Reviews for Someone To Watch Over Me
lemon-rind chapter 99 . 3/19
I feel like I'm not going to be able to write a review that equals how I feel about this impending end to a beautiful story. This was an incredibly fluffy chapter, and I absolutely loved it for being so happy in comparison to what came before it.

I feel spoiled. I get a happy ending, another chapter, and I get to try name a kitten. Which should really be named Godric. For obvious reasons. Thank you so much for continuing to write and pulling through on such a fantastic journey.
Torak the Slash Lover chapter 99 . 3/18
HunterMoore chapter 99 . 3/18
Just one more to go then. Amazing chapter, glad to see Percy stop being a total wanker, at least for a moment. Can't wait for the epilogue. And as for those companion one-shots...Yes, absolutely, if you want to. That'd be great.
lyssaspeakgood chapter 98 . 3/14
ahhhhhh! relieved everyone made it out okay but I'm hoping everyone blows a gasket over Dumbledore and his meddling ways. McGonagall and her protectiveness over the Weasleys is all I need. When she calls Dumbledore out for risking her family! ah! love it. Thank you for continuing with this story. It's been a long journey and I will honestly be sad to see it come to a close, but I look forward to what comes next for this story you've crafted.
Torak the Slash Lover chapter 98 . 3/10
I think this may be my favourite chapter yet. The dialogue was incredible. I laughed loudly at Minerva calling out Ron's fake sleeping. "my family" got me right in the heart. Dumbledore's priorities being revealed was excellent. I love the way you write him as someone who can't be trusted, as being as manipulative as he truely is.

I'm going to be sad when this journey ends, but I get so excited every time my email pops up with an update. I can't wait to see where it ends
Princess Scherbatskaya chapter 98 . 3/9
Dumbledore is pretty gross.
HunterMoore chapter 98 . 3/9
Dumbledore's a dick. Awesome chapter, great little moment at the end.
lemon-rind chapter 98 . 3/9
Dumbledore's brilliant, but that type of action is just... cold.
Princess Scherbatskaya chapter 97 . 3/5
Do Ron and Harry HAVE to charge in :( :( :( But go Minerva and Mione!
HunterMoore chapter 97 . 3/3
I actually got a little jittery when I saw the update for this chapter. And then I got all happy when I saw it was dedicated to me, so thanks for that. The chapter was, of course, amazing. I hate to see Pettigrew get away like that. And of course Ron gets himself stabbed. Part of me can't wait for the next chapter, but another part is sad about it coming any closer to the end. But that second part is stupid, because I really can't wait to see what happens next. Keep up the great work, thanks again for the dedication, and a much larger thanks for writing this story in the first place.
lemon-rind chapter 97 . 3/3
Gah. I'm really not sure who I'm mad at right now. Harry and Ron? Pettigrew? I hope everyone gets back out of it rather unscathed.
lemon-rind chapter 96 . 3/1
I really enjoyed the scene with Fred and George. I think that was partially because of the kitten, and McGonagall's affinity for cats. Thank you for the chapter.
HunterMoore chapter 96 . 2/28
Just finished reading these 96 chapters (finished the 95th a little while before 96 was up, but didn't get a review up on there before this chapter was out) and I have to say that this story is absolutely amazing. I wasn't quite sure how I felt about the Minerva/Molly part at the start, but you sold me on it pretty quickly, at the very least as far as this story is concerned. This is by far the best Harry Potter fic I've read, and I have loved every second of it, even the parts where I was sad. I can't wait to see what happens next, even if I'm a little upset to know it will be ending soon. So yeah, great work, keep it up, looking forward to the next chapter.
Princess Scherbatskaya chapter 95 . 2/27
That feel when Sirius leaves :(
lemon-rind chapter 95 . 2/24
Not really sure what happened. Peter wasn't just a dream?
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