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Guest chapter 58 . 11/1/2016
Please update soon
Guest chapter 58 . 3/30/2015
Please update soon
Unitarian Jihadist chapter 58 . 11/29/2014
Hey, Nate, I really enjoyed reading thus essay.
Guest chapter 58 . 9/26/2014
I want you to make a sequel featuring jack and ann in the lion king 2 simba's pride.
ograndebatata chapter 58 . 9/20/2014
Well, before I start this review, please let me tell you that I am not very used to actually giving feedback on the reflections of authors in so far as actually giving feedback on such a topic is actually required or advised. After all, each one of us can only agree or disagree with another person's thoughts. If you feel I fail in some manner, my apologies for my ineptitude.

Moving on to my actual comments... speaking for myself, I agree fully with everything you said. Although it can be argued that beauty killed the Beast in that it was Kong's relationship with Ann (no matter what her reciprocation was depending on the version) which lead him to follow her to the village, to the beach and to New York, and it ultimately played a role in his death, it was Carl who had the idea of taking him to New York in the first place, and it was the army and the air force that ultimately tried to kill him and succeeded.

And as far as zoos are concerned... they are a double-edged sword, if I may say so. On one hand, people who visit them can see the animals, and be awed at them, and hopefully in some small way will keep in mind that those animals' compatriots that are still free are to be preserved rather than killed for all the things you described in this essay and maybe some more. And as an aside, some of those are truly awful, and I had no idea that a great number of them were actually made (although I knew of some).

Moving on... on the other hand, you are right when they say that people who visit zoos don't experience the real thing. While my country doesn't have just about any of the fauna yours has, I was lucky enough to visit the Tapada Nacional de Mafra on a field trip, and actually got to see fallow deers and wild boars in freedom (while they are not the only animal species in the park, they're the ones I saw most prominently). It's another thing entirely than to see them in captivity, particularly as far as the wild boars are concerned. I actually got to see them in the Lisbon zoo, and while I don't particularly remember that experience (perhaps that says something about how unremarkable in ultimately was), I remember seeing the free ones very well, and it caused a wholly diferent range of feelings. I can't imagine what it would be like to actually see some of the animals you said you saw, or those most people typically see only in documentaries.

And lastly, I agree with and share your hope that nature can handle what we keep putting it through, and also hope that we, as the supposedly advanced species we are, can change enough to have a different appreciation of it. While we have improved to a degree (in my opinion at least) we certainly could improve even more.

I hope your break has been good so far, and that it remains as good or becomes even better until it ends. Best regards.
The Coyote chapter 58 . 8/15/2014
Look at my review in a witches brew I gave you an idea just look at it when you have time.
ograndebatata chapter 57 . 8/10/2014
Well, it seems the assumption I made in my previous review was right - things did get better. A lot better, even, at least as far as where Jack and Ann are concerned. It seems that it didn't go so well for Carl, but at least, it looks like he's become a better person after he saw the damage caused by his obsession, and while it's unfortunate that such disaster had to come about in order for his eyes to be opened, at least they were opened. And at least, Jack and Ann and even Douglas seem to have... if not forgiven him, at least accepted his remorse as genuine. Good for Carl, because he's already going to have his hands full dealing with what's about to happen to him.

As far as Jack and Ann go... well, I can only say that you have once again showed how good a writer you are when you wrote their interactions in the last chapter. Just about everything between them, from their remorse at the pain they caused one another to their finally confessing their feelings, came across as not only excellently written, but as believable and true to their characters.

And their finally catching a break after the turmoil both of them endured over the last months was most certainly well earned. I hope it lasts for as long as possible before the fourth act of this story begins, which is presumably when their break will end (although I hope that whatever they endure then doesn't shake their relationship).

Well, I wish I could say more about this chapter, but ultimately, just about everything in it is so great and so well-executed that I seem to find myself a bit robbed of words. The last comment I can add is a bit redundant, but I hope you accept it as a reassurance in case I wasn't obvious enough before. Rest assured, I found this aftermath chapter very engaging and emotionally satisfying, and I only don't say that I found as engaging and satisfying as you did when writing it because I have no way of measuring your feelings with the required precision.

Congratulations for this excellent chapter, and deepest wishes of a good rest and of good luck in the planning of this story's fourth act.
ograndebatata chapter 56 . 8/6/2014
Well, from the ending of this chapter, it seems Jack found himself out of one predicament only to get into another (or maybe even in two others) but at least he's already out of one of those as well, and the other one appears solvable, mainly considering Jack himself said he's ready to do it.

And it seems he did realize what Ann was about to do right when he arrived to the top of the Empire State Building. I fully second what I said about both of them being relieved that Jack got there when he did.

It's good to see that they had some time to enjoy that relief, but it seems to have lasted too little, given what they saw when they exited the building. It appears Kong ended up in quite a messier state than the movie shows him in (if my memory serves me right, in the movie he looks no more banged up than a teddy bear that fell from a couch). Poor guy. Still, I understand where you are coming from, and congratulate you on including that bit of realism.

I also congratulate Jack for fending off those reporters, and congrulate also the police officers who helped him, and lastly, his brother Douglas for arriving when he did. And while some might call it a pity that Carl came along, we know from the movie that he was there, and that he turned out to be more than a big pile of crap when he finally saw what happened to Kong, so that makes his presence tolerable, at least (although Douglas didn't seem to share those sentiments, and I can't say I blame him for it either).

Either way, things seem about to get better, though Jack and Ann will probably have to tolerate the media's hounding for a while longer, and Jack still hasn't managed to say those three words. One can only wish him luck and hope he gets around to it soon.

But whether he does or not, this was another excellent chapter. Congratulations for it!
ograndebatata chapter 55 . 8/4/2014
Well, as I said in a previous review, I am very much relieved to see Jack out of the predicament he found himself in, and now I fully second that statement. It is a bit of a bad point that he now has a massive headache, but still, it must beat what he found himself in,

And poor Kong did find himself in... well, in what we know from watching the movie. It was heartwrenching in it, and your written version of it doesn't fall behind, though at least it is mitigated to a (minor) degree by the fact he has a few slivers of happiness to cling to. That's probably more than some people can say when going through that part of their lives.

Poor Ann as well. There seems to be the implication of what she is thinking in the movie, but to actually read those thoughts as they were going through her mind... one can only be relieved that Jack got there when he did. And I'm sure that both Jack and Ann were relieved that was the case until the end of their days. Hopefully, there will be plenty of those, and each one of them will be as happy as possible, because both of them already endured enough heartache.

Another excellent chapter. Congratulations for it!
ograndebatata chapter 54 . 7/21/2014
Well, I do not currently recall whether I have said this about any of your other chapters or not, but even if I did, I believe I can say it with full confidence about this one anyway: this chapter easily ranks as one of the very best in this story.

The reunion between Ann and Kong, as written from both of their points of view, is among not only the most heartwarming moments of this story, but probably among the most heartwarming pieces of writing I ever read. Your description of what both of them were feeling and thinking is perfect, and I can honestly say I felt very happy for both of them at that moment.

The only real downside to it is the fact that Kong's time is coming, and that is very sad to think about. But that is hardly your fault, as it was the movie itself that took that path, and I can only guess this story also will, though I may be surprised.

Either way, and whatever happens next, congratulations on this great chapter!
ograndebatata chapter 53 . 7/20/2014
When I reviewed the last chapter, I said I expected Jack to get out of the predicament he found himself in, but in spite of that, I have to say I am very much relieved to see that it was indeed the case.

With that said, I have to confess I was, just like Jack himself, a tad bit puzzled as to why he was worthy of getting out of it, even after both explanations he was given. However, like Jack himself pointed out, one doesn't look a gift horse in the mouth, and although this particular one was not gifted to me, I won't complain on Jack's behalf either. I will only say it is good to see him alright and back in action, even though, if the movie is anything to go by, any actual action he'll engage in will be fairly limited.

I'm sorry this review is a bit short, but I can't seem to find much to say about this chapter. Still, I would like to add that, like the others before it, it was an excellent chapter. Congratulations!
Maran Zelde chapter 58 . 7/13/2014
Congratulations on finishing the third act! You deserve a break; I just hope it's not TOO long.

Yeah, Carl isn't as evil as Scar or Nduli. He didn't intend to hurt anyone, but his lust for fame and fortune blinded him to the deadly risk he was taking with people's lives. It's still hard to feel sympathy for him, though; I think he's getting exactly what he deserves.

I'm glad Douglas put aside is personal feelings about Ann to take care of her, as a doctor should.

It was really sweet when Jack declared his love for Ann, and it was a high note to end the third act on.

Your essay (for lack of a better word) was very well thought out. I've had more and more mixed feelings about zoos as I've matured. They're excellent for educating people about animals, especially endangered species, but on the other hand it seems cruel to imprison an animal that would have 50 miles of territory, or migrate thousands of miles in the wild.

I once saw fully mature bald eagle on my morning commute - truly a majestic sight and much more breathtaking than seeing one perched in a flight cage.
ograndebatata chapter 52 . 7/12/2014
When I read the last chapter, I was surprised that a certain show went on for a bit longer than I would have imagined... and upon reading this one, I am surprised that another show was ruined because of one of the performers.

Don't get me wrong, I did remember that Ann appeared to freeze in the middle of that guy's (or rather, Roger Van Vilet's) tap-dancing in the movie, but given that Peggy Lee's cover of 'Bye Bye Blackbird' (or at least one of the covers - I heard she made more than one) was playing at that scene and, I presumed, during the actual dancing as well, I thought her actions could easily have been passed off as part of the act, if not actually turn out to be in its favor. Alas, it appears it was not like that.

And oh my goodness, poor Ann. That producer is crude as anything, to the point I'd almost call him cruder than Carl, who is no slouch in that department himself. Still, I'm relieved that at least Roger could see Ann's point of view, and that even a guy as crude as Talog was affected by the festive spirit to a big enough degree to give her one more chance. Too bad Ann most certainly wasted it when leaving the theater to try the impossible. At least, if things go the way I think they will, she won't need to prance around like a circus pony ever again.

Then again, things didn't go the way I thought they would in the last part of the chapter, given Kong's surprisingly gentleness toward the women he picked up in his search for Ann. I guess she touched him on a much deeper level than one would have imagined.

And although I did expect Jack to pull his taxi-driving stunt, I didn't expect him to end up in the predicament he did because of that. I wonder how he will get himself out of that one. Going by the movie, it seems logical that he did, but given that other characters who ended up in his condition couldn't get out of it, I am puzzled as to how that will happen.

But whatever happens in the future, excellent chapter, as usual! Congratulations for it!
Maran Zelde chapter 56 . 7/9/2014
"There is a vast difference between suffering a loss and being liberate by it." So true, and Ann is wise to realize this. But it can still take time to recover from a loss even if it does open new paths.

I like the way you wrote Jack and Ann's reconciliation - they didn't need many words, just to hold each other. Jack should probably tell her those three words eventually, though.
Maran Zelde chapter 55 . 6/28/2014
Yeah, after running through (and from) stampeding wildebeests and sauropods, Jack wasn't about to let the cops stop him from getting to Ann. And it's a good thing he did get to her in time!

As sad as Kong's death was, it is somewhat comforting that he lived to a ripe old age.
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