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jsweetie79 chapter 41 . 9/13/2006
oh my gosh. so good. please don't let him die!
iszgarretthedlund chapter 41 . 9/12/2006
OMG JACK I HATE JACK MORE THAN BELLE! LOL but i do love tough love... f*ck.. i think i know where u might leave the story at and i hope u dont! argh! is isabelle gonna end up with gavin because ur gonna leave the movie story the way it is and that means jack will die OMG im going to cry :(

yes i read this in 2 days i bloody promise you. it is that god. i love the fact that jack is still and arsehole and she still screws him *mwuahahahha* I love it!


don't make jack die! ARGH (

*waits for next chapter reluctantly*
iszgarretthedlund chapter 1 . 9/11/2006
heya, this is a great story!

i am one of those jack mercer fans, and i love it!

i found this fan fic yesterday and read the whole 40 chapters!please please update soon!

p.s; i love how Jack is different towards Isabelle and she finds him cruel. F*ck, i find that hot! lol tough love, should include tough sex lol.

xoxo Tini
jsweetie79 chapter 40 . 9/6/2006
can't wait for the next chapter! and where was gavin during all this?
caligrl14 chapter 40 . 9/5/2006
luv this story! omg the whole dang way! brava! plz continue ASAP!
brandy2009 chapter 40 . 9/2/2006
ya kno i gotta have more so the next chapter is gonna be good right? lol well i hope it is better than the rest i mean the rest are great but i think that this one will be the best so i guess that i will have to find out more when it is posted thankz
brandy2009 chapter 39 . 9/2/2006
yeah i agree totally with you (on the he's hot part) lol
Aspiring Empath chapter 40 . 8/30/2006
Kay, so boo to the first part of the chappie de chapter. Cuz Jack was like I'm a peaceful panda in my mind. And Bobby and Angel are all like BAM YOU DEAD BITCH! (i'm in a swearing started...savvy? Oo, I'm in a Pirates of the Caribbean mood too...crazay)

I KNEW THEY WOULD DO THE Nasty...the sweet sweet baby makin time, the cha cha under the covers...the...okay so I can't think of any more sex names...

But I DID know they were gonna get it wild animals in the grasslands of Africa. Juss sayin.

Kay, so Isabelle's probably gonna regret it in the morning or something cuz she's gonna realize she's a cheatin liar...well, she hasn't lied YET...but shee cheeatedd *sing song voice*

Gavin ain't so bad...he's like so like...better, like, than Ian like you know? like...

But Jack could beat his face off, with his eyes closed, his hands tied behind his back...he'd just be like LOOK AT MY SEXY HAIR!

And then Gavin would fall down and worship at Jack's feet.

Kay done...I WAS SO GONNA BARF MY FACE OFF TODAY! I was like and school was like's kristin...whass she doin here? and i was like duh whore bag, it's my last year...and they were like thank god...and i was like i second that motion...and then i bit my principal's ear off...I SWEAR HE IS MR. CLEANS BROTHER! His name is Mr. Moxi but I swear it should be Mr. Oxiclean. He banned flip flops and baggy jeans...oh and guys with make up on get suspended. I WAS LIKE WHORE! But I don't think he likes me either so I was like I'll barf on your shoe if you come near me...and he was like I'll CLEAN my shoe off WITH MY BRAND NEW CLEANING PRODUCT...just spray it on, the mess is gone!

Kay, so nuff with that...HAPPY LATE B-DAY...If I was like able to get on mi computadora I would have like...sent you a male stripper over the internet or somethin. I'm so gonna email you an e-card. it'll be sweet. I'll be like woot, its ya birthday we're gonna watch a stripper like its ya birthday.

So, have fun...get a stripper...they're the best...don't get too wild.

Much loove

yes loove

you don't think i know how to type?


El Shining Star of Valinor

I'm in a Spanish mood. DAMN YOU SCHOOL!
Aspiring Empath chapter 39 . 8/30/2006
WHORING STORIES ROCKS! You're like oo baby please review? And everyone is like duh bitch, we were gonna review anyway...

NOW TO THE REVIEW! (p.s. hey wassup?)

MMkay now...Jack and Isabelle bein all nicey nicey to each otha in dis little chappie now ain't they? Me say yep they is.

I was all like HAHAHA in my belly when Bobby cracked the joke about her engagement ring...

AND THEN I WAS LIKE WAOH! Cuz like...Jack was layin on the sweet sweet moves...and Isabelle was like, "i'm getting married, I'm getting married, keep reminding myself that"



Nuff said

Cuz he always interrupts...


Then Jack goes all emo on our asses and is like boo i'm a man whore with no morals...

But then he feels better when momma Mercer appears and tells him straight up how it is.

So, didya miss my reviews? They always brighten your day...cuz my reviews are like WOAH!

I didn't miss reviewing...NAW DAWG I'm JUSS KIDDIN! I'm juss playin ya! So like, I'm off to review the next chappie...since I already read it...but couldn't review cuz my computer was being a Davey Jones to my Captain Sparrow...Savvy?

Well, my computer didn't banish me to the Big D. man's locker for a hundred years but He (yes, computer's name is Alberto) did NOT want to connect to el internet. He was all like HELL NAW! So you see my dilemma...

Off to review!

MWA! (stupid person spelling of the french language)
aragornsgirll chapter 40 . 8/29/2006
UHH you must be reading things wrong cause i didn't say that u didn't make them togethr! hehe ;]

but yea uh oh i smell drama coming!
XxCrash.And.BurnXx chapter 40 . 8/28/2006
YAY! u wrote this chapter really well! i felt like i was there (that would be weird if i really was though...*shudders*... i'd wanna attack jack myself if i was)



*CD* (Cam or LC)
Wolflihood chapter 40 . 8/28/2006
Oh,my! They did the nasty! I can't believe that damn picture of Gavin ruined it for Jack. He should have said it anyways so Isabella could leave him! Marvelous chapter by the way!

mmjayy1987 chapter 40 . 8/28/2006
YES! who ho! This chapter just made my day! I loved it! It was amazing and i so happy that this happened between them! Even though she is totally cheating on Gavin, you know waht screw it! she just got her man back! sort of! YAY! LOVED IT! Update soon! I am dying to know what happens!
LaLaLover chapter 40 . 8/28/2006
As always, this chapter was amazing! :) The Jack and Isabelle scene was like...The Notebook, but pimped! 0h yeah, definitly pimped because it was much hotter. Even without seeing the "diry" details, it was hot. :D . This chapter had so much passion-I almost cried at some parts that didn't even call for tears. hehe.

Well, Keep updating (but of course, you'll always will)

mmjayy1987 chapter 39 . 8/27/2006
OMG! I have been waiting forever for you to update! I was starting to wonder if you ever would! :( But this chapter is awesome! I cannot believe that she gave into him kissing her, but of course its Jack so i would have too! DANG BOBBY! UGH! He had to interupt everything! Poor Jack! GREAT story LOVED it! Update soon! :)
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