Reviews for Sons of Prophecy : sequel to Mood Music
Unnamed Wanderer chapter 16 . 3/24/2013
I remember there being a painting of the female party of the Moors Murders being made up of children's handprints and it was just ghastly. The guy who made was a member of the YBA (Young British Artists) and they were infamous for using shock tactics so it's a bit up in the air whether he was honesty making a commentary on the Moor Murders or just wanted to provoke a reaction from his "audience".

Of course, it doesn't affect me as much as I've never lived in Britain and only heard about it from reports. (Off topic a bit: My first art teacher was British and he had a serious thing for "chips" being "crisps". Not to mention, he almost had a near obsession with it or his students had a near obsession of talking about chips just to see if he'd correct them - these conversations happened daily.)
Unnamed Wanderer chapter 10 . 3/24/2013
Killing off all suspects is what the Skeksis in the "Dark Crystal" did to the Gelflings. And they succeeded in wiping the whole race out until only two were left.

The prophecy goes:
"What was sundered and undone,
Will be made whole, the two made one,
By Gelfing or else by none."
MuggleCreator chapter 21 . 1/7/2013
This story is amazing. I wish you'd finish it, though I understand RL may get in the way sometimes...
I love your character analysis of Albus (slight autism *as well as* presumably growing up in Machiavellian times, coupled with the genius thing & homosexuality!? Wow), Sirius (inbred maniac tendencies, alpha of pack, led James in folie à deux... Ooh), Remus (Losing control of his mind once the moon rises, Moony forcing Remus to adhere to 'pack mentality' more than I'd realised, etc... Eep!), James (the whole business with the Willow Incident, spoilt Golden Boy led further astray by Sirius...) and Severus... (Severus! So blooming brilliant!)

This story & its prequel have given me new understanding of these characters, which will help me shape my stories better. Thank you! Please continue.
Ayla-tan chapter 21 . 6/26/2012
This is an awesome and very imaginative and believable and well thought out story- as, by the way, is its prequel.

I like Sev's relationship with Lynsey and I'll be forever grateful to her that she rescued him out of that cave. What the Death Eaters did turns my stomach. Its heart-breaking, really, to see how much he had- and still has- to endure and that he still can't truly see himself as deserving of kindness as someone who looks different, individual (as everyone looks different from another), but NOT ugly.

I am very glad you choose not to show the actual torture back in Mood Music, it is bad enough to see how it affects him still and to have him talk about parts of it. Again, I'm so grateful that Lynsey is there and I hope that they'll end up in a lasting relationship (of that, I'm almost sure, but I meant lasting more in the sense of: both live together for years to come after the war and maybe even have kids- I like the idea of Sev having a child of his own).

Severus memories and flashbacks seem to be becoming progressively worse and though I know that it has to become worse before it becomes better, I wish it wasn't so. Frankly said, I'm astonished that he didn't break down yet, but he is definitely heading there and despite your reassurance (if I haven''t imagined it, that is), I am scared that he might not last long enough for the "fever to break" and I'm expecting there might/will come a point where music (by the way, I love it how you bring music in your fanfic and the powers you give it- the shamanism is great and interesting, too) won't help him anymore and I'm even more frightened by that failing than by the break down alone.

I still hate the ministry for its spiteful and unfair handling of Severus, as well as Moody, because I believe that it was he who alerted the Ministry that Sev was back and I'm just glad that they could free him from that, even if the time it took felt too long for my tastes (OK, any time he spent in that solitary confinement cell was too long, every bloody second of it).

I like it that Harry, Neville, McGonagall, Poppy (though she was like that, before), Slughorn, Remus, Dobby and even Ron have become so protective of Sev (I might have forgotten some people) and its satisfying to know that apparently, Moody at least seems to regret his behaviour towards Sev.

As for the death eaters- well, canon or not, they are still behaving like I think most of them would have if they had found out about Sev betraying them (Bella, most certainly would have). I can easily imagine Voldemort torturing him or letting him get tortured like he did and though Lucius, for one, surprised me (and I have to admit, that I didn't think him capable of stooping that low, even though I think he did mistreat Dobby and often beat him), most of the others did not. Though I admittedly never thought that much about the other death eaters, either. I do believe it very (and disturbingly) likely, however, that Sev had been sexually abused by Lucius in his school days, at the very last until Lucius was married/started seriously courting Narcissa.

About Dumbledore- well, though I am angry at him for treating Sev as he did, I still think (or like to think) that he did genuinely like him (which makes your assumption that he may have been autistic very likely- which, in my opinion, does, as you also said, go with how he treated Sirius and James- but autistic or not, I don't really want to believe him evil, just horribly blinded by his own prejudices, but also redeemable) and therefore I wish he had survived after all. It would have been a real punch in the wizarding worlds gut, too, if he were to turn up and say that they were wrong in doubting and scorning Severus even after he was pardoned by the Ministry. I know even then that many might be against him, but it would be very satisfying to see some sort of punishment against those people who scorned and continue to scorn Sev, some sort of revenge Severus can take which makes at least those with high enough morals feel uncomfortable about how they treated him.

Maybe that IS still possible, however *hopeful*. As soon as that infuriating Bella is out of the way- and I really hope she will be, very very soon, Sev can tell the world that he didn't even try to kill Dumbledore, that he just levitated him down, if a bit roughly (which he doesn't have to mention), and that in fact, Dumbledore was alive after that fall and just went into hiding. Though maybe he should take his revenge after Voldemorts defeat, because as much as I want Scrimgour to pay for his unjust and torturous treatment of Sev and be discredited and succeeded by Kingsley, the fact stands that he IS an able Auror that wants to bring Voldemort down. The idea of making him work together and possibly, in matters directly pertaining to the order at last, under Severus directions, is very very likable...

As for how they plan to bring Voldemort down- excellent idea, inventing a tracking spell that tracks Horcrux making- I am confident that Sev can do that (oh and what a delightful way to show up the ministry and all those who doubt him, to let him invent the very weapon which will probably be instrumental in tracking down and defeating Voldemort). The theories about Horcruxes and what their creation might do to Voldemort are sound, too.

Also, its nice to know that even Myrtle contributes to it- I neither like nor dislike the girl.

That game of Klington (was it?) they all played in the castle as a cover for searching for Dumbledore's grimmoires was really nice and certainly a good practice in actual combat tactics for everyone (particularly the students).

Another thing- I've read your essay "Snape is just nasty, right?" (a very good characterisation of Severus) and I agree with you on (almost) all points. Especially on Lily, as much as I used to like her, but she really did abandon Sev and wasn't holding him in very high regard. And I cannot forgive her for that. What I don't agree with is nothing much, only that I don't believe Sirius got punished for throwing Sev to were-Remus and if he did, not enough, as he evidently never regretted it and in fact went right on persecuting Sev. Whatever Dumbledore's and the staffs reasons for being lenient (and yes, they might have been because of Sirius family situation, which I can understand. But Sev had a troubling family situation, too, so why not help him as well?), they at least should have stopped the persecution after that accident and provided Sev with someone who would help him through his trauma (though you are right, that sadly, such treatment/help seems to be rare if not non-existent in the wizarding world). I know they had nothing but Sev's word, but there surely were ways to, for example, rule out the possibility of Sev being on his own- to ensure that always, someone who would be ordered to help or run for professors (in that case, it should have been two people at the last) would be around Sev at all times (expect for in the bathroom or in the slytherin common rooms).

Sorry for the rant.

I hope you'll be able to update soon, it would be very sad indeed if this story were to be abandoned. I look forward to the next chapter.
Dearlady2002 chapter 21 . 6/5/2012
You may not be completely happy with your story so far, but this is definitely a story I would love to see finished! Please say you've not given up on it?
excessivelyperky chapter 21 . 10/22/2011
Excellent chapter. Snape is quite right-he needs to let the torture rise to his consciousness and talk about it, since if he does repress it, it _will_ come back in nightmares the way it did to him. Lynsey did a wonderful job of substituting good and pleasurable feelings for the remembered torturous ones; and Snape is also right about wanting to substitute her rhythms for the horrific ones of the bastinado. It will give him something to hold on to if the rhythms occur naturally or through a song over the radio or somesuch.
SituationalExtrovert chapter 9 . 9/11/2011
Just read this through for the fifth time, and I find myself once again in awe of your skill. This is truly brilliant, and your imagery is at once painful and gorgeous.

Please update soon.
Turtle Kid the Woolgatherer chapter 21 . 8/3/2011
Although I do have to agree with your latest AN explaining what you think J.K. Rowling means to portray with her characterizations, I also agree with your reasonings on why the character could be . . . very mean.

And I love this story so far! Especially Linsey-she's a great character that does not actually feel like an OC. Most times, when the story focuses on an OC character, that OC character is the center of the story, the one the other character think about-but not so for this story. Yes, Linsey is important, but the other characters are much more focused on Severus and Harry! It's great!
dorothy chapter 1 . 7/22/2011
Hello, I really like the way you write. It is somewhat skilled. You manage to write emotionally intimate situations without making them ridiculous or awkward. Your tales appear as both original and very genuine. They are sad but not hopeless. I appreciate that very much.

Your various essays and the bits of logical deduction in your tales are pleasantly academical and down-to-earth. They manage to awaken my curiosity on new topics. Especially worth mentioning is your excellent analysis on the events in the shrieking shack - that was a most remarkable and unexpected new insight for me.

I look forward to reading even more from you.
riverrat chapter 21 . 6/19/2011
This is a wonderful story. Please update soon.
Miravisu chapter 21 . 1/6/2011
This is really taking all kinds of quirks and paths. Very interesting. Another hooked reader, in other words!
ohhhdear chapter 21 . 12/25/2010
I love the research & background you work into this tale. I realize life is busy; thanks for staying with this series. Perhaps your Muse will grant time and inspiration for its completion?
J-Kid chapter 21 . 12/15/2010
Hey, I really liked this story, both the beginning half and this second half, and I appreciate that you have tried so hard to fit it into cannon. The author's notes lend well to appreciating the story rather than distracting from it, which is good; and thank heavens for youtube searches so that I can look up many of the songs you've referenced within the main text and hear them while I'm reading. That said, it would be nice to have songs pretaining to the chapter listed at the top so that I can hear them during the specific part after they've downloaded if they're available at the time. (I've done the same thing with the manga Nodame Cantible, which is about college music students.)

I don't generally care for "songfics" but the music here fits in so seamlessly that I'm not really sure it can be called a songfic. Lynsey's and Snape's relationship is the backbone of the story and works quite well; your OC is well-developed and I LIKE her, and I tend to avoid OC's as much as songfics. That you have made BOTH work as well as they are here is a testament to your strengths as a writer.

The hurt/comfort is well done too: the depths of Snape's anguish is easy to grasp here, along with the slow and equally painful recovery process. Lynsey as a character is much better for him than Lily ever would have been, and that is her chief fault as well: she is almost too caring and giving. She understands what Severus has been through, of course, but one would think that her own experiences would cause her some difficulties as well, although currently she is the stronger of the pair emotionally.

I don't WANT her to have a breakdown- and hers would of course be milder than most- but at this point I should think it would happen eventually. Even the most loving of people have a hard time continuously helping someone who has been physically tortured and sexually abused and she should at this point be mentally exhausted, although she's still riding on the energy backwash of discovering the wizarding world and helping the Professor escape Death Eaters and Azkaban. (Minerva would likely be the most understanding ear for this.)

I also loved the mentions of different fantasy books which I have read throughout the story-hopefully more people will be inspired to read Terry Pratchett, for one, because he's awesome. I've been wondering if you have read any works by Diana Wynne Jones, primarily a teen fantasy author, but I think you would love her style of magic. Particularly "Fire and Hemlock," "Dark Lord of Derkholm," and "Deep Secrets," although the Chrestomanci series and Dalemark quartet are excellent too and much easier to find. She tends to go in and out of print in the US frequently, although her books have been more popular fairly recently due to "Howl's Moving Castle" made into an anime by Myazaki and JK Rowling herself, what with the "teen fantasy books" connection. Although, in my opinion, DWJ is the better writer.
RebeccaRoy chapter 21 . 10/30/2010
I liked this, the part on Lynsey using oils for Severus's feet nearly made me purr as my dear husband does that for me after a long day of heel wearing feet can get rather sore.

Your notes are spot on, in canon I do not see Lucius as more than an overgrown bully who needs to grow up. I think if given a real chance he would have left Voldemort, look how well he went to find him after he fell the first time (or not).

He is a bigot, that is so true but he can be redeemed, after he has been properly punished, say let Ginny have a nice chat with him (remember the diary, and she is scary, what with six older brothers).

Now Voldemort is over the top evil, not insane, evil and purely so and dare I say a pedophile? I mean he is going after a teen boy who did nothing but survive after his parents (mother mostly) sacrified her life for him. I can see him having his own private torture session and enjoying it.
Freyalyn chapter 21 . 10/20/2010
Don't know why I haven't discovered this story before, but for the last two days this and its prequel have sucked up all my time and effort. Phew! Thank you very much for all the hard work you've put into it, and for sharing.
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