Reviews for Someone To Watch Over Me
rookie802 chapter 90 . 2/8
Good chapter!
jrzygurl89 chapter 88 . 1/31
I love how close Ron and Minirva are getting! it's sweet!
rookie802 chapter 88 . 1/30
Great chapter!
Princess Scherbatskaya chapter 88 . 1/29
I just read this entire story in one sitting. I'm simultaneously crying and laughing, and I hate you for torturing my loves and I love you for the fantastic work you've done here. I'm excited and terrified to see what's coming.
jadethetroll chapter 88 . 1/29
I did the same thing! Its so reashureing to habe it mentioned by someone else. Whenever i.. well, experienced something equally disturbing as Ron had, and since i had noone to go to, i picked up my only stuffed animal and a Backgammon set and go to one of the asigned guards (social workers, nurses) at the clinical ward i was in and the recogniced my actions and made time for me if possible, to play one or two or three rounds until i was distracted enough to continue my day normally.
Thank you for remembering me of that :)
Torak the Slash Lover chapter 87 . 1/27
Oh gosh they're all grown up and doing selfless things. Oh man I love your story, it just keeps giving
jrzygurl89 chapter 87 . 1/26
I am glad Ginny and Hermione are finally out! I am also happy that Minirva and Molly are getting along!
rookie802 chapter 87 . 1/26
Good chapter!
jrzygurl89 chapter 86 . 1/23
Poor kids they have been through enough :(
lemon-rind chapter 86 . 1/23
I've been trying to focus on my studies but I thought I'd check my fanfic email account and holy have you been writing like a fiend. So much went down. I feel so great getting to read the full stay that the kids had at McGonagall's. It was fantastic.

Pettigrew on the other hand... I don't think I've read a story yet where I liked him.
A for Antechinus chapter 86 . 1/21
Thanks for the updates in the story. It is always an a really interesting story to read. Looking forward to see where this story goes.
Cheers A
jadethetroll chapter 86 . 1/21
You're makeing it dramatic once again. Can't wait to read the next part!
rookie802 chapter 85 . 1/20
Good chapter!
jrzygurl89 chapter 85 . 1/19
Aww they are a cute little family.
jadethetroll chapter 85 . 1/19
Such fluff, such sadness, oh how i long for them to find Pettigrew and finally be able to do 'normal' familylife in the world outside the Manor.
And yet i don't want them to cause it would mean the end oft said story.
Such dilemma. Such good author.
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