Reviews for More Important Than Any Broomstick
Ice Demon Ranger chapter 45 . 8h
Excellent story.
ElementalMaster16 chapter 45 . 2/4
very awesome story! i had great fun reading! (_)
Fable Linked chapter 15 . 1/20
This fanfic is really good and I plan on reading more of it!
However it's not what I'm looking for right now. So I'm going to take off for now, not expect to hear more from me sooner or later!

Also Caps!
Fable Linked chapter 13 . 1/19
I think it would have been funnier (and maybe broken the tension a bit) if Hermione threatened to kill Harry if he broke up with her.
Fable Linked chapter 12 . 1/18
Well Serius is certainly coming enough for the position.
Fable Linked chapter 4 . 1/17
I like this fanfic! It's exciting! (If you caught that reference you get an imaginary cookie)
However. I can't help but get the feeling that in certain sections of the chapters, that your resisting the urge to have the characters lightly curse.
Well if you simply change the reading from K to T, you'd be able to! As long as the characters don't go full sailor then your fanfic will fall safely under the banner of the T Rating.
Fable Linked chapter 2 . 1/16
Ginny scares me. -_-
NCC-1701-PS chapter 45 . 1/16
I really enjoyed reading this story and where it went. If you have time and want to, could you please write a sequel to it?
Fable Linked chapter 1 . 1/16
Hmm nice... the relationship feels slightly forced/rushed but that probably because I'm not taking into the past 2 (3?) Years into account.
1ori ann chapter 45 . 1/8
Very good story. Now I will see what else you have posted, non Harry/Ginny or Hermione/Ron.
1ori ann chapter 35 . 1/8
What kind of review do you want? That I enjoy your story, your writing abilities, and the characters? I have no criticism. At present, i cannot think of something construtive to say, so I shall continue reading.
1ori ann chapter 26 . 1/8
Well, you answered my last comment. You are good to anticipate these things.
Wonderful story.
1ori ann chapter 25 . 1/7
Only four sets of armor? I woukd think, given its size, it ciuld have accommodated the Marauders.
Good chapter.
1ori ann chapter 18 . 1/7
Great chapter, but I loved the note at the bottom the best. I love when authors head off questions.
1ori ann chapter 14 . 1/7
I know I should have been reviewing sonce chapter 1, so I offer my humble apologies.
I must say, I have enjoyed your writing and stories. I will also say tjat I stick to the Harry/Hermione stories. H/G and R/H are not compatible to me.
I like your spin on the fifht and where it has led. I really like how you took care of Sirius and Peter issues. I am still not a huge Dumbledore fan, so I like how you have characterized him.
Thank you for you story. L
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