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NeeNee chapter 58 . 9/28/2014
I absolutely Loved your story and the way you have written and planned out the storyboard. As a Cagalli fan I loved your ups and downs with her and Athrun's love for her is truly what I would like to see in GSD. I have started reading the Sequel and know I will be finished by tomorrow. Its so catching. I hope you continue to write more stories.
KaireanAlbarea chapter 52 . 11/29/2013
Everytime I see Cagalli getting hurt in your story, my heart's like in chains. Seriously. THOUGH I LOVE THE WHOLE THING. with cutey Aiden and sweet Athrun XD
ladycagalli0918 chapter 1 . 5/18/2012
hey a friend of mine recommend me to read your stories. . because she believe that your stories are wonderful. . . and its true. . please don't mind me reading
Desertdawn101 chapter 58 . 9/3/2011
Awesome story I can't wait 2 start readin the 2 story ;)
desertdawn chapter 56 . 12/30/2010
was that manes he wrote YOUR NEXT SHALL BE MINE that means !...he's not DEAD
desertdawn chapter 54 . 12/30/2010
why would you said that about aiden dieing that not funny i almost started crying
desertdawn chapter 52 . 12/30/2010
why did you do that :(
desertdawn chapter 48 . 12/29/2010
i really dont get this chapter ?:\
desertdawn chapter 46 . 12/29/2010
why did ethan have to die :*(
desertdawn chapter 45 . 12/29/2010
why didnt you make see the album it would of helped a lot
desertdawn chapter 42 . 12/29/2010
why would yo make athrun hate cagalli he might kill her now beacuse she dosent knwo :(
luvsss chapter 58 . 5/1/2010
hey! ur story is the most AWESOMEST story about asucaga! luv it...
carolithusa28 chapter 58 . 1/22/2010
hey! i just read this story of yours...just two days! imagine! i could not wait for another day...I just need to read it! oh!. it is so wonderful..yea! i feel refreshed! i hope that you will still continue to make awesome stories... your stories are is very heart-capturing, emotional... i even cried when they thought cagalli betrayed their trust especially athrun... I really hope that you will still make stories... i will always be your NO.1 FAN! I will be waiting for the upcoming stories especially longer ones/chapters.. adios!
shiloah18 chapter 58 . 4/26/2008
yeah.. Aiden's so cute! XD

waFfLes? yum! :D

AsuCaga bathing a mini Athrun? kawaii!

Cags in a poLka dot tube dreSs? lol reminds me of Minnie Mouse.. XD

*sighs* Athrun xure has that abiLity to caLm peopLe down..

hmm.. Aiden's showing his abiLity of foreseEing the future through dreams at a young age.. ne?

lol yeah Kira.. you were a hormonaL boy tOo.. remember FLay?

Loving the sea eh? lol reminds me of SteLLar.. _

he was about to sLap her? oh my.. o_o

"I heard Aiden yeLLing into the monitor. It seemed as if he Learned what it was for." lol smart kid! ;D

Manes! you sick pervert! XC

seven days? *guLps* sounds Like the Ring.. lol XD

reaLLy.. Aiden's so smart! XD

Aiden's a spLitting image of Athrun, ne?

“I guess he does; a pure naturaL charm.” lol the ZaLa charm! -

"It’s seems that aLL you can do is hate," Kira! how can you say such a thing? you've bEen with her Kira.. and you shouLd know better! the same goes for the rest of the gang! especiaLLy you! Athrun.. .

ahh.. mother and son bonding.. *sighs* so, nice..

why can't she atLeast say that if she toLd him.. they'd get hurt.. which is the Last thing she'd want to happen.. ;'{

“Don’t taLk Like that. Of course I don’t Like you. I stopped Liking you when I was 16 and you gave me my first kiSs,” lol XD

you're pretty gOod with the cLothes.. lol XD

"there" and "their" are diFferent..

"but sometimes use me, because you know I won’t Let anything happen,” aww.. it's kinda rare for someone to Let himseLf be used.. ;')

ahh, yes.. Todaka.. the faithfuL one.. why can't Athrun beLieve her just Like that guy?

don't they have pEep hoLes in their dOors nowadays? Cags shouLd've checked who it was first! .

gLaSses were broken? she wouLd've bEen wounded and bLeEding then.. Athrun shouLd've sEen that! .

d*mn it Athrun! you know she didn't Like the guy from the start! why wouLd she Like him now? XC

ohh.. so chap thirty-five, the crash, is where the whoLe fic actuaLLy starts.. chaps thirty-four down are memories before this.. happened.. ne?

hmm.. just wondering.. to what's happening to Aiden.. how's he abLe to sEe things through his dreams.. was it because.. of CagaLLi's pregnancy with him? y'know.. what SteLLar said.. the gas thingy she inhaLed when she was in the scary house.. where she saw dead peopLe.. raped women hanged to the ceiLing.. was that it? just wondering..

yeah.. it's aLL Athrun's fauLt.. can't heLp Loving a guy Like him..! XP

d*mn it Athrun.. if you miSs her.. go back.. teLL her to take you back! xp

yeah Cags.. your dense idi*t.. xp your jerk..

uh.. was the cLicking of the gun heard in the voice meSsage? just asking.. -_-

'Aiden take care of daddy for me and if mommy doesn’t come back make sure to find a mommy that Loves daddy.' aww.. d*mn Cags.. Aiden couLdn't find someone Like you.. .

"He knew the time wouLd come when he’d have to wait in the aisLe once more, this time on the end; it wouLdn’t be the person he Loved." aww.. T-T

haLves were dissected? *guLps* what's happening in this fic is worse than the show.. o_o

hmm.. Cags doing something Like what Kira did eh? stopping a wedding.. hmm.. lol XD

controL center of a battLeship? ah.. you mean the bridge, ne?

Memory eh? lol suteki name for a gundam.. XD

lol Aiden's ZaLa charm works naturaLLy.. XD

Ryan's heartLeSs! what is this? a bLoOd bath? XC

Dearka! didn't you hear? the girL has amnesia! how is she supposed to know who are the gOod guyz from the bad? _

“That’s good, but I think we shouLd remember that Orb might be our next target,” nothings gOod when someone dies.. _

Cags can't swim? lol in GS.. she knew, ne? demo here.. lol it's a fic.. so, yeah..

definiteLy.. not definateLy..

"grace in figure skating, avaLanches in skiing," lol he just had to think about that huh? XD

ahh.. I just Love that Haumea amuLet.. a pendant of Love..

Murrue.. Mu..

hmm.. didn't Cags remember Athrun through Aiden? that wouLd've bEen nice..

aww.. they weren't abLe to converse.. even just for a LiL' bit.. ;'{ hmm.. maybe Aiden now knows how it feLt Like to be separated from his okaa-san.. just Like Athrun.. ToT

d*mn.. they didn't hear what Mike was yeLLing.. XC

thirtEen's an unLucky number.. they nEed Cags so it'd be fourtEen.. lol xp

uh.. isn't Mir a brunette? -_

wondered and wandered are diFferent from each other..

Ooh.. they heard each other.. X)

hmm.. Cags shouLd've done her research.. go to an internet café and search for CagaLLi ZaLa's pic..

lol no wonder this fic is entitLed "Memories".. *giggLes*

hmm.. Rev. MaLchio shouLd've recognized CagaLLi's voice, ne?

him and his are diFferent though they both pertain to a maLe..

Ooh.. the kidz in the orphanage caLL CagaLLi by name? no, Mrs. or Ms.?

hmm.. that means.. the doc isn't Like the piLots of FLASH who get brainwashed.. is that it?

tick? thick? angLe? angeL?

okaa-sans fEeding their chiLd is reaLLy quite a sight.. -

"Yzak gaped Like a fish

and Shiho shut him up with a kiSs." lol that just had to rhyme, ne? XD

sLap him hard on the chEek? lol I've got this fEeLing as to why.. XP

Ooh.. Cags is going to PLANTS! maybe she'LL sEe the photo aLbum and remember.. she has memories there, ne? maybe.. just.. maybe.. that's why you toLd us the aLbum was important, ne?

hmm.. they shouLd've asked Rev. MaLchio if he was abLe to taLk to the girL or something.. so they'd know that she isn't a bad person..

"He’s the one keeping my aLready broken heart beating,” aww.. Love the Line! XD

lol it's a miracLe! Shinn's the one teLLing Athrun to cOoL down! oh my! XD

whoever did that to Vera's boSs wasn't nice.. gueSs he had the right to be angry demo, kiLLing oFf the whoLe human race? heLL no! that's tOo much! XC

aww.. tOo bad.. someone did Love him demo, he kiLLed her oFf tOo? tsk, tsk.. what a waste.. .

Aiden? matured? lol gueSs he got that from Athrun.. XD

hmm.. if she can't remember the one who reaLLy carries the name "ZaLa".. then it is hard to remember how she became one..

lol Aiden can't eat the cone since it's tOo hard for him, eh? cute LiL' guy.. XD

hmm.. I wonder if Ethan had some access around PLANTS since he got a car from who knows where.. lol XD


the ChiLd of Mr. and Mrs. ZaLa eh? gueSs it wouLd be changed to ChiLdren since ChLoe came in..

I wonder what the paSsword is.. hmm..

grEek god? Athrun? oh yeah! he couLd be Adonis! XD

“One thank god you stopped pacing.." lol oh Kira! XD

aww.. Ethan.. ;'{

“Orb is a thing, it can be repLaced, and nothing wiLL happen to it, as for my nephew, he’s irrepLaceabLe,” aww.. Kira's being a great uncLe! :D

Shiho was in her Gundam tOo? de-demo! she's pregnant! isn't she? o_o

"Rey came and attacked Kira and he was surprised at how advance Rey was." why did Rey attack Kira? -_

Ann caLLed Cags by her name! right where Athrun couLd hear them! hOo boy! XD

“He caLLed me CagaLLi ZaLa,” HE as in.. Ethan, ne?

hospitaL? in a ship? hmm.. maybe the infirmary wouLd sound better.. :)

ahh yes.. the ZaLa charm.. ;

lol Athrun's gaze couLd intimidate nearLy as of anyone! XD

spiky hair? hmm.. Aiden must've got that from Cags, ne?

hmm.. she Let the kid crawL around the pLace? isn't that.. bad for the kid? I mean.. the pLace is a ship.. hmm.. nah.. gueSs they hept it cLean for the baby, ne?

"I remembered aLL the tears I shed.

The memories of those times kept on coming in my head." lol that just had to rhyme? XD

uh.. why did that "thing" throw burning coaL at Vera?

hmm.. sharks seem to Like Cags very much eh?

Ooh.. a LiL' Athrun in a piLot suit eh? cute! ;D

hmm.. now that I think about it.. Athrun never did say the words "I Love you" in GS or GSD.. demo, in his case with Cags.. there were no words nEeded.. a kiSs shared by those two expLains it aLL..

lol she threw the braceLet on his head.. XD

not hurt? Athrun's Lying.. anyone wouLd be hurt if the one they Love doesn't remember them.. .

"Why couLdn’t he find her, catch a gLimpse of her Like other?" 'coz it was meant to be? I dunno.. *shrugs* ask the author.. she wants to buiLd up the excitement.. lol XD

deficientLy? definiteLy? here? hear? span? spun? expect? except? there? their? wench? wrench? to? two? boats? boots?

Cags sounds so emo when she wrote her confeSsion in the snow.. ;)

what's with her back? -_

hmm.. most kidz cry when their sand castLes faLL apart.. gueSs Aiden's diFferent.. he sees things in their brighter side, ne?

it couLd be the sandbox.. or it couLd aLso be the fact that he goes to the beach and pLays with the sand there..

Athrun hoLding his chest in pain? reminds me when he toLd Kira to go after Lacus in GSD..

"..he’LL be the one to crawL back to us.” that's right Aiden! crawL! crawL boy! XD

wOot! woOt! Aiden punched the "thing" in the face? woOhOo! he's got some Athrun in him! oh yeah! XD

*Laughing her head oFf* Aiden was enjoying the bungEe jumping? lol XD

*faLLs over Laughing* Aiden wanted to "pLay" with that "thing"? lol XD

hmm.. I wonder how Aiden did that.. taking the buLLet oFf of that "thing".. hmm..

aww.. bOoboO.. XD

yeah.. it ain't coLd in there anymore.. since Aiden brought in the Light.. -

Let's imagine that "things" experiments as the experiments of BLue Cosmos in GSD on the Extendeds onLy.. worse.. XC

Cags was aLtered tOo? 0_0

“I’m a freak?”

“No, you’re my CagaLLi.” aww.. for a sec there.. Cags was sound Like a bit funny, for me.. that it.. demo, Athrun ended up making things swEet.. kawaii!

*grins* Shinn reaLLy wanted to shOot the guy there huh? :D

Jack, the LiL' brother Cags never had? I thought she thought of Kira as her LiL' brother, ne? xp

isn't Jack's okaa-san his famiLy? and Cags as weLL?

Mir's done a huge roLe in this.. especiaLLy when she taLked with Cags about the Circumstances..

hmm.. how was Athrun abLe to open the dOor? ~_ hmm.. *sighs* oh weLL.. that's Athrun.. *shrugs*

lol now Cags knew what Athrun thought when he woke up to find Cags nowhere around his reach..

BIG QUESTION: what was Aiden pointing at? better yet.. who? that he got aLL cranky..

lol Aiden doesn't Like baths eh? XD

lol she feLL on the stairs again.. just Like how this started..

“CagaLLi is there anything you need; I’m going to caLL Mr. ZaLa straight away,” the maids caLL her by name?

lol no sharing of the bed? nice way to punish a guy.. XD

lol nowhere Land? XD

lol in the end.. the girLs won.. XD

Hurt Athrun Day it is.. :p

lol SteLLar's direct to the point.. XD

aww.. a stuFfed Infinite Justice? that wouLd be nice..

uhm.. didn't Athrun give Cags her gOod morning kiSs by her neck?

yay! ChLoe!

nyWeiZ, banzai! done! I'm finaLLy done! woOhOo! heLL yeah! *grinning Like crazy* phew! with this over.. I'LL start reviewing for "Circumstances" now.. sugoii fic! this fic has a Lot of Love and famiLy into it.. awesome! ;'p

P.S. the one we Least expect to huh? I wonder who..

jaa ne in "Circumstances"! ;p
PinkPrincess511 chapter 58 . 3/29/2008
Good story!
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