Reviews for Bungle in the Jungle: A Harry Potter Adventure
Aaran St. Vines chapter 10 . 5/13
I love the connection of Mt. St. Helens to Luna's wand. This is a wonderful tale and I don't know how many times this is that I've read it.

How you doing, Jim?
JustReadingNewGuy chapter 23 . 4/29
I first started reading this fic years ago, and the writing style just jarred me too much. But i kept seeing recommendations about it, so recently I decided to just endure and see what the big deal was.

I thank everyone that ever recommended this fic to me, but mostly I thank you, author. This is... Honestly, one of the best fanfics I've ever had the immense pleasure to read. It's a true masterpiece, in a way that made me so invested that I'm now having abstinence cravings. Thank goodness I still have the sequel to read.

Again, not only congratulations, but thanks. This fic, I feel, enriched my life in those peculiar ways that good books tend to, you can't say exactly how, but it just does. My world is just a little bit more interesting, fuller and emptied in a confusing way now.
blcoachmac chapter 23 . 4/14
Oh the hell Harry is going to give Dumbledore, Tom and Hogwarts! Can't wait!
blcoachmac chapter 22 . 4/14
WOW! Great job! Now use the hide for armor and give Dumbledore and Tom hell!
blcoachmac chapter 21 . 4/14
I believe I will read all of your work after I finish this series!
blcoachmac chapter 20 . 4/14
And the intrigue gets bigger! Not Bill!
blcoachmac chapter 18 . 4/13
Amazing that Harry is growing up right before our eyes and he is gonna be dangerous with dangerous friends!
blcoachmac chapter 17 . 4/13
I am amazed as I read each chapter!
blcoachmac chapter 15 . 4/13
Kill them all for hurting Karina and Chico!
blcoachmac chapter 14 . 4/13
Damn that was funny! If Harry gets out of the jungle alive Dumbledore and Moldyshorts are in deep shit!
blcoachmac chapter 13 . 4/13
blcoachmac chapter 12 . 4/13
Good stuff! Can't wait for Harry to get back to Britain!
blcoachmac chapter 11 . 4/13
the more I read and think about Dumbledore stealing from a child's inheritance the more I think the old goat should die a very painful death!
blcoachmac chapter 10 . 4/12
Great Chapter!
blcoachmac chapter 9 . 4/12
I believe I'm enjoying this story way too much!
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