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Reimei-Tsuki chapter 1 . 5/11/2009
read this a long time ago and absolutley loved is, so i'm re-reading it. ). i don't know where you were taking the story, but i hope you finish it! its SO amazing and really good! it's one of my favorite stories of read and very well written. )
Reimei-Tsuki chapter 7 . 9/14/2008
Oh, that was so good! the best itsukixkaname ive read yet! please put up the next chapter. im dieing to know what happens between itsuki and kaname! i love the story so far!
Pachinko-candies chapter 7 . 4/23/2008
I've been following this fanfic since it started and each chapter has been astoundingly perfect. I mean the angst and self degredation that Itsuki has gone through kept me on the edge of my seat hoping that Kaname would get it in his Mana infested mind that maybe he likes Itsuki a little more than just friends and is using Mana as a cover up.

But sadly the infestation of Mana-ism pollutes his mind; its not that I hate the girl its just that she's so annoyingly nice that you can't help but be nice back because of her innocence.

Anyways back on topic...please...Please...PLEASE! For the sanity of the fans of your story !UPDATE! so that we may praise your lovely story and find out what happens to poor ol' Itsuki and Kaname with his Mana infested brain.

Dear goodness this is the longest reply that I've ever written and I usually give about one small paragraph. BUT, Kaname snap out of it before Itsuki goes and does something terrible that you both will regret.

Now that I've gotten that off of my chest... . !

XO'MagickMoon'OX chapter 7 . 10/7/2007
OMG do you know what my reaction was when this update alert fell into my Inbox? Literally: "*gasp* GASP" Yes, I did that thing I do sometimes that my friends make fun of me for, when I gasp and then say the word "Gasp!" in a gasp. Fortunately it was late and no one was downstairs with me, so I didn't get any weird looks. xD

BUT OHMYGOD. You updated. You updated you updated you updated! It made my heart happy. :D Ahahahaha, Katsu-sama's poetry! I actually went back and reread that part, and it made me giggle. xD Funny I hadn't noticed that little rhyming there before!

But this chapter... *fans self* Oh deary me, it was gorgeous. It was such a relief, really, to read your writing again. I always feel like my time was well spent on whatever I read of yours, because it's entertaining and enriching and AMAZING. (I almost went with 'enthralling' there, to keep that "en-" alliteration going, xD but nah.) But really, it's great. I really hope you publish something someday, because I would love to be able to own a copy of it and say, "This is one of my favorite authors!" Oh, wishful thinking. But anywho.

I loved how easy it was to get back into this. After looking over chapter 5 to give myself a little refresher, I just slipped right back into the universe and fell in love all over again. Poor Itsuki! Haruna wins more amazing points for just being...amazing. One line I really liked there in the very beginning was, "She passed him a cup of water, which he drank gratefully. Greedily. He handed back the empty cup." I like the succinctness of the last two phrases, and how "Greedily" is set off like that; evidence of the powerful way in which you write. *heart*

And Itsuki had a visitor did he? Oh Kirihara, you kind soul you. I liked the way you put her in there like that; she's so true to her character! Your IC-ness is always so good. Unconscious of the extent of her powers, forever concerned for the well-being of others... this line right here basically summed it up: "But Kirihara’s smiling face came to his mind and he could not bring himself to think ill of her. Whatever she had done, she had done for his sake." Word, yo. xD

"It disconcerted him. Better to talk and hope the sound blotted it out. He was so weak; his thoughts were so flimsy- a bit of noise would scare them away. He had to talk. Anything." Lovely description. But, oh, Kaname! Why didn't you come visit your poor suffering love- I mean, friend? Ahhah, okay, we all know why. But that was so sad, still. And when Itsuki went on that little self-hate tirade, my heart broke. And Haruna's concern was wonderful. And the way it led into that little conversation about Kaname- more heart-breaking material right there.


She was already tying a fresh bandage around his arm. “Be quiet, Naoya! How can you stand to hurt yourself so? You’ll suffer enough trying to win Lord Kusakabe back!”

“As if I ever had him in the first place,” Itsuki muttered.

A heavy pause.

He looked up. “Haruna?”

She was looking at him curiously. “Is…is that what yesterday was about?”



Oh, Itsuki! Oh, Kaname! Oh, everyone! *cries* It was so sweet and sad, that talk about Kaname. How Itsuki lost control because he's angry at Kaname, angry at himself, angry at everything, hurt because he seems to be losing Kaname. And so eloquently put, so subtle, as per usual. Itsuki skirts the heart of the matter with the whole Kaname's-one-of-my-closest-friends bit. And Haruna's part was priceless: "Her lips quirked; it was an odd gesture. It did not fit her somehow. 'Of course.' Then, a sigh. 'What a thing to have a steady friend.'" SHE'S ON TO YOU, ITSUKI! lol, as she has been from the beginning.


Oh man, what is there to say about the next scene? In the bathroom? Well, in so few words, it was twisted, gruesome, heart-rending, and absolutely beautiful. It seemed very different from your usual style with long, delicately spun sentences of description and rich sensory details. This time, it was harsher and more brusque, with fragmented sentences and incomplete thoughts- and it all just made the scene that much stronger. Because it was a scene of harshness and staggering thoughts. The description was still there, as always, those wonderfully painted pictures, but now they were just painted in a different style that better suited the atmosphere.

The way Itsuki segued from hysterical laughter (which actually had me laughing nervously myself) to hysterical sobbing was brilliant. I could see it so clearly in my head, and those jarring, fragmented sentences,

"Still, he laughed. He laughed until he cried.

And then.

And then he was truly crying."

With your usual literary devices woven in, that amazing descriptive language, "face almost buried in the basin like a child burying into his mother’s comforting shoulder" and "felt like the god Haesmondis putting his face into his mother’s lap." And there were those gruesome images too, like "His chest felt as if it had collapsed in on itself. There was nothing there, anymore. The sternum was fragmented, his ribs had bent to impossible angles." and "His lungs, what had happened to them? Perhaps they had flattened into paper; perhaps they had fallen into his stomach and withered in the wash of gastric acid."

But my favorite? My favorite was the description of his heart. "It had been thrown back like a fish onto land, where it lay there struggling and gasping." The way you used that metaphor was amazing.

"He could not bear watching it flop and flail so pathetically. He had taken it back; he had eaten it. He had eaten his own heart and found the taste bitter and gritty.

And now, he was vomiting it back up."

The sight, the smell, the taste, the feel- everything was there. I actually almost felt sick myself- ahhah, but of course, in this case that's a good thing, a testament to your incredible ability to bring, drag, pull, your readers into your head, into your world. And for that, I will forever be a devoted fan of your writing.

Ituski, my heart sobs for you! Half of me hopes things will look up soon, but the other half... the one that feeds on angst and drama, is hoping that this will go on for a little longer. ;; Either way, Kaname better get his act together! Kaname and Itsuki both! And what's going to happen when Itsuki faces everyone again? I do not see very pretty things in the future. Update more, please! :D

Oh, and what's this of replacing chapter six? Why? I loved that chapter... ughsigh, well, you're the artist. Your eye is probably far more accurate and critical than mine. But don't be too harsh on yourself, you know! *pot calling the kettle black* Either way, I trust your judgment and have faith in your writing; I know it'll be great. :D
Luciver chapter 7 . 10/6/2007
Oh my, I've MISSED this fic.

It feels so great to have it back. :D

missmilktea chapter 1 . 11/29/2006
isn't it true that you can really hear the author's personality behind the voice they use to write the story?
XO'MagickMoon'OX chapter 6 . 10/7/2006
*spazzes* CAI-KUN:heart:KATSU-SAMA! (Gotta love those G.G.'s ;D) Oh my god... I absolutely loved this chapter, as I told you once before. It was so amazing... beyond-words amazing. 8D And yet, I will find a way to put my love for you and this story and this chapter into words. Intelligible words, even! Oh... I'm good. xDD

First I'll go through my favorite parts (prepare for a long review that is half made up of your words ):


But when the Prime Minister managed to claim some sleep, Caius was in his dreams. It was understandable, of course; the ministry assistant was around him much of the time. Why wouldn't his subconscious put him in a passing casual dream? Except they weren't. They were the awful sensual passionate dreams that he woke from with his breath racing and his face flushed. They were the kinds of dreams that he should have made himself forget the very second he opened his eyes. Not the kind he should have thought about again and again. Not the kind that would come rushing back to him and make him fight down a blush whenever he was in Caius's presence.

Much to his surprise, he very matter-of-factually accepted this strange new butterfly that had hatched from the chrysalis in his heart; he had no inner turmoil about his love for another man. He had no confusion, no denial. He just knew.

He loved him.

It was as simple as that.


So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o beautiful, and hott at the same time. Katsu-sama dreaming about Cai-kun. xD And the description at the end, with the butterfly... *fizzles* so gorgeous. You never cease to amaze me with your godly writing skillz xD.


He only remembered his lips caressing Caius's soft desirable mouth with infinite gentleness, infinite care. Like a bow brushes lovingly across a violin's strings. Like a butterfly strokes its delicate wings against a translucent flower petal. Oh gods, how he remembered that. Faint inaudible breath roared in his ears. His heartbeat seemed to be magnified a thousand times and tinned into his brain; every sound his mouth made as it planted soft kisses sounded as loud as the gathering thunderstorm outside his shuttered window. He heard something like the sound of silk sliding against satin as the lips against his pressed back lightly, fearfully. And then, a quiet sigh.

Maybe seconds passed, maybe minutes. Maybe time paused for a span. Every single particle of him glowed like a host of fireflies.


Again with that take-the-reader's-breath-away description. *gawks and admires* I really wish I could write even as half as well as you do, and at the same time I love you for being such an amazing writer because I get to enjoy your writing. :D And for that, I thank you. *bows*

AndI also loved the part where Katsu-sama's being all miserable. That short-ish part in ze middehl. It was so sad and beatiful. And to follow it up! there was the confrontation. That was positively my FAVORITE part in the WHOLE chapter... with Cai-kun's breakdown... oh, I am such a sucker for angst and drama. I thrive on the stuff. Without it, my reading/writing experience would surely not be as wonderful as it is. I especially liked this snippet:

"Katsuragi clung to him determinedly. Caius reminded him of a deer he had seen once in the Arwyl woodland. Skittish. Wild. Beautiful. And just as he would with an agitated creature, he tried to calm him. 'It's all right,' he whispered as he hesitatingly stroked Caius's hair. 'Esqui…Cadmus, calm down; you are not yourself. It's all right.'" I love the imagery.

This chapter had every element I could ask for.

Development of feelings.





And, each of the aforementioned elements plus yaoi plus your writing equals a very very very very very very very happy Magick.

Will you hold it against me if I rant about your writing a little more? Really, there is so much emotion in the way you write. The figurative language... the descriptiveness... it really is absolutely astounding. I look up to you so much as a writer! I love reading your work not only for the enjoyment factor, but the enrichment factor. You use words I don't know, and I am a vocabulary freak. I love vocabulary, I love the English language, and I love when people use it as beautifully as you do. And I just really do feel more capable as a writer after reading your work; I feel like I've come away with something valuable, even if I can't name it.

And.. again.. the emotion! *implodes* It's amazing! I really feel something while reading this... And I just love it. I don't know how else to put it. I love this story. It has to be one of the best fanfictions I've ever read on FFN, and probably one of the best stories I've ever read, period. Whatever you do, keep it up! (I know I don't really have to tell you that, but ya know ;D)

Ja! Much love!
ryoku1 chapter 5 . 10/4/2006
I absolutly loved this chapter! The fight scene was wonderfully done and it displayed an amazing about of emotion. Absolutly wonderful!
Luciver chapter 5 . 10/3/2006
This chapter was ELECTRIC.

First, I have to say the way you handled the fight was beautiful. I saw it all just as you described it.

One of my favorite lines of this story was in this chapter. The one when he decides if he can't get Kaname's face to smile at him like that, then he'll destroy it. That's just one of those lines that makes your stomach drop and your mouth go into a little 'O' because you know some serious angst is about to go down, and you love it.

And Mizunagi was ALWAYS my favorite too! But then again, I DO have an obsession with heartless chainsmokers XD

At the part when Haruna was drunk and all, 'I know Itsuki,' I so wanted him to be all, 'Oh you mean the fact I'm head over heels for Kaname? Yeah...that...!' But alas, he was all Mr. Innocent-in-ignorance.

And! I love how Itsuki wasn't sure if he would have killed Kaname. Itsuki's such a three-dimensional character, I love it.

So, I'll stop gushing. And re-read it. Again.

Wonderful new chapter! Woh.
XO'MagickMoon'OX chapter 5 . 10/2/2006
Wai more of Courageous Fire!11! *dances* This was a great chapter, not shoddy at all, in meh professional opinion. xD But... oh my god.. poor Itsuki... and Haruna knows! Yus! *pumps fist* We should start a support group... for Itsuki, and we can have signs! Signs encouraging Itsuki to go for it! To get Kaname, because they so belong together! Itsuki and Kaname, sitting in a tree, F-U-C-

*rotten tomatoes are thrown at Magick*

* Itsuki*

(sniff) And I was only trying to help you! Jez! Okay, sorry for my complete and utter nonsense.. I blame the late hour. I'm always hyper at night. And I also blame this amazing chapter that now has me all hyped up! *bounces*

And so the naiads and nereids are introduced. xD I really love those terms. Aw, and Kaname and Itsuki's little chit-chat about Madame Shade... xD So sad though! Really, Itsuki's just like... x_x;; He needs a hug! He needs to tell Kaname how he feels! Then again, he doesn't really even know how he feels, so how can he, ne? He'll figure it out... I mean, really, his sister already has! *cheers for Haruna* Yay! Hopefully she'll help him out...

I l-o-o-o-o-oved this, that went from this part:


“I shall never win out against you, shall I?” Kusakabe smiled. “But I forget- we always have tied at everything.” Itsuki looked at his dark glittering eyes, his softly curved mouth.

Itsuki swallowed and the colour suddenly ran high in his face. “Are you thirsty?” he said quickly. “I believe I am. Hold a moment, would you?” He turned on his heel and fled to the refreshment table.


(scrolls down) this part:


“No,” he amended softly. “One.”

He accepted the glass the server gave him and turned his back to the scene to reach for a jug.


Again... so sad! Gar... Itsuki... *sniff* Why must you suffer so? "Why her brother insisted on torturing himself, she didn’t know. She sighed sadly." I couldn't have said it better myself. I feel for Haruna. Okay, no more talking about Haruna... I've already mentioned her name like fifty times (exaggerates). xDD

Anyway, can I really express my love for this story more than I already have? I think not. But the next chapter! Yay Cai-kun and Katsu-sama! *sings and dances in circles* I will read it soon... since I must do that horrid thing called sleep now... -_-;; And I will get to Dark Priest, I promise! I hate all this bombardment of STUFF. I think teachers should just leave their poor students be, ne?

And... I don't know the symbolism of the crickets, sadly... I looked... but I can't think right now. I know it will come to me! It will! x-x;
OK-kun chapter 6 . 10/2/2006
Yay! Great chapters! _

I've only two things to say:

1. Good work. (As usual)

2. What took so long? :P
neurofeces chapter 4 . 7/19/2006
HA! I had my suspicions. Is Amou the survivor of the two men who were supposed to be killed? I've been wondering that for ages, but I'm not sure if I mentioned it. (And I find it slightly hard to beleive you would kill off Nakaura-san if you like him so much...)

Hee. Tracer married to Kirihara's aunt! I think you're going to start a whole new pairing block in my little list...I love Tracer's character to death, and I am pleased beyond words that you've included him in such a way. *grins widely* And I suppose by introducing him he would have conenctions to Nakaura and therefore to Amou, which would allow you to bring them in, but perhaps you wouldn't do something that way or perhaps you would, and I really shouldn't be so closely psychoanalyzing your story. _

*blocks Nakaura's blows* Hyu! No killing my favorite author! the power of christ comples you!

Nakaura: *blink* really didn't use that right at all-*smacked by NF's dreaded fan-appreciation noodle*

Amou: Tomonori-san!

*epic battle with lots of burst of fireballs takes place in which by the end, everyone is served a nice hot plate of fettachine alfredo from the remains of NF's weapon* I really need to make the pairing auntie Natsumi/Tracer...KS-sama would adore it.
NowOrNever chapter 4 . 7/1/2006
Awr, poor Itsuki. :( Kaname should realize it's Itsuki he loves, not Kirihara, and leave her and go to Itsuki. And then they can live in a magical bubble where nothing and no one will ever bother them again. Yeah... I should be shot for that last part. Anyway. Aside from the poor Itsuki-angst and Kaname not being quick on the uptake, this is a really good story. Well, all of it's good, the Itsuki-angst and Kaname-slowness just saddens me. I hope you update soon. :) Good luck!


Luciver chapter 3 . 6/18/2006
My view on flower symbolism. Also on crack. And I probably got it wrong. Does he just...drop the flower? I don't rememebr and I'm too lazy to look. For this, he's left/dropped the flower.

Okay, Itsuki has the flower first. This represents him feeling the pull of love, and eventually recognizing it first. He alone has the flower, which represents that he thinks/practically is (or atleast he believes he is) alone in his feelings.

He leaves the flower. I think this symbolizes him leaving the love. Giving up, learning to live with it, finding someone else to atleast TRY to fill the void Kaname has/will leave, something!

And then Kaname picks up the flower and tucks it away. Symbolizes him realizing Itsuki loves him and reciprocating? Or something..? ARGH. I don't know.

I just know they better end up together. And the sad thing is, I can't hate Mana.

Damn it.
Luciver chapter 4 . 6/17/2006
I absolutely adore this story. It's utterly IC, and I have no idea how you're going to get Kaname and Itsuki together. But that's what makes it fun! This is great. The descriptions carry powerful meanings and subtle innuendos that really make you think. The poetry fits perfectly and blends well with the story, accenting it wonderfully.

My heart aches with Itsuki, and I'm really starting to get irritated with Kaname, heh. I just want...more. A confrontation, perhaps? I can't wait. This is a story told incredibly well, and as a fellow AU author I can only stand in envious awe.

As they stepped, Kusakabe spun his friend violently; Itsuki looked at him in a detached haze before pulling at his friend roughly. The hand at Kusakabe's shoulder slid further. To back of his neck. To his dark hair. Foreheads touched so unfocused eyes could better see one another. The pair danced on not because they chose to but because they could not stop.

That has to be my favorite description, right there. Just, sets you on fire with details. I'm wondering if Kaname is as oblivious to Itsuki as he seems? He probably is. Psh, men.

I WILL be stalking this story. If this fandom were more known, I'm sure it would have hundreds of reviews by now. Bravo!
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