Reviews for Harry Potter and the Psychic Serpent
sam chapter 2 . 7/26/2012
Ah, yeah. How bout more quotation marks?
JBoyes07 chapter 5 . 7/23/2012
Still loving it, but really don't like the whole Ginny being better than Harry at quidditch thing, I mean, it was shown throughout the books that Harry was the real natural at quidditch so for him to get beaten so easily is rather ridiculous...
JBoyes07 chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
Seems like an amazing story so far, but how could Krum only be the reserve seeker at the Cannons? When he's supposedly the best seeker in the world, and the cannons aren't exactly on top of the world...
ShaThief chapter 1 . 7/3/2012
this was my first fanfiction, now years later after reading literally hundreds of fics this is still an awesome book
Sir Demon Wolf Lord chapter 1 . 5/10/2012
i have only read the first chapter so far and i am already captivated by the sheer awsomeness of it, i truly truly hope you update soon!
alix33 chapter 33 . 2/17/2012
"Harry's stomach was starting to act up in anticipation; he could barely get down a bite of toast or a sip of juice. He watched Ron eat a bowl of porridge, two slices of toast slathered with butter and marmalade, five sausages and some kippers. "Hungry much?" he asked Ron, feeling ill as he watched. "Mmm?" Ron mumbled back at him, his mouth full. It seemed to be an effort for him to notice that anything in the universe existed outside of the food in front of him. "Wan' be bebaird," he said through a mouthful of porridge. Harry nodded, grimacing and leaning back in his seat, so he wouldn't be sprayed with food." - EW!

"and some couples kissed (a bit too enthusiastically for Professor McGonagall, who broke Lee and Katie apart with some well-aimed sparks)." - What a spoilsport McGonagall is.
alix33 chapter 32 . 2/17/2012
"Malfoy warned her, although he seemed pretty pleased with himself when the spell converted his canvas bag into a nice simple black leather suitcase to which he added his initials: DIM. Ron and Harry started to laugh when they saw that. "Perfect initials, Malfoy. What's the I stand for?" Ron chuckled. "The I stands for I don't want to tell you..." "Do you know?" Ron tried to ask Ginny on the sly. She shook her head dumbly, but Harry wasn't sure if she was being truthful or not." - That IS funny.

"Harry realized that Lupin was going to go out into Muggle London in robes. They waited while he took his robes back to his room, returning in rather shabby brown pants and a brown shirt. "My guard uniform," he mumbled with some embarrassment. Harry didn't know what to say. He still thought it a crime that Lupin had to support himself the way he did." - I agree with Harry about Remus's job.

"When Malfoy was standing before a triple mirror in the suit he was getting, he squinted and stared at the mirror in an odd way, Harry thought. Finally, he stepped up to it and started rapping it with his knuckles. "Well? he said to his reflection. "What's wrong with you?" Harry walked over to him, standing very close. "Stop it, Malfoy! What's wrong with you ?" Malfoy still peered with a perplexed look into the mirror. "Stupid thing isn't working...hasn't said a word about whether this looks all right..." "Malfoy," he said more softly still. "Muggle mirrors don't talk. " "They don't?" He still stared at the mirror, his eyes narrowed. "No." Finally taking this for an answer, Malfoy walked away from the mirror, as though it had slighted him by not commenting." - That was very funny.
alix33 chapter 31 . 2/17/2012
"He heard a wail then, and Narcissa Malfoy ran from the chamber, a handkerchief held over her face in anguish. Lucius Malfoy did not look at her. Harry leaned forward and raised his eyebrows at Draco Malfoy, who saw and whispered, "It's the liquidation of assets thing." He was smiling. "She needn't have told me not to come back to Malfoy Manor. Looks like she won't be going back either-at least, not for long." Harry nodded. She would be destitute, no money or place to live. Harry wasn't sure Draco Malfoy should look so gleeful about this, but then his mother had just a little while ago disowned him and recommended that he kill himself..." - And Draco was OK all these years with such a mercenary mother? Or was she the lesser of two evils?

It sucks that Mr. Weasley's office reminded Harry of his life before he got his Hogwarts letter.

"Well, there are some things she doesn't need me to tell her..." "Such as when your hormones are completely out of control? Yeah, she can probably figure that out when she's standing facing you with a chair in one hand and a whip in the other." Malfoy got a lopsided smile and a faraway look on his face. "Ginny with a there's an image..." - Hehehe.

"Harry looked back and forth between her and her younger self. He smiled. "You haven't actually changed very much since the age of four, have you, Gin?" She looked a little miffed. "I hope I have..." "I mean your face. It's impossible not to know that that's you." He nodded at the photo. She still had the same snub childish nose covered in freckles, the same large brown eyes, the same thin, pale face under the mop of flaming hair." - Hehehe.

"Fred and George were laughing; they were each missing some teeth, but different ones. "Fred and George didn't lose the same teeth at the same time?" "Oh, mum loved that. For a while she could actually tell them apart." Ginny smiled." - Hehehe.

"but it was starting to look like someone would wind up in the hospital wing. He had no idea how close to right he was, however, until Liam Quirke did a Bludger Backbeat just as Alicia, Katie and Angelina were heading toward the Ravenclaw goals with the Quaffle again, sending the iron ball behind him, directly toward the part of the stands where the Gryffindor supporters were sitting. There was a hue and cry as spectators scrambled to get out of the way. Will Flitwick narrowly avoided being hit, splintered wood was flying after the heavy ball hit the seat where he'd been moments before, and Madam Hooch blew her whistle hysterically while Jordan yelled expletives which would normally have resulted in his being reprimanded by McGonagall, except that she was now using quite surprising language directed at Liam Quirke and examining young Will for any damage. Even Professor Flitwick was on his feet yelling at Liam. "That's my great-nephew, you sodding yob!" he cried at him; which was strong language indeed for the little wizard." - Aw, I wanted to hear McGonagall's "surprising language"!

"Katie Bell scores! Gryffindor THIRTY, Ravenclaw STILL ZERO! That's my girl!" Then Lee ducked his head as McGonagall turned to him in surprise, speechless about this last exclamation. Harry smiled as he scanned the field. He'd suspected as much, since that first match when Ginny had had to step in for Katie..." - Yay! for Katie and Lee.

"Charms went well, Harry knew, because Professor Flitwick was so terrible at doing a poker face. There was no chance that a student taking the Charms O.W.L.s had to wait until they received their results to know how they did with him. Harry went through the basics, then the intermediate-level charms, and then Flitwick asked all students to stay past the usual time who wanted credit for advanced charms. Harry, Ron and Hermione were the only Gryffindors who stayed. The test was basically dueling with Flitwick, who'd been a champion in his youth. Ron went down very quickly; Hermione held her own for some time, before he also disarmed her. After dueling for more than half an hour, Flitwick and Harry were still at it, and Harry had abandoned his robes and was dripping sweat, while the little wizard was still cool as a cucumber and pacing around humming to himself before aiming his wand at Harry nonchalantly and muttering charms. After more than an hour, Flitwick stood still and faced an exhausted Harry and lowered his wand. "Bow, Harry," he told him gently. "The duel is over. It is a draw." Harry lowered his wand and bowed, and that's when he heard, "Expelliarmus!" and felt his wand slipping from his grip, felt himself hurtling backward, bracing himself before he struck the wall hard, and, wincing, sliding down into a sitting position. Flitwick smiled and walked over to him, handing him his wand. "Really, Harry. You should have known better," he smiled at him. Harry looked up at the professor, his eyes unfocussed. "I do now." Flitwick helped him stand and patted him on the back. But Harry had a feeling that he hadn't exactly failed advanced Charms." - Yay! for prof. Flitwick.

"In the prefects' bathroom, he encountered Malfoy, but that no longer had the power to ruin his day. He merely sauntered in, smiling at him as he soaked in the tub, saying cheerfully, "Good morning, Malfoy! Beautiful day, isn't it?" Malfoy had had his eyes closed and opened them now. He leaned against one of the short sides of the tub, his arms spread out on either side of him on the tub ledge. He no longer bothered to hide the Dark Mark. There was no need to bother. "You're damn cheerful for this time of the morning, Potter. Jump in the lake, will you?" "Actually, I thought I'd take a shower. Maybe I'll do a swim in the lake later..." he practically chirped as he headed for the showers. He saw Malfoy shake his head. "You, Potter, are too happy to be allowed..." "But the O.W.L.s are over!" Harry crowed as he stood under the pounding water, making the noise echo off the tile and marble lining the room. He turned and saw Malfoy putting his head around the corner. "I have two words for you, Potter. SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP." "That's five words." "It would be two if you didn't make me swear." "That wouldn't be any fun," Harry laughed," - That bit made me laugh.

"Why aren't you celebrating them being over?" Malfoy walked back toward the tub, started draining it and collecting his clothes. "And just who am I going to celebrate with? The only Slytherins who'll have anything to do with me are Snape and that fourth-year, what's-her-name. And I'm starting to think she fancies me, so I don't want to hang around her too much and give her the wrong impression..." "Or you could spend all of your spare time with her. Then she'd probably stop fancying you pretty fast." Harry laughed as Malfoy threw a damp towel at him, catching it while it was still in the air. "You can laugh, Potter. Even if you only got two O.W.L.s, you'd have people to commiserate with you..." Harry sighed and bit the bullet; he should do it, he should. Malfoy was hinting about it broadly enough. "Malfoy," he finally said, as he took a red bathrobe from the wardrobe. "Dumbledore said that he's going to let everyone third year and up go into Hogsmeade again next Saturday. We'll be getting our O.W.L. results on Friday. No matter what the outcome-why don't you celebrate with us? Ginny will want to be along anyway, and then you can spend some time with her. We'll all go down to the village after breakfast." Malfoy looked at him and swallowed. He hadn't acknowledged what Harry had done in sharing the Quidditch Cup with Slytherin, but Harry knew it meant a lot to him. He was starting to understand how Ginny had had such a struggle at the beginning of their relationship to get Malfoy not to sabotage himself. "If you like," Malfoy said noncommittally. Harry nodded. "That's it, then," he said firmly. After Malfoy left, Harry collected Sandy and asked her, "Why do some people find it so hard to let other people be nice to them?" He wasn't just thinking of Malfoy; Ron was this way too. They had far more in common than either of them would ever have admitted." - I am glad Harry invited Draco and that Draco accepted the invitation.

"Harry collected Sandy and asked her, "Why do some people find it so hard to let other people be nice to them?" He wasn't just thinking of Malfoy; Ron was this way too. They had far more in common than either of them would ever have admitted. "I do not understand people very well, Harry Potter," she answered, "but perhaps they feel that they do not deserve it?" "It was a rhetorical question, Sandy. That means I wasn't really expecting an answer. But I think you understand people better than you think you do." - Sandy was a wise little snake there, IMO.

"Malfoy still grimaced, then nimbly plucked Hermione's letter from her hand. His astonishment was even greater than when he'd seen Harry's letter, but now he found a way to turn the information to his advantage. "So, Potter. Couldn't outperform your girlfriend?" Harry smiled and put his arm around her shoulder. "If we're talking about performance, Malfoy..." "I'm out of here..." he muttered, throwing the letter back at Hermione, who caught it in the air, laughing." - Hehehe.
alix33 chapter 30 . 2/17/2012
"about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (which some of them could say amazingly fast)." - Hehehe.

"Harry turned to Dumbledore. "Where is this? Really? In relation to Muggle London?" Dumbledore pointed down at the chair in the center of the room. "Directly above that chair, about two-hundred feet or so, is the chair where the Muggle Prime Minister sits when Parliament is in session." Harry's mouth hung open in shock. Dumbledore smiled. "Actually, it may be over a few feet. But my point is, Harry, this chamber was here before this city was a little Roman settlement called Londinium." - Merlin!

"Finally, Mrs. Weasley released Ginny from a tight hug, kissing her on the cheek, and turned to Malfoy. She looked uncertainly at him, then suddenly, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, turning swiftly to join her husband and sons. Malfoy touched his cheek briefly, then pulled his hand away with a guilty look on his face as he caught his mother's eye. She was sitting several rows lower than Remus Lupin, and was staring daggers at him. Harry saw Malfoy swallow," - Poor Draco!

"the Dark Lord had a bit of a weakness for Head Boys. He liked their drive and ambition. Percy looked embarrassed by this-he liked to think these were good qualities, and here he was being coveted by Voldemort because of them." - EW! And I do not have one iota of sympathy with Percy over that.

"Corned beef and cabbage, boiled potatoes and a stout." - The food is not bad at all, IMO.

"Bubble and squeak," he said experimentally, "and pumpkin juice." - Yum!

"Ginny was having some shrimp dish that smelled garlicky (luckily, Snape wasn't present), and Hermione had chosen (without a thought to the invisible servers, he noticed) a serving of paella." - Yum!

"Only Draco Malfoy had no food in front of him and did not look as though he wanted any. He still looked in shock. Ginny tried to get him to try some of her lunch, and Ron did the same, but he shook his head dumbly, a vacant look in his eyes. He wasn't truly with them, Harry thought. This was a price he hadn't expected to pay. He was suddenly disowned, cut off, destitute and alone. For someone who had led the kind of privileged existence Draco had, this would be an utter shock to the system. Harry felt confident that Dumbledore would find some way to sort things out for him, and he probably would not care at all about the tuition, but, having had no family really, for most of his life, Harry could not begin to imagine what it would be like to have one, and then have it snatched away because he had done the right and just thing." - Poor Draco! It must be really bad if Ron if offering him food off his plate. After all, we know what Ron Weasley is like about food!

"Finally Malfoy said, "Potter." "Yeah Malfoy?" Silence. "Well, Malfoy?" "You can't call me that." "What? That's what I always call you." "I know, but I shouldn't use that name any more. I'm no longer a Malfoy, remember?" "What are you going to do, go by just one name, like Sting?" "Who?" "Never mind. So I'm supposed to call you Draco now?" "Yes." "I don't think so. You still call me Potter." "All right." He took a deep breath and forced out the word: "Harry. There. I said it." Harry made a face. "Don't do that. This isn't going to work. As far as I'm concerned, you're still Malfoy." He actually smiled a little. "And I suppose I'd better keep calling you Potter." "So we actually agree on something." "A miracle." They each had a small smile." - Small smiles are better than none whatsoever.

"Harry was actually started to doze off when he heard footsteps and looked up to see Dumbledore approaching." - "starting to doze off".
alix33 chapter 29 . 2/17/2012
"He looked up at Fridwulfa's face, so like Hagrid's. It was a comforting face, oddly motherly. Harry couldn't put his finger on it. He thought of how comfortable it was to be around Ron's mother, when she was bustling around the kitchen or sitting by the fireside reading the Daily Prophet aloud to her husband, or even lecturing the twins or sighing over Bill's hair. Other people's mothers, he thought. I'm always latching onto them..." - Harry is not wrong about his mommy issues.

Merlin, I hope Fridwulfa is better at keeping secrets (that Harry is a golden griffon animagus) that her son!

"She looked at Ron. "So those things you said-" she said softly. Ron looked uncomfortable. "Just trying to make it look good. Didn't want Malfoy's dad to suspect anything." But Harry remembered the way he'd spoken to her, the edge to his voice. There was a grain of truth to it. Those things didn't just come out of Ron's head at that moment; they'd been festering." - I agree with Harry's thoughts on the things Ron said.

"Ron and Malfoy glanced at each other behind her head. She turned and looked at Ron, while Malfoy stuck his tongue out at Ron and made a rude face. Ginny turned to look at Malfoy and he instantly converted his features into a beatific smile, while Ron returned Malfoy's rudeness with the middle finger of his left hand, out of Ginny's range of vision. Harry tried to stifle a laugh," - I just laughed.

"After breakfast, Ron and Ginny and the twins bade their parents goodbye. Mrs. Weasley did not hug Harry though, or talk to him or Hermione. He felt strange, watching her leave the Great Hall with her husband. Did she hate him now? he wondered. Had Ron told her about him and Hermione? He didn't know what to think. Her being upset with him was very nearly as bad as Ron. He looked at Hermione, sitting next to him. She had noticed Mrs. Weasley's behavior as well. She didn't look happy about it either. He remembered when Ron's mother had snubbed Hermione after the Witch Weekly article about her toying with Harry's and Krum's feelings. He dreaded finding out what she thought of Hermione now, if Ron had told her about their physical relationship. On the other hand, he thought, she could be upset with them about Malfoy." - There is Harry's mommy issues again.

"I should have known you'd bollix up your first real girlfriend experience. Cho doesn't count, of course..." "Of course..." Harry mumbled, feeling more than a little insulted, but if thinking of his and Hermione's relationship as one horrendous, disastrous encounter after another cheered him up, he wasn't feeling inclined to correct him. Then he was struck by something Ron had said that was just a bit upsetting. "What do you mean, 'first' girlfriend?" Ron stopped walking for a second, then resumed his course, moving ahead of Harry so he couldn't see his face. "Oh. Nothing. Nothing at all. Let's go..." - So, why does Ron not think Harry and Hermione will last until whenever?
alix33 chapter 27 . 2/17/2012
"Ron was still looking very serious. He told Malfoy, "Harry and Hermione are friends. Not that you'd understand being friends with a girl. You think they're only good for one thing." "What would you know about my personal life? And remember-your sister is my friend. So if what you're saying is true, I should be seeing a lot more action from your sister than I have been...oof!" Ron brought his knee up into Malfoy's groin; Harry flinched involuntarily. He thought he would probably react that way even if it were Voldemort getting a knee in the groin. The very thought was just too... "You don't talk about my sister! And you don't talk to my sister, ever again, you dirty, slimy little snake..." Harry heard Sandy hissing at him, but he was distracted, so he asked her to repeat what she'd said. Maybe it was important, something that was about to happen in the entrance hall... "I said, tell your friend that snakes are some of the cleanest creatures there are," she said with an injured tone to her voice. Ron whirled on hearing Harry speak Parseltongue, and then hearing Sandy's hissing. "What is it?" he wanted to know. "Is she-?" Ron looked at Malfoy, whose arms he was still holding against the wall; he didn't want Malfoy to know about Sandy's Sight. "Nah, it's not that. She's just-a little upset about what you said. She wants you to know that snakes are actually quite clean." "Oh. Can you tell her I'm sorry?" "He's sorry, Sandy," Harry hissed to her. "I heard him. We're also not slimy," she hissed with that hurt voice again. "Yes, yes," Harry said a little impatiently. "He's very sorry, Sandy." - Sandy was very funny there, unintentionally.

"Malfoy scowled. "Do you wear that damn snake all the time, Potter?" Harry scowled back. "Do you wear that face all the time, Malfoy?" Even Ron laughed now, stepping back from Malfoy and letting him go. Malfoy rubbed both upper arms simultaneously. Harry, Ron and Hermione walked up the marble stairs together. "Hey!" Malfoy called after them. They turned; he stood at the foot of the stairs where Crabbe and Goyle were still making infinitesimal progress toward where Ron had been back when Harry had put the curse on them. "Aren't you going to do anything about them?" Harry looked back and forth between Crabbe and Goyle, who looked like very ugly statues. "I see no difference." He smiled at Ron and Hermione, who were laughing again," - Hehehe.

"Hermione giving Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy the evil eye whenever they started ogling her, which was far too often for both Harry and Ron. They were still needling her about the photo; Neville had apologized to her for handing it to Malfoy in the first place, but the damage was done." - EW!

"nothing particularly useful had been learnt from Lockhart during their second year. For reasons Harry understood all too well, Moody didn't even want them to use the Lockhart books for reference, which they could have done, Harry thought. Even though he hadn't banished any banshees himself, Lockhart had quite accurately written down the methodology used. Harry thought he might refer to the books anyway, without telling Moody. He could skip over the self-aggrandizing bits. After all, he'd already paid good money for the books, and there was information in them he'd need to know." - I would be too sickened by what Lockhart did to Neville to still use his books.

"A bolt of lightening struck the ground at his feet and seemed to create the fissure which now opened there." - "bolt of lightning".

"I saw Roger Davies get a recruitment letter this morning." Malfoy snorted. "Well, that's probably overdue, isn't it? He's probably more evil than my dad, in some ways..." - I agree with Draco's opinion of Roger.
alix33 chapter 26 . 2/17/2012
"Ron looked uncomfortable; the gash on his cheek had healed pretty well, but there was a very fine line visible because of his freckles; there was a kind of border now, on his cheek, a line where the halves of some of his freckles didn't match up. He had decided to grow his facial hair to hide this, and now had the beginnings of a bright red beard and mustache, which Harry had heard Parvati complaining about. She obviously didn't share Hermione's opinion of red beards." - That opinion of Hermione's now creeps me out.

"Before he left, he reached out with his hand for just a moment, then quickly slipped out the door. Hermione squeaked a little when she felt the contact, then laughed. "Being groped by the Invisible Man," she said musingly. "Kinky." He smiled under the cloak, having to make an effort to suppress his laughter." - Hehehe.

"And then this idiot shows up, Longlegs, Locklegs, Longheart..." "Lockhart? Gilderoy Lockhart?" "Yeah. That's the git. Memory charms specialist at the Ministry. Fresh out of school. Decides if he doesn't step in, little Neville, having seen his parents tortured, would be traumatized for life. I tried to stop him, but I couldn't completely, not before some damage was already done. I don't know how bad it would have been if the git had been allowed to do a full-fledged charm on a not-quite-two-year-old. Probably wouldn't have two brain cells left to rub together. I managed to get him sacked after that, thankfully." Harry stared in disbelief. And Lockhart had almost put memory charms on him and Ron when they were down in the Chamber of Secrets. Thank goodness for Ron's broken wand, he thought, looking at Neville again. So it was a bad Lockhart memory charm that had been hampering Neville's thought processes all this time." - I hope some Healer hexes off that Gilderoy Lockhart's bollocks, and soon!

"Harry remembered Snape sitting by Neville's bedside, sometimes checking his pulse, feeling his forehead. Harry wondered how much he blamed himself for what happened to Neville, both when he was a baby and his addiction to Eutharsos Potion. Then Harry realized that Snape may or may not have known about Lockhart's overenthusiastic memory charm work. If he knew, that might explain why Snape didn't like Lockhart. Then Harry realized that no one really needed an extra reason to dislike Gilderoy Lockhart." - Good point, about not needing an extra reason to loathe Lockhart.
alix33 chapter 25 . 2/16/2012
"plus a sporran (somewhat like a wallet) hanging in the front of his kilt," - In practice, in the old days, closer to a lunchbox.

"He smiled and laughed, jumping off the stage, his kilt flying. Harry glanced at Hermione, who looked like she was about to choke. "What is it, Hermione?" he asked, concerned. "Oh, nothing," she answered, her voice higher than usual. "It's just that-um-" "What?" "Well, he, uh, certainly believes in being traditional." Harry thought for a moment, his brow furrowed. Then he realized what she meant, what she must have seen. "Hermione!" "Well, it wasn't like I made him walk over a mirror or anything! I heard that's what they used to make them do in the military." Harry watched her eyes follow Lucas off the dance floor. He couldn't afford to appear even the slightest bit concerned about where she looked; and actually, he was starting to find it somewhat amusing in a discovering-just-how-libidinous-Hermione-was sort of way." I found that aspect of Hermione amusing too.

"seconds on the cake, which was chocolate with raspberry filling." - Yum!
alix33 chapter 24 . 2/16/2012
"Suddenly, a loud voice in the corridor was giving the password. Ron was heard very clearly saying, "Kneazles!" Harry fought the urge to shout, "Gezundheit!" as an answer." - Hehehe.

"Ron had his arms around Parvati, his hands were on her bare back under her thin violet sweater." - No wonder such a big deal was made of Lavender getting her the sweater, hehehe.

"I thought we could go up to Fluffy's old hangout." "You mean where you were ducking the prefects' meeting?" "Yeah, yeah. Sorry about that-"

She sighed as she walked, speaking lowly, trying not to move her lips too much. "I can't really blame you. Roger was being a real prick." "Hermione!" Harry said in shock, then clapped his hand over his mouth. "Harry, if there's one person who does not inspire me to watch my language, it's Roger Davies." - Maybe there is a curse on each Head Boy badge ever issued at Hogwarts and they automatically become the worst or biggest prick imaginable the moment they have that badge!

About that sword dancing: There is a series of books called Outlander and in one of the books Jamie Fraser, the hero, does the most moving sword dance.

"and it's just amazing how many of the really famous Scots were magical..." - Really? Like who?

"On her other side, Ron was wincing. "Is there any book in the library you haven't memorized?" He was sitting with his arm around Parvati. Hermione looked at him coldly. "Is there any book in this school you've actually opened?" she responded," - Touché, Hermione!
alix33 chapter 23 . 2/16/2012
I KNEW Ron would react badly to learning Harry is a golden griffon animagus.

Poor prof. Flitwick!

"When he was dueling Neville, on the other hand, Ron did not seem to expect he would lose. He was quite nonchalant about his attack, and when Neville dodged his disarming charm and sent the same back at Ron, Ron knocked over a half-dozen club members and staggered to his feet, looking dazed, staring at Neville as though he'd never seen him before. Neville smiled at him, but Ron was definitely not smiling back." - Yay! for Neville.

"The next time Neville dueled, he beat Crabbe. He had a triumphant gleam in his eye as he saw the wands go up for him, and Harry couldn't help feeling that Neville was starting to come into his own." - Yay! for Neville.

What WAS that spell Neville did when he duelled Hermione?

"Finally, one of Neville's disarming charms landed squarely on Roger, who flew backward into Angelina and George. They helped him up, but he was quite ungracious about it and did not even thank them. Angelina looked like she might put another hex on him, but George put his hand on her wand arm, smiling and shaking his head, silently reminding her what a git Roger was. She smiled back at George and put her wand away." - Yay! for Neville.

OK, I get the spell Neville did now.
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