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Evilkitten3 chapter 29 . 6/1/2016
Evilkitten3 chapter 6 . 6/1/2016
So... his name is Mordecai, huh... I can see why he wouldn't be too fond of the Pharaoh. XD
Evilkitten3 chapter 2 . 6/1/2016
So... did you by any chance get those riddles from that one book about dragons?
NekomataFangirl chapter 29 . 11/21/2014
Noo, BTBT please don't end!
Final chapter, here I come.

OMG an STD joke in the middle of the battle?! Ha, why not! How did Otogi manage to think of THAT in his current state and in such situation xD

'Blood spread over their hands like soap' I like this simile.

Why is Otogi cracking jokes?! Ha! He is so badass

Ah, so no-one's died? That's a surprise. And Honda's soul got a happy ending.

I am hating the jump from the desert to the game shop- I don't want this fic to be over. It is too good, it was too good seeing them all go down...It can't end on a happy note!

Well, at least with grandpa dead, all of the guys can live together at the game shop without having to pay rent.

Aww the doctor :) but then maybe he died in thee hospital after the explosion
I hoped Bakura would come back to Earl. I am content.

Finally at peace.
All good things come to an end. It's 6.40 am. Oh I wish so much there was one more chapter...
I was thinking everyone would die. I did not think they would all survive ever. I thought Bakura and Ryou would die side by side, destroying the demon. Ah the cherry basket of surprises. I feel such emptiness now that BTBT is all done. This story made me so excited, it made me laugh at inappropriate things and all, and now it's over; no more unknowns. I cannot even summarise the whole story from the void I am feeling. You know a read was good when you feel this way. I'm distraught. Perhaps binge reading has its side effects! I will sleep now, to forget that this story is over. It was so detailed and intricate, so absolutely unpredictable, and on a completely different strata of maturity from Screams of Shadows. True talent, dedication and skills shine through the chapters ever so brightly. 4 years of work, concluded with such power in the previous chapters, shifting to calmness and lightness now...just peace. Now let Ferris Ulf's Killer Bees rock me to my sleep.
NekomataFangirl chapter 28 . 11/21/2014
Oh poop, Ryou is alive. Stay dead dead men! I do love the twists though.
Why is Mokuba allowed to be around when they are fighting?! He should have stayed in the jet!
I have to remark on my gladness of the real form of Zork being Malik (not Barney the dinosaur as some described the anime form before, ha!). Awesome awesomness, I am 2/3 way through! I want this battle to last forever so that the fic never ends!

Kaiba will SO murder everybody. Unless they all manage to keep it all a secret.

'I don't know...they're just laying there' i laughed at this.

Oh that cliffie there! If I had to wait for an update, I would be very annoyed :D

Onto the last chapter ASAP!
NekomataFangirl chapter 27 . 11/21/2014
Oh shit the pharaoh's killed Ryou just like that? Aww, I was hoping for some more drama. Okay, so one's down. Let's see how many more perish
NekomataFangirl chapter 26 . 11/21/2014
I know the ending to this story- Kaiba finds out the guys let Mokuba tag along, and he obliterates everybody and everything till the world collapses on itself. What were the guys thinking taking a child on a battle trip?! You'd think that, since Mokuba is with them, they could at least school him in summoning his ka? That would somewhat raise his chances of survival. Maybe not actually- whatever hits Mokuba will kill him whether with his ka summoned or not, since he is a child unversed in magic, but at least he would feel less powerless. Oh guys, not awfully sensible here!

'He chewed on the cigarette' WHAT? Not sure how one does that but it sounds like something I want to try.

I very much enjoy Jou becoming increasingly brainy, as well as Anzu turning even more active. They all know there is no way out of the situation and they are all willing to give it their best.

'Someone could have saved the world yesterday unbeknownst to anyone! And there will be someone to save the world after today... if we make sure there is a tomorrow'. The best line of this chapter. As always- put in simple words, with great power boiling over. Beautiful.

Pahaha, so it's not Ra but BLSoldier who's Yami's ka? Ha! That's a bummer! I guess it's Diabound vs Zork now. Ha! I bet everyone feels as if they just got a pair of ugly socks for christmas; their disappointment must be peaking ha! 'There was the slight let down that Ra was not his ka'. SLIGHT! Yeah, and Marik should quit bitching, he has the Silver Fang, even Mokuba has a ka of a greater value I bet! Bummer of the year xD I love it. I was anticipating Ra, but then it would be cliché, and this story is never such.

It says 'Yami and Otogi glanced at one another'. I think it's Yami and Marik. Hehe 'mink link' ;)

Whoa, an immense weight is on Anzu now- if the guys dies, she is to lead the last rebellion. I wonder if she would became hateful, I wonder if she's capable of desiring cruel revenge. There has not been that much insight into her head so far. It will definitely be interesting to see where it all goes.

Jou has the right track for invoking the battle spirit.

Onto the battle chapter! I may need to get diapers in case any of the guys die, in which case not only tears will flow. Please guys stay strong.
NekomataFangirl chapter 25 . 11/21/2014
Uhh Bakura, just break the Master's neck! And use your mind link to tell Jou to do the same to that bastard Dagan! Is Kaiba the only person who didn't forget of the effectiveness of non-magical forms of combat?! Please don't die on me...

Zork is nice. He may be ultra evil, but then he:
1) didn't kill Mokuba after the buildings collapsed
2) didn't actually kill anyone innocent at all
3) didn't torture anyone but Otogi
4) didn't torture otogi for pleasure, just to strike the deal
5) cares about Ryou's body
6) didn't blast anyone to the shadow realm
7) didnt kill anyone gruesomely for having a part in destroying the items
8) is having a nice chilled time with Otogi in Kairo (as opposed to doing evil things for pleasure)

Zork is not a villain. He is fighting for his survival with all he has, just like out other characters. Just that he has much more power compared to the others. And yes, I know he needs Otogi, but still- he doesn't torture or kill anyone for pure pleasure, like he could, being a demon of the shadow realm and all. I'm sure if the guys were more cooperative in the past, everything would be fine- they could have worked it all out instead of fighting. I'm sure that was not the intention with this character, but I like Zork.

So Zork has a ka then? Or can he only use kas of his hosts? Perhaps demon souls are composed of different elements and that may not include ka. I'm intrigued.

Ah Diabound is finally brought back to life! A major advantage, finally yey!
NekomataFangirl chapter 24 . 11/20/2014
I cannot begin to outline how incriminatingly livid Kaiba must be for being dragged into this. He's only lend them a jet and now he and Mokuba are in deathly danger, with duel monsters attacking, a maniacal Master pursuing them, and a demonlord from the Shadow Realm involved. Uhh, help someone out these days

Hmm unless millennium items are resurrected/remade, only Otogi has enough power to stop Zork methinks.

Aww such a pleasant end note amidst all death and gloom!
Everyone will be so happy to see them alive, if Bakura and Jou return. IF they return.
NekomataFangirl chapter 23 . 11/20/2014
Ha, Seth has discovered that cooperating with Zork is easier than making Bakura do something. This is somewhat hilarious.

I am glad Anzu is finally up and about. Having spent so much time unconscious, I wonder what is still in store for her character.
Jou is incredibly brave. They all are really. I do not want this fic to end.

Oh no, not grandpa :/

So now the patriarch is gone... only the doctor left. Otherwise the teens are by themselves. Absolutely horrid.
I am moving swiftly onto the next chapter
NekomataFangirl chapter 22 . 11/20/2014
I was nearly half way through the chapter, thinking to myself that number 22 is lacking in action compared to all drama that has been going on in the previous chapters. And then the middle of the chapter came. I like fireexplosions. I am VERY content.

Can someone please make BTBT into an actual Yu-Gi-Oh spinoff? It would be more gruesome than season 0 and more awesome than *insert your fav series here*. This has GOT to happen.

I absolutely enjoy, after having Honda die, knowing that none of the main characters are safe from dying and any of them can support the body count. It is exciting knowing that anything can happen and any of them can die. As much as I do not want any of them to go, it's still pleasant to be in the area of uncertainty.

The guys need to invest in guns. I can't believe I didnt think of that till Kaiba fired his.
Zorc may be wicked, but he is still nicer than Kaiba.
I can't believe no-one major has died during the fight scene, that's a nice surprise
NekomataFangirl chapter 21 . 11/19/2014
HA! What the actual f*ck! The chapter begins with heavy skies and the guys being exhausted physically and emotionally- I am feeling their weariness and silent fear. And then I am SHRIEKING in laughter at what Yami;s just said! ('well we could have had a dew people shower at a time') This is so much more hilarious than the 'sex' scene! The whole dreariness of the mood set earlier has dissolved completely and I have to calm down to be able to take the rest of the chapter with the seriousness it deserves. Oh this is just too good! Well, Yami certainly aimed to lighten up the atmosphere of imminent doom, since there isn't much else he can do for now. IT'S WORKED. Yami deserves a medal for that remark (as does Ferris of course). In my head this thing is absolutely devastatingly funny. Call me a weirdo, it IS.

Otogi is changing. Once again I must praise the author. The constant flow of new ideas, perfectly in tune with the rest of the story is getting increasingly creative by the chapter. This story is becoming unbelievably good. I would readily pay money to read on- I would readily give up food to continue reading. If I was required to run around my house wearing nothing, just to be able to continue reading this story, I'd be on my way this instant. Can someone explain why this story is on here for free (which is a blessing I am grateful for), why people pay money to read the lowly smut like 50 Shades, making that ill composed book an international bestseller? Everyone: worship this fic! NOW!

Gosh, Kaiba has just criticised himself for arranging blankets in a sloppy manner. This boy is strange. But as always- I do love it.
'While Seto wasn't coldhearted(...)'- I guess I agree- plotting to use Otogi as a weapon even if the boy may die, and refusing to save lives because you don't want to admit you believe in magic doesn't make you coldhearted, just an asshole.
NekomataFangirl chapter 20 . 11/19/2014
I feel so content that somone's finally pointed out that Seth only saved Bakura because of the 'your father' line. But the I got to love Kaiba for being so calculated and self-centred when everything else goes up in flames. I mean who reacts to apparent screams downstairs that may as well indicate someone is being tortured by the forces of darkness by rolling his eyes and saying 'don't these people ever shut up'. I wouldnt want to be around Kaiba myself, but as a reader, I can't not love him!

I am really liking the whole mess with Melvin. It poses more questions. Very interesting. I adore how new subplots are being constantly braided in. This story could go on forever and it would absolutely never get old or boring.

The maturity, displayed with particular sense in this chapter, is staggering compared to Shadows. The darker this story gets, the more meaningful words are being uncovered, more truth revealed. Ryou's crisis is bringing on the most stinging of realities. Once again Ferris' writing can be described as nothing short beautiful and haunting.

Zork rhymes with Spork.

I don't care if Bakura was trying to shield Ryou from Zork targeting him. I will never forgive him anyway.
NekomataFangirl chapter 19 . 11/18/2014
Bakura hugs Marik for the first time but Marik is too deeply distraught to appreciate it :/ I've just realised Jou has lost everyone. If only he stayed more focused...He's becoming another Ryou.

The flashback scene gives such an immense insight into Bakura's psyche. Such a rare occasion. It is incredible that Bakura's decided to reveal that part of himself to anyone.

Beautiful chapter infused with emotions and meaning.
NekomataFangirl chapter 18 . 11/18/2014
The torture description is as revolting as it should be... it shows the utterly horrendous truth of what Bakura's been through. Sickening cruelty. Ha, finally a condesccending sparkle from grandpa! Interesting development with finally figuring out how to use the pendants. Bakura REASURED Ryou? In a non-punchy way? Without making him feel shitty right after? Stuff is getting serious! I wonder why the doctor is sticking by the guys- is he curious to see the magic to the point where he risks his life? Maybe he's a spy for the Master? He stands by them without hesitation not only mending their bodies, but genuinely looking out for them, while not questioning anything that's happened [the otherworldly stuff]. He is an amazing man. The body count rises yey! Sucks to be Shizuka. OMG haha, she got killed off too, I did not expect that. So basically they have traded Honda for Anzu. I can't begin to imagine in how much trouble with the police the guys would be if this was the real world (shadow magic). Maybe if Kaiba wasn't such an ass and got his own Ka up, which no doubt would be very powerful, Honda, Shizuka and her parents would manage to get away. What an ass he is. AWESOME chapter. AWESOME.
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