Reviews for Lessons in Chemical Compositions
xieloinfehrnurom chapter 5 . 6/16/2008
i liked the way you made it short but real sweet...

i hope there's more? _
Lichichu chapter 5 . 3/24/2008 cute
krista chapter 5 . 12/2/2006
This story is awesome! let me kno if there is any help you need and EMAIL ME PLZ! just to say hi if ya want!
garrettignasia chapter 5 . 11/6/2006
very cute!
Riza Hawkeye 9 chapter 5 . 10/27/2006
they are very sweet ! i love all... congratulations !
Pyro Metal chapter 4 . 9/3/2006
So i went into the closet. She told me to come out of the closet. I said, until you kiss me, i won't come out of the closet. And that's when she pulled out her gun.

haha. R Kelly always makes me laugh with that. XD
lady orheal chapter 5 . 6/19/2006
nice going! n_n

is there a next chapter here? or a next theme or something? they're really cute together!
krysjez chapter 5 . 6/19/2006
too lazy to log in :D

The New Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 5 . 6/18/2006
CUTE! I'll admit, it was a bit cheesy, but hey! Sometimes those are the best kinds of stories! Keep up the good work! :)
fragmentedvisions chapter 5 . 6/18/2006
oh they are all so cute, update more, i love them
whiskysours chapter 5 . 6/18/2006
Aw! That was adorable!
Cles chapter 5 . 6/18/2006
Aw... that was so cute. Although, you could have had a bit more detail. Love the writing, keep up the good work!
KTRose chapter 4 . 6/16/2006
Yeah, um... How DID they get there in the first place? Oh well. No matter. They kissed, and that's what's important, correct? Tee hee... please write more of these lovely (and, in the words of Jim Carrey, loveRly)tidbits!
I hate Chelsea chapter 4 . 5/17/2006
How cute! /
The New Fullmetal Alchemist chapter 4 . 4/26/2006
Hahahahaha! How CUTE! I love these! Keep 'em coming! Haha! I lvoe them very much! You rock! :)
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