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M.S.K.S chapter 15 . 8/15/2006
Yes, I am a very late reviewer! But I have a habit with being late on certain things. I absolutely loved this fic! I liked how you took views from people in HP that don't usually have oppinions like this. I especially liked Narcissa, and how she had to be the obediant wife. That is how I see her too. But interesting fic you have, and it certainly is good! Ron and Draco Forever! Fire and Ice forever! Hurrah! Anyhow, great job! I enjoyed it greatly! Thank-you for doing the service!

~MSKS~ or ~Megan~
M.S.K.S chapter 3 . 8/14/2006
Hello hello! I just couldn't help but review, even though I know that I am not done reading this story! But So far I am loving it! I have never seen or read an idea like this, where each chapter is how others see Ron and Draco's relationship. So this is highly interesting! I giggled at the whole "Ron was blushing..." and we all know why, who wouldn't be? *giggle giggle* But loving it so far! *sails off on the Black Pearl to read some more*
QuifrmQueenz chapter 15 . 8/12/2006
I love this story I can never seem to remember to review after I read it though update soon I'm dying to see what happens in the Malfoy Manor While the Weasleys are there!
OCDdegrassi chapter 15 . 8/1/2006
Lol. It's ok. I loved this chapter! I think you really did a good job capturing how Narcissa would have acted. Update soon, please.
YaoiGurlForever24 chapter 15 . 7/29/2006
omg this is the best (and first) draco/ron fic i'v ever read and it's awesome plse continue! -faves-
Coins In A Jar chapter 11 . 7/26/2006
Not bad, the whole story is a great idea. : )

I just wanted to say that your French is, if you'll pardon me, not exactly right. Here is my suggestion for a more accurate version:

"Bill, qu'est-ce que tu fous/fais? (the verb "fous" is more -erm- vulgar and angry)

C'est encore un petit garçon!

Et a moitié Veela! (in french you don't say someone is part something but half something)

Tu ne peux pas ruiner les caracteristiques d'un Veela!"

I translated as characteristics but if you meant Draco's face then the word is "la figure".

Hope it helps.
stuckinsea chapter 15 . 7/23/2006
My dear, I didn't like the chapter. I loved it. Narcissa was spot on, I loved that she couldn't get Molly's name, it was priceless, you got her exactly as I pictured her. I'm glad that she's coming out of her shell and finally going to think on her own. And the twins, they're were great. Can't wait for the next chapter, you're brilliant.
Dizi 85 chapter 15 . 7/21/2006
HEYS, I WANTED TO ASK IF YOU WANTED TO BE PART FO THE CHALLANGE fic comp im starting? ( argh just realised im on caps, oh well, not changing what ive alread typed)

it will be happening weekly, and min words 150

do u want more info?
Dizi 85 chapter 14 . 7/13/2006
hey k!

i think cissy would be a bit cold, but not too cold, after all, im the one who says that she i actually fine with having sister who is married to a muggle!

also, she is happy that draco has found love, she is not a bad as Luc, as she is someone who believes in the heart.

hugs.. hey pm me, i want to ask u something
stuckinsea chapter 14 . 7/10/2006
From HBP. She does seem like the usual pureblood. In public cold and superior, but in private when it concerns her son, she's a typical mother. So, I think Narcissa would be still be a bit snobbish to the Weasley's, more formal, more prim and proper, but still want Draco to be happy. As for killing someone off, well it's your story. Why does Voldie have to be there? You never mentioned, at leat to my knowledge that the war was still on, so whose to say but you, if it is. Hey War's over, all is well. Lucius is still Lucius and what not.

Besides Lucius Malfoy would never kill anyone in his own home, why bring the Auror's there...he'd kill them somewhere

I think you should continue, it's brilliant, give yourself time. You'll be back before you know it.
OCDdegrassi chapter 14 . 7/10/2006
Hey, that's ok. Even some of the best authors get writers block. Narcissa is stuck-up but loves her son very much. She'll prolly be ashamed that she didn't raise her son to fall in love with some 'better.' And i think that there should be a murder and Arthur Weasley should die. (create even more tension between the two families) Well, sorry if this didn't help at all. Good luck!
talley67 chapter 14 . 7/9/2006
I don't think any deaths should occur. I mean your story has been so far pretty lighthearted. I just think they plan on making Ron and his family determine that Ron and Draco shouldn't be together. They'll make life hell for them while at the Manor, but no deaths. I think the twins should decide to help the boys stay together by pulling pranks to derail the Malfoy's plans. I really hope you can continue however you decide to go. This is a good story.
bimupp chapter 13 . 6/28/2006
I really enjoyed reading this story. Its very nicely done and a lot of fun to read. Hope youll update soon!
stuckinsea chapter 13 . 6/17/2006
Short and sweet. Very nice. Can't wait for them to get to the manor, then the real fun will begin. Great job.
silverdragon91 chapter 13 . 6/17/2006
funny! this is really a funny fanfic. my fav chapters were charlie's, molly's, and aurther's. i can only imagin what will happen when they get to malfoy manor. update soon!
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