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Luzith chapter 1 . 11/25/2013
Love it! Very nuanced and complex. Very well written.
Paracosm chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
Perfect! Good writing. I love stories centered around Sandy and Ryan. I wish canon-Sandy had told Kirsten, apologized for the jumpsuit comment, and had done more to protect Ryan from Marissa dragging him into her self-destructive cycle.
matthewsbj chapter 1 . 5/25/2011
This was a really great story.

I've never really been sure how I would have described the Sandy/Ryan relationship from the show. I may have to rewatch it and see. But I've picked up from different stories that either Ryan is scared to death of Sandy (because of his past experiences with authoritative men) or their relationship is the strongest in the family. Either way, I would say they have a pretty great relationship here; truly father/son relationship.

I would never have thought about a Sandy/Ryan fight, or that I would have enjoyed reading it, but this was a really well done story.

I enjoyed the outright admissions on Sandy's part of being Ryan's father and Ryan's acceptance of it, despite all the references in his thoughts regarding his ex-guardians, etc.

Well done! Thanks.
Bymaga Jones chapter 1 . 6/12/2010
This was wonderful! We rarely got to see Ryan and Sandy really go at it, and this really fit the bill. Great job.
Stoneage Woman chapter 1 . 5/13/2008
Amazing. Reading the way Ryan exploded at Sandy without being scared of being chucked out made me realize how far he's come. You write them both- Ryan and Sandy- really well. And I love that Julie's going to be forced to answer for trying to set up Ryan. I wish that had happened on the show...
ChrisUSA chapter 1 . 11/23/2007
great story. I love it... can you write about the discussion between Sandy and Kirsten?
nordesm chapter 1 . 8/2/2007
This was AMAZING! I love the entire exchange between Sandy and Ryan. It's nice to see Sandy being a real parent. I loved all the interactions. You are VERY talented!
Brandywine421 chapter 1 . 9/7/2006
I really really really enjoyed this. The way Ryan was so angry yet still so careful and then his words just started to come out - it was a progression that I felt like I was going through with them - and Sandy slowly digging himself into holes and then having to explain himself - and I really liked that Sandy was going to tell Kirsten.

"“Now, on a good day, I actually feel like… like I matter. And if that’s true, then Julie Cooper shouldn’t get to treat me like I’m expendable. And you guys? Shouldn’t act like nothing happened.”"

newportbeachbabe chapter 1 . 7/26/2006
Wow. Seriously. Wow.

I've never really read a Sandy/Ryan fight. And because this one involved Marissa made it that much better. I'm so glad you addressed the stuff about Julie and the jumpsuit remark and stuff. [If only the show would do that now.]

Amazing job.
akin chapter 1 . 5/17/2006
A wonderful study of anger. I have to say I was pleased with the way you made Ryan hang onto his anger, because that's how we really feel and if he just smiled after the first angry sentence and said I'm sorry (as some authors usually do make him act) I would have closed this story immediately, but he didn't and instead you delivered us a fantastic read with loads of subtext. It was a great reading and it made my day. Thank you.
Gracie Girl chapter 1 . 5/4/2006
Wonderfully told story.

Something like this seriously needs to happen on the show.

And I know that you marked this story complete, but I really think you need to do a follow up. A second part with Kirsten's reaction and all that good stuff.
Dogsbody chapter 1 . 4/26/2006
This is fight, that I wish would happen!Because there is some heavy baggage there.
beachtree chapter 1 . 4/25/2006
Wow. This is truly an incendiary device. It's a convergence of emotions and events as past infractions, violations and oversights intersect with the heightened tensions of the present. You incorporate so many of the cumulative, unaddressed issues and behaviors, the communication chasm and the dynamic that Sandy has allowed to spiral out of control. There's so much flammable material and every fuse has its alloted duration. All that was lacking was a trigger, a spark, to ignite so much unexpressed, suppressed and repressed confusion, frustration, anger and hurt.

Your imagery reinforces the combustible situation with the references to the Rover's own firing engine and the smoldering intensity emanating from Sandy and Ryan. I've often wondered what would have to transpire to propel Ryan to discard the carefully constructed and utilized constraints the keep his true feelings, particularly those he feels unjustified, unworthy or too insecure to reveal. You've created a scenario with all the ingredients that allow and encourage this pivotal exchange that has been building and brewing unchecked far too long.

Any meaningful interaction between Ryan and Sandy is layered and complicated and this one includes all of that dimension. What makes this particularly significant is that it comes at a time when their relationship is at a dangerously vulnerable place. Ryan was neglected, abused, rejected and abandoned by the people who had a tangible connection and an emotional and legal obligation to care for him. Currently, he has no biological or legal link to the Cohens. There is nothing concrete that binds them in practice, only in theory. His status with them was shaky enough once Trey entered the picture and it plummeted as a result of the events that followed. No one intervened to restore that and he became increasingly disillusioned as his distance from an absent Kirsten and a removed Sandy grew. Kirsten's return changed little and the gap with Sandy grew, allowing hurtful comments to fester as Ryan became so utterly lost. Now, there is no one word that defines what they are to one another in every sense. That's liberating for Ryan in that it fuels his anger, but equally frightening in its implications.

You underscore and incorporate this quandry throughout as you revisit its role and impact as their sparring match progresses. Even as Ryan lets his carefully entrenched filter relax and speaks uncensored for once, he listens to his words, replays them and considers the meaning and the consequences. Even his automatic responses of assuming blame, expressing guilt and placating are forcefully held at bay. He knows he's flirting with disaster, and he knows he isn't entitled to behave like "real family," but this time the hurt is so involved and so deep that the floodgates open. He is somehow secure enough to put Sandy's actions in perspective and knows he isn't risking it all, but something in him needs to push this time. There have been too many mixed signals, blurred lines and ambiguous messages. What does stand out is that once Sandy finally clarifies his own behavior, it still comes down to Ryan's value to himself and to others. If Sandy is so concerned about him in this moment, how could he have so much as told him he belonged in the jumpsuit in juvie? Why didn't he fight for him then? Why didn't he have Kirsten fight for him or least let Ryan be as important as a friendship with someone who tried to destroy him? Why does Sandy seem to value communication on his terms, but not consider others' needs? What does it take for family to come first and is Ryan really part of that with something approaching equal status all the time whatever the cost? There are so many painful inconsistencies.

As you have Ryan and Sandy mirror and mimick one another's body and spoken language, we see this is more than a battle of wills. For Ryan, this is a long-imposed silent cry for help being unleashed. He may be content to be in the background, but no one wants to be completely discounted or ignored and to have that practically flaunted on a regular basis. Even someone who is conditioned to that pattern has limits and dares to hope for more. I think Sandy's jumpsuit reference cut Ryan more deeply than he'll ever acknowledge, but his own fire had ebbed by then and was replaced with his trademark acceptance and resignation. He won't even voice what he really wants from Sandy regarding Kirsten, but tries the more subtle tactic of invoking his own need for the direct approach.

Sandy needed the wake up call to rouse him from his disconnected, detached, self-consumed reverie. As disappointing as his failure to realize how much he had hurt Ryan, and continued to to do so was, at least he admitted his failings. Unfortunately, so much damage has been done. For his part, Ryan needed to finally express what no one has taken the time or shown any inclination to stop and acknowledge. He's been reeling for months. If he only feels he might actually matter on a good day, there's still so much work to be done. If he still is treated as disposable and overlooked, accorded a status far different than that given anyone named "Cohen," then things need to change.

Amidst so many themes including belongig, value, connectivity, communication, defining family and trust, there's also protection. Sandy may not have protected Ryan from Trey, from Julie or from the effects of the trauma that ensued, but this time he did respond. He didn't put it in the larger context and that was his first mistake. Ryan has never had anyone he could rely on for protection and, as the youngest and least empowered in his first family, hasn't been capable or given the tools to protect himself. He's been taught that his duty was to others for complex reasons or to compensate for what he never received. This confrontation with Sandy bares emotions and buried resentments and raises uncertainties that result in much needed lesson. There is some resolution. The very fact that Ryan wraps his hands and at least physically provides that buffer is a start. For Sandy to swallow his pride, face his mistakes and try to assuage some of the hurt he's caused Ryan is a major step to bridging the gap.

There! Now please tell me you'll think about the natural progression of this story. We may never get it in canon, but we, and Ryan, so need to know what happens next. The very thought of Sandy's chat with Kirsten and hers with Ryan makes me beg!

Thanks for the wonderful, insightful, detailed portrait of so much that has been achingly absent from canon with such completely engaging, accurate characterization.
jambled chapter 1 . 4/24/2006
This is absolute fabulousness at work! I loved this fic! I mean, it didn't feature Kirsten nearly as much as I wanted LOL... The way you make Ryan feel the dichotomies... I mean, here's Sandy getting in a massive argument with him, but he's sure he's not going to be kicked out... It's brilliant, and shows just how much he's integrated into this family. The prose you used was fiery as well, and fitted/set the scene perfectly. Now I want you to do a part two with Sandy and Kirsten's conversation! Which would lead on to a Ch3- Kirsten and Ryan... LOL. Sorry... I just want more!
Kat Harris chapter 1 . 4/15/2006
I liked it, thanks for the great read, keep writing!
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