weasley and her daughter Rose Longbottom.
The Boy Who Lived gaining final revenge by frying the so called 'Dark Lord' with a Muggle thermal lance was a final insult to Tom Jr. As Harry turned it on Riddle's limbless body, it was rumoured the screams could be heard from outside the Shrieking Shack to other side of Hogwarts.
(muggle ghost reports in the area spiked massively after that)

Draco Malfoy passed away from a particularly nasty strain of dragon pox in his ninety third year. Bald, wrinkled, bent and with sunken features, his remains could've been mistaken for a very tall house elf. Only two extremely distant relatives attended his funeral, and then that was mainly to see if he'd left them any gold. It was not to be, as what little he owned was eaten up by providing him with medical care in those last few sad years.

(Fred and George's replacement of Draco's haircream with one of their more potent products was never detected. They smirked for weeks when the blonde ferret unknowingly packed up two full tubs when he left for Durmstrang!
It was only revealed in 2136 at reading of the late Fred's will. Their nine hundred relatives and friends filling the Brighton & Hove Quidditch stadium pissed themselves laughing for almost an hour at the revelation! Harry Potter had to be taken into a New St. Mungo's ward for the strain on his elderly chest, but recovered in a couple of days. For many generations to come wizards, witches & even muggles would go out of their way to taunt a large portrait of Lucius and his son, which still hung in a quite corner of the Ministry atrium. Icing on cake of this would often be portrait Draco hurling obscene insults back or breaking down in hysterical sobbing - which incited portrait Lucius to snear & smack him across the back of the head!)

Many thanks to whoever came up with this - you're a total legend to render such hilarity!

Cut paste trolls are like herpes: once you got 'em you'll never be rid of them. We encourage any & all draco haters to please copy & paste this on any & all stupid drarry, dramione and other ludicrous pairings which feature the bullying blonde twat in any sort of positive light!
The Council of Seventeen Malfoy Haters
Niklas.Scorpio chapter 31 . 6/16
Why not do a gender bender next.
TheHatt3r chapter 31 . 4/26
This was an absolute joy to read. I love this story. If you happen to make a sequel I will be one of the first to read it, and even if you don’t I guarantee that I will be reading this fanfic again.
sad gurl chapter 31 . 4/24
oh every times i reed of storys wiv harry/draco 2gethrr i cry an start 2 cut my self agains in pain
y do u hurts us so much? it not tru an we all no it not tru but u stil post untru
i bleeds be coz off u not caring i cut 4 u telling all lies wiv ships of peepole hoo not be 2gether ever
we crys cut an crys morr
plez stop 4 us
sadd gurlz
Sep 20 2009
susiyandere chapter 31 . 4/13
Toda la historia me dejo un cosquilleo de felicidad, gracias por todo.
Prince Philip chapter 1 . 4/9
"Gay schoolboy sex! Now I've seen everything!"
*drops dead*

WangxQueen chapter 1 . 3/28
Love the story
Alenny13 chapter 1 . 3/20
I loved everything about it
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