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alix33 chapter 22 . 2/16/2012
"Harry ached inside, thinking of what a good friend Ron was, how little he deserved him. Even now, he was still keeping the Animagus training from him, and Neville knew. In fact, he realized, Neville was the first person apart from McGonagall and Dumbledore who had seen his transfigured form." - IMO Neville was always a better friend to Harry than Ron ever was.

"Ginny said, putting her hand on his arm, then on his cheek. "You don't look well." Then she moved her hand to his forehead, as if checking for a fever, but when she made contact with the scar, he cried out, closing his eyes and knocking her arm away. "Ow-" she started to moan, then stifled this when she saw the looks on Ron's and Hermione's faces. Hermione looked very, very grim. "Harry-it's your scar, isn't it?" Hermione said softly. He opened his eyes, looking at her dully, nodded. Then he turned to Ginny, who was still holding her arm. "Sorry, Ginny," he mumbled. She shrugged, letting go of her arm reluctantly, as though she were only trying to make him think she wasn't hurt. He staggered to one of the empty armchairs by the fire, sat down heavily. He started speaking in a low voice as the others moved to sit in the other chairs. "Voldemort is going after Muggles now. I saw him. It was a tube station. It-blew up..." He hit the arm of the chair repeatedly, frowning, his eyes squeezed shut. Suddenly his eyes flew open. He remembered. He knew. "It was Westminster." "Westminster!" Hermione squealed. Ron and Ginny looked at her strangely; they didn't know why this was significant. "Westminster," she said again, softly. "That's right near Parliament, and Westminster Abbey. And from Parliament Square, you can walk along Whitehall to Trafalgar Square..." - At least Harry remembered the tube station this time.

"There's no work for Remus Lupin in the wizarding world, any more than there is for Sirius Black. Remus lives in a flat in Manchester, works as a night watchman in a warehouse. On nights with a full moon, if he has to work he locks himself into the warehouse. If Sirius is around, he goes with him, stays with him in dog form. His employers also gave him a gun, for the guard job. When the moon is full, Sirius puts bullets into the gun that he made special-bullets made of silver. Remus has made him promise that if it looks like he could possibly get out or hurt someone in any way, he will use the gun." - Poor Remus!

"The gits on Fleet Street are going to be wetting themselves-oh, pardon me, Harry-" Harry grimaced. "I'm fifteen, Sirius, not five." Sirius smiled at him. "Right. I got that point the last time I saw you..." - Hehehe.

"I couldn't breath properly afterward," - "breathe properly".

"Peeves might have done him a favor; the impromptu cold shower seemed to have been just the thing to wake him up. Then suddenly, his stomach growled as it hadn't since the time between Dudley starting his diet after Harry finished third year and the arrival of his birthday cakes from his friends and Mrs. Weasley. A feral, animal sound generated from deep within him. A wild sound... He smiled up at Peeves, who was still showing off his aerobatic abilities. "Thanks, Peeves. That was just what I needed, I think." He turned to go up the marble steps that would eventually lead him to Gryffindor Tower (squelch! squelch!), then decided that what he really needed to do was go down to the kitchens for a bite. But Peeves was appalled by being thanked for his prank. "Thanks! I drop ten water balloons on you and all you can say is THANKS? Whatever happened to, 'Sod off, Peeves?' Whatever happened to name calling? No 'git,' no 'prat,' not even a 'get away from me?'" But Harry only smiled at him, pushing his damp hair off his forehead, going through the door leading to the stairs down to the kitchens. Behind him, Peeves was still suffering from his attack of poltergeist-inadequacy. "WHAT ABOUT A 'GO TO HELL, PEEVES?'" Harry turned to him briefly before closing the door. "Well, if you could, you'd hardly be here, would you?" he said calmly. He closed the door behind him, smiling as he heard Peeves lose it further. His scream of "Aaaaaaaargh!" was probably heard all over the castle," - Unnerved Peeves is very funny.

"Harry spotted Dobby and an elf that looked almost like Winky, but not quite; she also had large brown eyes and was wearing clothes, but she actually looked happy about this. She wore what appeared to be a dress meant for a large doll or a small baby. It was pink, with a floppy white collar and a little yellow duck embroidered over the chest. Smaller yellow ducks marched around the hem of the garment, which came below her knees, so that it threatened to look like a miniature ball gown. On her head, however, she wore an incongruous ski cap with holes cut for her ears. It was patterned in green, orange, purple and red. She wore mismatched socks, as Dobby always did, one a grey, red and black argyle pattern, the other a brown and tan herringbone." - What a stylish house elf!

"Dobby, do you think I could get something to eat? I missed dinner and I'm starving." Before he knew what was happening, Harry had been seated and about fifteen house elves had brought him six kinds of meat (three kinds of beef alone), four vegetables, three loaves of bread, and several goblets of pumpkin juice. Harry laughed, shaking his head." - In Dobby's mind, Harry probably CAN eat all of that, as in there Harry must be the size of Fridwulfa.

"They're very lucky to have you, you know. You can show them the ropes, take them where you go on your day off. Show them around Hogsmeade." Dobby looked embarrassed again. "Well, Harry Potter, I isn't really able to do that, because-I is never taking a day off. Boxing Day is my first day off ever..." "Dobby!" Harry said, trying to sound stern, but not doing very well. "Dumbledore gave you a day off a month. You should take it! What kind of example are you setting for the others?" Dobby grimaced, looking down and scuffing his foot on the floor. Harry sighed. "All right. The next Hogsmeade weekend is February tenth. Come into the village with me and my friends. We'll show you round. Promise? You'll make sure Biddy and the others come too?" Dobby smiled gratefully at Harry, as though he were saving him from himself. "I promise, Harry Potter. I promise! I is going to tell the others we is going to Hogsmeade with Harry Potter!" And he popped out of the kitchen, making Harry smile and shake his head again." - Harry and the house elves (that sounds like it should be the name of a wizarding band) in Hogsmeade made for the sweetest, cutest and funniest mental pic.

"He told Ron about what Sirius had said about the news reports and sending the papers, asking him to inform Hermione when she returned from the meeting." - I dread how Ron will handle the muggle references, but OK...

"Hermione was sitting with Neville; he caught her eye and also shrugged. Then he saw Neville looking at him strangely. Suddenly Harry wondered, Should I have trusted Neville? Should I have put a memory charm on him instead?" - I feel sad that Harry doubted Neville there.

"After that it was Hermione's turn again, and when Snape called her opponent's name, she got a look on her face that Harry could only describe as downright evil. "Malfoy!" Hermione and Malfoy stepped into the circle. After they bowed, Hermione began her onslaught. Malfoy never had a chance. She cried, "Rictusempra! Reverso! Inverso!" in quick succession, and soon Malfoy was giggling uncontrollably while thinking he was hanging upside-down in the air and also thinking that what was in front of him was behind him. He was so disoriented that he dropped his wand, closing his eyes and holding his head with both hands, looking miserable but laughing hysterically nonetheless. Hermione calmly picked up his wand and broke the spells on him herself, not bothering to wait for Snape. Harry heard her say softly as she handed his wand back to him, "Remember what happened when you dueled with a Mudblood." She returned to her space between Harry and Ron, her face still stony, but also satisfied." - Yay! for Hermione.

"After the break, Justin got a spectacular win over Millicent, making Liam grin broadly at him. Niamh even looked like she was warming to the idea of Justin and her brother." - At least the duelling club is good for more than Tom Riddle junior prep, it seems.

"But the really tense duel of this round was between Ron and Draco Malfoy. Harry figured afterward that Ron won for two reasons; first, he was just plain hacked off about losing a number of previous duels he seemed to think he should have won, and secondly-Malfoy didn't seem to be trying to win. He wasn't interested in losing quickly, however, drawing it out, but several times Harry saw that he had an opening that he would have exploited with anyone else, and didn't take it. Why? he wondered. He also found himself wondering whether Ginny had been upset about the way he'd let her beat him. He hadn't had any compunctions about beating George, so why was he letting Ron off easy? When Ron returned to the circle, looking much happier than he had before, Harry didn't dare hypothesize that Malfoy had thrown the duel. If there was a guaranteed way to upset Ron, that was it. Not that it took much sometimes, Harry reflected. Either Malfoy really was going to set his father up and wanted Ron to approve of him and Ginny, Harry thought, or he's lulling me into a false sense of security." - I feel sorry for Draco that he lost against Ron.
alix33 chapter 21 . 2/15/2012
"Actually, he was really giving Parvati the willies at the Yule Ball. I think she thought he was being a dirty old man, looking through all the girls' clothes at their bodies... Now Malfoy smirked, and it looked to Harry like he was harboring some very dirty thoughts himself. It'd almost be worth losing an eye if the replacement lets you see Parvati Patil's body... Harry was shocked. You want I should tell Ginny you said that? Malfoy looked around, panicked. Harry thought he might have forgotten that he was actually talking to another person, that he wasn't engaged in an interior monologue. I did not say that. I will deny it with every breath in my body. Harry laughed. It's okay. I won't say a word. It just means you have a pulse, anyway." - EW!

"Ginny had defeated Goyle with the Impediment Curse, slyly walking up to him while he was moving in slow motion and removing his wand from his grasp, then returning him to normal speed. He stumbled, tried to curse her, then saw that she was holding two wands while he had none. The vote was unanimous, even including the Slytherins. Harry thought he saw Malfoy smirking, trying not to look proud of Ginny." - Yay! for Ginny.

"Millicent (she looked very smug about this)," - Yay! for Hermione.
alix33 chapter 20 . 2/15/2012
"Snape was standing next to them, also looking at the cottage. They followed him to the door and waited with him while he knocked. When it opened, Harry felt his jaw drop, not because his mother was standing there, but because she was holding a baby on her hip, a baby with a tuft of black hair and large green eyes, and-no scar on the forehead. Aw! said Hermione. Baby Harry-so cute! Harry grimaced and colored. Please- She laughed." - I agree with Hermione.

"baby Harry climbed up onto the couch next to Lily and starting flicking at her earring with his fingers. Ouch! Harry, stop. Go play; Mummy has to talk to her friend. But the one-year-old did not get down from the couch. He sat back next to his mother, sticking his lower lip out, pouting. Hermione laughed. Harry grunted. Your girlfriend should never be allowed to see you as a baby, he thought. Under no circumstances." - AW!

"Petunia, there's a reason why the magical community tries to keep Muggles from knowing about what we can do. And I'm not even sure that I could help mother, even if I didn't care about breaking the law! When witches and wizards get cancer, they usually immediately remove the cancerous cells by magic, or transfigure them, but you said mum has it all through her! How could I remove it without killing her? And I'm not permitted to anyway. Petunia, we can only prepare ourselves for the inevitable... Harry's aunt's voice shook; he'd never heard her like this. I will prepare. You can stay here. Don't bother coming to the funeral. You won't be welcome. Not when you could have saved her and refused. What's the point of you being a witch if you won't save her? You know what you are, and that husband of yours? Unnatural. Abnormal. How can you not save your own mother? It's just- But Harry's aunt couldn't continue; she buried her face in a handkerchief and turned away from the cottage door." - No wonder Petunia loathes magic with every fibre of her being.

"Little Harry had gone into his room, was playing on the floor with some blocks and stuffed toys." - AW!

"small Harry had fallen asleep on the rug, his head pillowed on a stuffed bear. She went to him and picked him up so she could put him in his cot, but the movement woke him and he fussed. She shushed him, setting him down, giving him his bear. And then she sang to him. It was the lullaby from the music box... Harry listened to his mother's singing, a lump in his throat. Hermione laced her fingers through his, putting her head on his shoulder. When the lullaby was over, the baby's fussing was history; they could hear him breathing peacefully." - AW!

"Little Harry was wandering around the garden, his finger in his mouth, crying piteously. The scar on the forehead was bleeding, dripping down onto his nose." - AW!
alix33 chapter 19 . 2/15/2012
"But that kiss, she went on, wasn't much like the one from the other day, was it? she said in a lower, more suggestive voice, her green eyes glittering. Both Harry and Snape opened their eyes wide as she leaned in toward him, clearly opening her mouth. Harry reflexively covered his eyes, saying to Hermione, Tell me when it's over. Beside him, Hermione sighed with exasperation. Oh, honestly, Harry. It's like going to the movies with my little cousins. Tell me when the mushy parts are over.' Harry peeked through his fingers at her. You're enjoying this? Well, she seemed reluctant to admit any such thing. I suppose I'm not as invested in it. That's not my mum over there. And that's not my dad, Harry reminded her. That would be different. He dared look at them again. They were ending the kiss. Thank goodness, thought Harry." - I am with Harry about this: I do not want to see my mom kissing people that way when they were young. I do not even want to see her kiss a young version of my dad that way.

"Hermione was looking at Sirius in a way Harry didn't like, as when had she stared at the young Severus Snape. Okay, he told himself, she looked at you that way too, when you got your hair cut. Get a grip." - I agree with Hermione: A young Sirius Black would have been tasty-looking beyond all sense.
alix33 chapter 18 . 2/15/2012
"there suddenly appeared in the fireplace the head of Sirius Black. Hello, Harry. Hello, Headmaster. Dumbledore smiled. Why is it so difficult for former students to call me Albus? Sirius colored. Called up on the carpet too many times for that, I suppose. I'll work on it." -Reading that bit made me smile.

Awesome house elf speech, Harry.

"Quite the orator, Harry. Dumbledore smiled. Moody shook his head. Never thought I'd see the day when I'd want house elves to be free-but you made some good points, Potter, he growled. Let's say-ten points for Gryffindor. Makes up for that Lord of the Flies quiz. Harry winced; he'd bungled that one mightily, gotten the names of some of the major characters mixed up. The week of the quiz he'd done very little studying, as it was the week he'd spent outside with the golden griffin. Now he knew what his reward was." - Yay!

"Well, if I ever do get tired of the sound of your voice, I know what to do, she said, kissing him quickly again, just as they heard a loud pop! nearby. They turned to see a very surprised-looking Dobby. Harry thought he might actually be blushing. Oh, Harry Potter and Miss Hermione, I, um, oh, never mind... he trailed off, leaving with another loud pop! Harry laughed. There you go; we've actually made Dobby speechless! Hermione grinned up at Harry, and they both laughed." - Now I am wondering what Dobby was coming to tell them.

"A serpent and a griffin with be allies." - "will be allies".
alix33 chapter 17 . 2/15/2012
"Why? Why indeed? What was he hiding from? Just Hermione. Hermione and an empty Gryffindor Tower. And himself. Harry Potter? What, Sandy? You did not answer my question. I don't have a good answer, Sandy. I'm not feeling much like talking right now. No offense, I hope. I just want to sit quietly. I do not take offense when someone wants to sit quietly. More people should try it. Harry smiled in the dark." - Sandy's reply to Harry about more people trying to sit quietly made me smile too.

"Harry tried a delicious raspberry-filled croissant and Hermione helped herself to some gravlax and fresh sour cream with feathery fronds of dill, caviar and small rounds of toast with chopped hard-boiled eggs." - Yum!

"There was also a hat with a feather duster on top. McGonagall placed it on her head, giving Hermione a rare smile, then turning to Dumbledore. I'm all set for tomorrow, Albus, aren't I? Dumbledore, for once, looked like he was trying very hard not to laugh." - I found it funny that Dumbles did not dare laugh at his deputy.

"Some small toy snakes also burst out of the same cracker. Harry poked at them. They were like Muggle rubber snakes from joke shops, except that they moved and hissed and coiled themselves around his finger when he picked them up. But, of course, thought Harry, these don't speak Parseltongue. He listened for a few minutes to the hissing of the toy snakes and it just sounded like hissing to him. Sandy was confused; she said as much under his robes. He hissed back softly to her that he would explain later." - Reading that bit I felt sorry for Sandy.

"Harry gazed up at her retreating back for a moment, mightily tempted to follow her up, but he stopped himself. Self-control. I have self-control. But he had to keep repeating this to himself over and over until he had crawled into bed and pulled the covers up to his chin. Before he closed his eyes, he said to Sandy, Tell me I have self-control, Sandy. All right. You have self-control, Harry Potter. But he didn't completely believe her. Then he heard her hissing again. What is self-control, Harry Potter? Harry sighed. Good night, Sandy." Reading this bit made me laugh.
alix33 chapter 16 . 2/15/2012
"On the last day of the term, Ron was to present his essay on The Tempest. Harry had done a passable job on his, but truthfully, he had found much of the play impenetrable. Hermione had written about Miranda, largely focusing on her exclamation, Oh brave new world! and Miranda's new awareness of men. Moody liked it, but Hermione, Harry noticed, was very red during the entire time she was reading it, which she did in a rapid, high-pitched voice, racing through it so quickly, Harry wasn't even sure he got all of it. Ron was still working on his essay at two in the morning the night before, polishing it. Everyone else had gone to bed. Harry was keeping Ron company so he wouldn't fall asleep. He had tried looking over Ron's shoulder casually once or twice, to get a taste of what he'd written, but to no avail. Ron looked up at him calmly." - I thought Ron did his essay on Othello, ages ago already.

"A party, eh? George said, putting his arms around Angelina's waist. Unsupervised? he whispered in her ear, but not very softly. Angelina looked him in the eye. Then I take it you want to go? she said, a mischievous tone in her voice. Try and stop me, George said, grinning. Angelina put her arms around his neck. Not on your life. She kissed his ear and it looked like that was just going to be the beginning. Fred threw a cushion at them. Get a room! Angelina threw back her head and laughed throatily. We plan to!" - That must be the first time ever I read of somebody having a reply ready for "Get a room!"

Lucius Malfoy is vilely cruel, IMO.

"and Roger Davies escorting-Harry had to rub his eyes, he couldn't believe it-Fleur Delacour. Harry was still in shock as she came rushing over to him, pulled him away from Cho into an embrace and firmly kissed him twice on each cheek, in rapid succession. 'Arry! Ow are you? Ah, I see you are doing quite well, yes? she said, eyeing him up and down in a way that made him color deeply. The leetlest champion eez growing up, n'est-ce pas? Harry caught Cho's face out of the corner of his eye. She was not pleased. Good, thought Harry. Let the beastly behavior begin. Then he caught a glimpse of Hermione's face; also not pleased." - Crud!
alix33 chapter 15 . 2/15/2012
"I am giving you permission to spend this week sleeping out here with the golden griffin. It is a necessary step in your training. You need to bond with a specimen of the animal you will be transforming into. Harry pulled his robes closer around his body as a gust of wintry air hit him. Sleep? Out here? Couldn't we-take the griffin up to the castle? No. We can't. Well-but what are the other students in Gryffindor going to think? About me not sleeping in my own dorm all week? Hmmm... she said, brow furrowed. Then she brightened. Ah. You've got detention. All week. Detention for what? Well, let's say you stay out tonight without permission, ergo, I give you detention for the rest of the week. During your detention you will, let's see, you will- Use Muggle cleaning methods to clean every trophy in the trophy room? She nodded. Excellent. Harry grimaced. Ron had to do it once. Wish I'd been with him; for my detention, I had to help Lockhart answer his fan mail... He thought he saw a smile playing around the corners of her mouth, but over the years, she'd become very good at suppressing such displays. Very well, we have a plausible story in hand." - I DO hope prof. McGongall finds Harry's detention with Lockhart funny in hindsight at some point, because I do (find it funny in hindsight).

"On Tuesday morning, he'd woken up to find a large paw draped over him, almost as though he were serving as some kind of stuffed toy for the creature." - I am not sure whether I find that scary or cute.

"Harry was momentarily alarmed by the fact that Crabbe and Goyle and Crabbe's little sister were all on the ice at the same time; he was afraid it would break under the strain." - I would have been scared of that too.

"Go that?" - "Got that?"

"If you try to put anyone else's name on the list except your own, you will not succeed; I have enchanted the parchment so that this is not possible. Oh, bloody hell, Harry heard George say softly. That must be why I couldn't put your name on, Fred. You'll have to do it later." - No fair! Gred and Forge practically have identical DNA they are that identical.

"Fred Weasley got up and raced to the entrance hall carrying a quill. He came back looking somewhat deflated. He sat down heavily again. I'm twenty-one on the list. I'll have to wait for the first lot to be sacked before I can join. George looked very disappointed for him; it was unusual for the twins not to be doing everything together. (Well, there was Angelina, but she had started as a joint project as well.)" - AW, poor George.
alix33 chapter 14 . 2/15/2012
"making even Quidditch-crazy Ron want to stick Harry's Firebolt in his mouth (or somewhere else, he had threatened more than once)." - Harry's imitation of Oliver Wood made me laugh.

"George and Angelina (although not everybody was kissing like that)," - OK...
alix33 chapter 13 . 2/15/2012
"Dead smart, you are, he said, trying to imitate Hagrid's mother. She laughed." - Hehehe.

I do not understand Fridwulfa's reputation for meanness. Where would THAT have come from? She did not seem mean to ME when she met Harry and Hermione.

"Ron grimaced. She sounds as useful as Trelawney. Harry and Ron both laughed. Put me back, Sandy hissed at him. And apologize, she added, sounding slightly hurt. I'm sorry Sandy, Harry hissed back, chagrined." - I hope Harry really meant that apology. And Sandy is loads more accurate and clearer than Trelawney.
alix33 chapter 12 . 2/15/2012
"Some Sight, Harry thought. They all needed spectacles for their Inner Eye, he decided." - Hehehe, maybe Trelawney's RL spectacles actually cloud her real inner eye?

"Harry gave Hermione her letter while Ron frowned and tried to read over her shoulder. She held it against her chest, not letting him. Ron went off in a huff, and Harry asked her what was the big deal. She laughed. Nothing. I'm just trying to wind him up. Harry looked at Ron's retreating back. It's working." - I dislike Ron Weasley greatly, but I almost dislike Hermione winding him up equally.
alix33 chapter 10 . 2/15/2012
"She was wearing a very form-fitting blue sweater and some jeans." - Cute outfit.

Crud! I wanted Harry and Hermione to carry on snogging.
alix33 chapter 9 . 2/15/2012
"and also growing and ungrowing his hair (if he'd known it was that easy, he never would have put off the haircut)." - Yay!

"Hermione had suggested he try growing it, as Charlie had done; red beards looked really nice, she told him, coloring. This had greatly annoyed Harry." - No fair, while Blackbeards are just some sort of -path (I cannot tell socio- and psychopaths apart, good thing I have never had interactions with either)!

"I wasn't- Harry began, then shook his head, smiling. You can't get to me, Malfoy. Not today. He tried to look happier than he felt. I'm going along with Hermione and Viktor with my own date: the Ravenclaw seeker, Cho Chang. He wished he could have had a camera to record Malfoy's stunned expression. But she's a sixth year! sputtered Malfoy. And she's really pretty, said Zabini, awe in his voice. Shut up! Malfoy lashed out suddenly. I know, Harry said, sounding like he was mulling it over. She is really pretty. I was thinking that when she asked me out in Diagon Alley...She asked you out? Malfoy was incredulous. Harry was trying not to laugh at his expression. He turned and walked after Hermione, calling over his shoulder, Have a good day, Malfoy! I know I will! He turned back in the direction he was walking, wishing that what he'd just said were true, not just a really good way to needle Malfoy. As he walked away, he heard a Slytherin say, Every girl in school is slobbering over him these days... Well, look at him. He'll probably cause a riot, walking into the castle with no shirt on... Shut up, will you? he heard Malfoy explode again. Harry smiled and kept walking." - Yay! for Harry in this bit.

"Harry thought that it was possible now that there was something in the world more boring than one of Professor Binns' classes: a date with Cho Chang. This experience should be bottled and sold as a sleep aid, he thought." - Am I mean for laughing at that bit?

"Draco Malfoy emerged from the same stairs Ginny had ascended. Ginny! he called as he climbed the stairs. You forgot your mortar and pestle..." - What happened that Malfoy is no longer calling her "Weasley", like he does her siblings?
alix33 chapter 8 . 2/15/2012
"They spent the rest of their class time choosing and feeding the goose of their choice. Lavender Brown and Crabbe were each nipped by theirs; Malfoy laughed at them both until his goose came running at him with her wings flapping, making a strange crying sound, and he went scrambling over the fence out of harm's way. The entire class laughed at this, even the other Slytherins, and Malfoy went off in high dudgeon. Hagrid didn't stop him. Then Harry heard Pansy Parkinson saying to Goyle, Serves him right, too. Bigheaded prefect...I am so over him..." - That poor goose who is Malfoy's.

"After I eat I'm- Going to the library, Harry and Ron intoned in unison, then laughed. Hermione pouted at first, then laughed with them. She linked her right arm through Ron's left, and her left arm through Harry's right. You two know me too well, she smiled, and they went off to lunch in high spirits, arm in arm. It had been a good morning. When they reached the entrance hall, Colin Creevey took their picture as he was getting ready to go into the Great Hall. That'll be a good one, thought Harry. Must remember to ask for a copy." - AW! Do Colin's photographs move?

"after lunch, when they had History of Magic with their only ghost teacher, Professor Binns. Usually attentive in this class (being the only student Harry had ever known who had memorized Hogwarts: A History) Harry was shocked to realize that Hermione had chosen to sit in the back row so she could leaf through a book of fairy-tales she'd borrowed from the library. He scribbled a note on a corner of parchment. Find anything? it said. She shook her head and mouthed the words Not yet. She kept her head buried in the library book all during the class." - Yay! for Hermione's act of civil disobedience.
alix33 chapter 7 . 2/15/2012
"Hermione scowled at him. You have no ambition, Ronald Weasley. You should be ashamed of yourself!" - EW! for how in canon, Hermione actually probably found that a turn-on about Ron.

"I'm never going to beat Percy and Bill each getting twelve O.W.L.s... Fat lot of good it's done Percy, even being Head Boy, when he couldn't recognize that his own boss was under the Imperious Curse and he was being sent instructions by a dark wizard! You know as well as I do that Percy's just a sycophant," - Touché, Hermione.

I think it is beyond cool a) that Harry wants to learn how to be an animagus; and b) that he is going to do it legally.

"So-if the Imperious Curse can be overcome with practice, why put it on someone to begin with, why use it to control someone? Why do it at all? Was he kidding? Harry thought. He was asking them why someone would use one of the three curses that were guaranteed to give a person a life sentence in Azkaban? Silence reigned in the room. Come on! Moody bellowed. Why do it? Why control someone, making them torture and kill Muggles, why do it? Why do dark wizards do it? WHY? They all looked at him, and at each other. Finally, Neville timidly raised his hand again. Longbottom! Neville looked like it was taking every ounce of bravery he possessed to answer. Because they can. BECAUSE THEY CAN! Moody cried, smiling. He looked extremely unnatural, smiling. It passed mercifully quickly. Because they can! he repeated at a lower volume. Ten points for Gryffindor! Neville tried not to look pleased, and failed. He looked sideways at Hermione, who smiled at him. He averted his eyes quickly, looking terrified again." - Yay! for Neville.

"They were really put through the ringer" - "through the wringer".

"I'm leaning toward Othello. He strangles his wife-I can identify, just now, he said, looking at the doorway where Hermione had disappeared. Harry shuddered. Hermione thought Ron was immature, Harry remembered, but it was possible that he was also just plain dangerous. Harry looked at his friend, wondering what was going through his mind." - IMO Ron Weasley's mind is pretty much a wind tunnel.

Yay! for Harry's Animagus training already starting AND for his newly acquired fingernail-growing and -shrinking skills.
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