Reviews for Irony of Fate
Chronos Keeper chapter 1 . 3/31/2008
I don't remember if I ever left a review for you on this over at the comm. Or what it contained. :D

Anyway, after two years of not having read it, it's nice to come back and see where you started off from. You've come a long way as a writer, but I still love your early works just as much as I do your later ones.

You've mimicked Vlad's off-beat, dark, goofy sense of humor perfectly, and it made me laugh to myself. That's one of the best things I've always loved about your Vlad.

Another interesting thing that you wrote in that I think I appreciate now more than I did earlier, was that even though Vlad's got a charming personality, he's pretty damn cold. He operates efficiently as a gangster, and that includes a good aim and no remorse for the bodies left behind. Real bastard. But even so, it's such a balanced, realistic approach to him, that it makes me grin.

I think I might have mentioned this, if I had left a review, but I loved all of the Russian cultural artifacts in there. It really gave Vlad a place, a sense of his roots. I really always liked that, and still do.

Anyway, I'll wrap it up by saying that I still think this is awesome work.
Chloroform chapter 1 . 4/1/2006
Oh you.


I think you know Vlad personally. You have to. This is awesome, again.

You're very good at managing to keep the imagery clear and have a great sense of what is happening while keeping it as a first-person POV piece, which suits the style of the game too.

Even though it is a prologue, it could almost stand alone (I say almost because Vlad is alive. Though Mona got shot in the head and Max got shot 45964788 times so let's not play the 'but that is not logical' game or we could be here for a long time).

Would Mike be the same Mike as Mike the Cowboy? (Most Mikes in a sentence award for me, hoorah) I liked that Mike. :D

"“I would say you hit like a girl, but it's such a cliché,” fury was beginning to ignite in his eyes. Good. Playing with fire was a specialty of mine." Great dialogue, as usual. ;-) And spot-on characterization. SO good. Keep it up, it's inspiring.