Reviews for Love's Sweet Revenge
Sidemolien Burn chapter 1 . 4/14/2006
Hi MJ! Nice story minus a few gramer and spelling errors, but why have you been making sad stories lately? Oh. I get it... Nevermind then, great story, and if I don't see you or talk to you before monday, happy b-day, and don't crash your dad's new truck _

kristalshaga chapter 2 . 4/12/2006
WELL FOR ONE THING IT... Na I'm only joking. For asking if your doing something wrong with your story that takes a true author really. Just don't let anyone give you a mean critic review like, what planet are you on? Are you serious? Or either, rewrite the whole thing, or delete the whole damn thing! Yeah, I have to rewrite a few chapters in my earlier stories myself though. People can give you critism but they can't just shout it at you and make it seem like something bigger and more serious than it really is. Your story seemed to be really good so far, here's just one thing that I'm not sure about though.


"I want to be with my-...our sparkling"

I don't think you should have the '-' before the '...' I think the spacing with the periods can just take care of that. other than that, it was great. And for the 50 veiwer thing and zero reviews, that happens to a few of the authors on here. Of course, the stories that get the most reviews are the ones when a girl meets Starscream. I"ve done it too.. well once... I'd rather prefer a Demolisher and girl fanfic instead. After all he's my favorite Decep in the Armada series. (mumbles) Damn you energon series for turning him into a giant ape.

Long reveiw I know but, keep writing this story it seems

really personal for two bots in love. Great poem!